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  1. Mirrors can relay without additional antennas or beam producers. And it really good to relay, you have no signal convertion loss. So is better to change from long infrared to short.
  2. This is due to config of Infrared mirror. It can relay only wavelengths from 0.000009 to 0.001. Long infrared is 0.000011 and Short infrared is already 0.0000022 (5 zeros) and out of infrared mirror capability.
  3. Always thought that ore delivery is a stock contract, and stock contracts uses random company as agent.
  4. Got you. Yep, it is my fault, didn't used light mirror and didn't know config files are case sensitive. I will fix it later today. And hope @FreeThinker will include my fix in next release. BTW, Thanks. Will do more testing before commit next time.
  5. Please look at other l's in this file, it's not 1. It's strange font used in your text editor, and l and 1 looks pretty similar in it. Github source https://github.com/sswelm/KSP-Interstellar-Extended/blob/master/GameData/WarpPlugin/Parts/Microwave/PivotedLightMirror/PivotedLightMirror.cfg
  6. @cthulhum, have you updated to 1.12.7? Just checked with official release, my 3 IR mirror relays work fine, spot size near the moon about 2.5, 3 transceivers placed on the ground near KSC, and one on keostacionary orbit.
  7. @wsx1887, may you provide any comments for this screenshot?
  8. Hi, @FreeThinker. I have another two questions: 1) Is "Pivoted infrared mirror" min wavelength correct in part.cfg? It different between first page of this thread and config. The table onn first page says that it must opperate in 700 nm - 1mm , but in config is 1mm - 9000nm, so it can relay only long infrared. And it sad :-(. 2) Is there some limitations on beam receivers? I placed 3 transmiters close to launch site (so I can easily recover them in future), launched one to kso, and now I can bring about 250 tons of goods to Mun orbit, just for 110k kerbits, using one Inline thermal Rec
  9. Also I see this error when trying to undock construction docking ports.
  10. Can't deploy MKS Ranger Agricultural Module and MKS Ranger Habitation (at least) after update, NullReferecnceError in console. Checked with no other mods installed in clean sandbox game.
  11. Hyperedited my test ship with atmosphere extractor to Eve orbit. Got yellow clock and error in log, just after enabling it: [LOG 16:02:34.834] [KSPI] - Exception while loading atmospheric resources : System.InvalidOperationException: Operation is not valid due to the current state of the objectat System.Linq.Enumerable.First[AtmosphericResource] (IEnumerable1 source, System.Func2 predicate, Fallback fallback) [0x00000] in :0at System.Linq.Enumerable.First[AtmosphericResource] (IEnumerable1 source, System.Func2 predicate) [0x00000] in :0at FNPlugin.AtmosphericResourceHandler.AddRaresAndIsotopes
  12. Hm, i was wrong, this is part of module config. There is example /GameData/WarpPlugin/Parts/Microwave/CircularSolarPhotovoltaicReceiver/CircularPanel.cfg see module MicrowavePowerReceiverDish its almost the same as MicrowavePowerReceiver. So you have to change one of them in your part.cfg.
  13. @Liquid5n0w You had to change it in GameData/WarpPlugin/Parts/Microwave/MicrowaveThermalPowerReceiver/MTER-M.cfg for example for thermal receiver mk1, just add line solarPowerMode = false just after module = Part author = Conti But it will help for new vessels only. But as @FreeThinker said, new release will be soon. And it easier to wait it.
  14. Fixed in code :-). Btw thanks for realy great mod, will wait next releases.
  15. @FreeThinker In your commit https://github.com/sswelm/KSP-Interstellar-Extended/commit/75466992bb0d64775d995bbca7e35e3f93cb2da2#diff-c2a809c45779cd306941ed874bcef382 you changed default value for solarPowerMode, is it was intentional? I can't find other changes to concrete parts to set it to false. Btw I changed it back to false and now my thermal receiver can connect with transmitter, but now my thermal ramjet nozzle show no trust on hydrogen (due to atmothperic pressure I think) or blow up in a second on methane. Edited, after enabling technology updates in sandbox and making bigger trans
  16. This tests was in sandbox. But i have no luck with my campaing to, but it uses other plugins. Ok, I downloaded newer version of VS and your project from github. And added some debug information to MicrovawePoweReceiver.OnFixedUpdate() The most usefult was, line 1215: Debug.Log("[KSPI] - solarPowerMode: " + solarPowerMode + " Counter: " + counter); if (solarPowerMode == false && (++counter + instanceId) % 11 == 0) // recalculate input once per 10 physics cycles. Relay route algorythm is too expensive and it says that Inline thermal receiver mk1 is in solar power mo
  17. Have the same problem with beam power. Receiver always says that 0/1 satellites connected (tried various combinations of receiver and transmitter). Issue reproduced on clean installation of KSP with only KSPIE from curse.com/ckan installed. I tried older versions of KSPIE and with 1.10 my ship with mk1 thermal receiver and thermal rocket jet launched eventually get launched, but this morning it says satellites connected 1/1 and have max thermal energy but producing no trust. My test build using KSP 1.2.2 and KSPIE 1.12.1 clean install transmitter: receiver:
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