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  1. OK, I knew it; but does it works in your PC? when the letter is "l",the part's nativeWaveLength is 0.003189281 and i change it to "L",nativeWaveLength is 0.0000007.
  2. The true is "L"? Here is"1"; (I am not good at english) @ms6107, KSPI_Extended 1.12.7
  3. seems that just the part ( whose "Power mode" can change between "solar only" and "beamed power" ) can receive microwave power circular rectenna receiver work circular thermophotovoltaic receiver work Double Pivoted Rectenna (Receiver) work Giant Wrapped Photovoltaic Receiver work Solar Thermal Power Mirror Receiver work stock: gigantor xl solar array work Deployable Microwave Phased Array Transiever Relay notwork Microwave Phased Array Relay Transceiver notwork Duel Mode Thermal/Rectenna Receiver (Inline) notwork Duel Mode Thermal Sphere
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