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  1. Keep getting this opon launch. Exeption of type CKAN.ModuleNotFoundKrakenwas thrown. When I click details i recieve a wall of text that I dont understand. when I click continue It goes to the normal Ckan, but says that I have 128 mods installed, and that exact 128 compatible.When I click on any mod, it shows me the same pop up as at the start! HEEELP!!!!
  2. "Landed.at.Jool"

    [WIP] Space Opera

    Please please please please please please please do not change the op Ness! The smallest engine, a fuel tank, a probe core, eight solar panels and an antenna got me 194, 384 DV AND A TWR OF 30.6!!!!!!!! LOVE THIS MOD!
  3. "Landed.at.Jool"

    Evolution [1.3.1] [Kopernicus]

    I know! 3 stars??????? how do you make the textures for the surface?
  4. "Landed.at.Jool"

    [1.4.X] SM Armory Group. See Note First post Ref BDA

    I have a question though. The chassis in this new mod... Is it one or multiple pieces? Does it contain tracks? Is the armour OP? Enlighten us....
  5. "Landed.at.Jool"

    [1.4.3] Gameslinx's Planet Overhaul v3.4.0

    How do you update this? Do you just replace the olei folder or all of them?
  6. "Landed.at.Jool"

    [1.4.X] SM Armory Group. See Note First post Ref BDA

  7. "Landed.at.Jool"

    [1.2.2]LAJ's Flag pack (WIP)

    Ok! Ok! FINE! Also, 0.3 should be coming out today or tomorrow with letter flags! So using Blackhearts Decals pack you should be able to write the name of your space agency or just "KSP"!
  8. "Landed.at.Jool"

    [1.6.X] Mk2 Expansion v1.8.3.5 [update 1/212019]

    Chines are broken when used with symmetry. They symmetry fine, but they dont rotate, so the chine on the right is fine, but the left is pointing the same way, thus shoing the flat side and the pointy bit sticking into the fuselage!
  9. "Landed.at.Jool"

    [1.2.2]LAJ's Flag pack (WIP)

    Hi! Just launched This! One flag for each stock planet, besides two from the amazing Gameslinx's planet overhaul (http://forum.kerbalspaceprogram.com/index.php?/topic/155740-122-gameslinxs-planet-overhaul-18-asteroid-impactor/) Thanks Gameslinx! Should be updated quite frequently due to the fact that I have nothing to do at luchtime exept eat and do this on a computer. Download here https://mods.curse.com/ksp-mods/kerbal/266633-laj-flags from curse! Install instructions on the page Enjoy (if you can) (Somthing wierd happened to the UKSF flag. It is now ugly and will be fixed soon!)
  10. "Landed.at.Jool"

    Jet keeps backflipping

    Often Jets dont work for no apparent reason. Also, i think that the stock overlays occasionally break. I learned that several times using FTT. I had to test on a ton of different bodies, And at the end jeb had about 50 FF ribbons. (Also, This post should probably be in the technical support category (sorry))
  11. "Landed.at.Jool"

    [1.2.X] [Kopernicus] Planet Cyran

    I dont think this pack gets all the attention it deserves. Great work TWG!
  12. "Landed.at.Jool"

    [1.6.x] Kerbal Alarm Clock v3.10.0.0 (Dec 31)

    Realy reccomend this mod to anyone who hates missing manuever nodes/calculating tranfers!
  13. "Landed.at.Jool"

    [1.6.x] Heisenberg - Airships Part Pack

    But thats fun! I WANNA! *sob*