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  1. it would be nice if you could describe it in detail for the ksp 1.6. which files you can download exactly where and which files belong together. I see here only your lonely playfulness as a loner without a precise reference. Grud
  2. Hi good afternoon. ........................................ it ok. greeting for g in ADDONS:IR:GROUPS { for s in g:servos { if (s:NAME = "test1") { s:MOVETO(90, 2). } if (s:NAME = "test2") { s:MOVETO(45, 2). } } }
  3. hello, thanks for the info. greeting
  4. Hi good afternoon. I play with krpc. I have four servos. How can I address a particular servo? import time import krpc conn = krpc.connect ( name = 'servo1' address = '' rpc_port = 1000, stream_port = 1001) vessel = conn.space_center.active_vessel group = conn.infernal_robotics.servo_group_with_name (vessel, 'New Group') if group is None: print ('Group not found') exit (1) for servo in group.servos: data = (, servo.position) servo.move_right () time.sleep (2) servo.move_left () time.sleep (2)
  5. Here is a picture of the whole screen. no "IK Robot controller" Thanks & Greetings.
  6. ------------------------------------- Does it work? --------------------------------------- I can click OK. I can move the individual joints. but each hinges only with its own window. but the "IK Robot Controller" can not be seen working. Thank you. greeting
  7. I can move my arms individually with the individual windows from the hinges. but "CA2 IK ROBOT Controller" window does not appear. Thank you. greeting
  8. ------------------------------------------------- Does "Dump ServoStructure" not appear? ----------------------------------------------- yes ,is displayed "Servo dumping Message" "servo structure dumped" "OK" Greeting
  9. Hello Thanks. This not function. TRF_CA2_LEE is on !!! no robotcontroller. why ??? this is my program: greeting
  10. Hi good afternoon. which is the basic element for the canadarm2 so that the control window appears. It does not work for me. Thank you. greeting
  11. thanks for the information. How do I get the IR sequencer visible? the window does not appear. Thank you. greeting
  12. how can you make the ik-robot controller visible? I do not see him. Thank you. greeting