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  1. Thanks for the help @MaxxQ, I just hope there isn't more then one mod leaking. Hopefully if there is they won;t be split between both halves but I think that method is still worth doing.
  2. Speaking about using mods......how do you figure out if a mod is causing a memory leak? What should you use to determine if one or more of the installed mods is generating memory leak(s)?
  3. Well if you want go into the VAB and connect the command module to the LEM and fire up CLS, you'll see there is no connecting living space. Run a simulation and open the hatches and you'll see that there is still no joy....
  4. CLS(Connected Living Space) I'm using CLS with the Blue Dog parts and cannot transfer crew between the docked Lunar Descent module and the Command Module even after making all the required connected parts "CLS Passable". I realize the BD parts do not support CLS and don't expect a fix but thought I would mention it here. In addition, via various tests with docking ports opened and unlimited crew transfer selected crew transfers still don't work. Finally, I wanted to ask if there is a chance the BD parts might support CLS? I imagine it would require additional parameters added
  5. I'll probably just leave it alone for now. I didn't understand what you meant by stock stuff, did you mean something inside the Sunflarefix.cfg or my Gamedata directory?
  6. @JadeOfMaar, nope, just playing stock KSP 1.3 with Kopernicus, Scatterer, SVE, SVT, EVE and a ton of other part/visual mods loaded but no scaling like Sigma. As soon as Galileo releases GPP for KSP 1.3 I'm going to dump this Career Game and reload everything clean to play a new career game anyway so don't kill yourself trying to find a fix. But if it's something simple I definitely would love to see the fix Here is a screenshot of gamedata folder in case it helps;
  7. @Galileo ok cool. Does my screenshot show the intended sunflare correctly? I'm using your Yellow sunflare #3 I think. Also, I double checked and the Sunflarefix.cfg file is loaded at the root of the gamedata folder.
  8. @OhioBob No worries, honestly it's not that important to get it fixed right away. I do remember @Galileo saying something about SVE using it's own Scatterer or Sunflare directory under the SVE directory and ignoring any sunflares loaded inside the scatterer directory. Maybe the file needs to get loaded there? I'll look around and tinker with it some more but I appreciate the help a lot.
  9. @Tuko Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhh and of course Duhhhhhhhhhhhh, LOL, Thanks @Jas0n @OhioBob It didn't seem to work. Maybe it goes into another directory? (Better screenshot)
  10. I dropped the file in the Gamedata folder and booting the game up now. I'll let you know if it did the trick. Thanks for the Help OhioBob BTW, I need to ask a stupid question; How do you place the @username link into the posts like the @TUKO
  11. I'm playing KSP 1.3 stock with a bunch of Mods and waiting for GPP for KSP 1.3 to be released so I have that ugly corona visible around the star.
  12. Hi Galileo, You posted something a while back about removing the corona from the Sun when using scatterer and/or SVE. Can you tell me how to do that again? You had posted a file with code in it I think but I wasn't sure what to do with it etc...
  13. Well, I'm trying to figure what the best course of action is to take. I'm really waiting for Galileo's Planet mod to be released and want to use that and this mod along with a boatload of other mods and restart a new career mode but thought it best to tryout FAR first, etc...
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