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  1. Thanks for answers. As I see Kerbal can only "prepare to use" his parachute while in command seat. Even if in flight with some speed. Thanks for this mod btw.
  2. Hi! Can you enable deploying parachute in command seat? To easy this...
  3. That was my opinion only. I used [1.3.1] EVA Parachutes & Ejection Seats (with sound & multiple parachutes) May be linuxgurugamer would update it somehow. But KIS item parachute is more in scope of this beautiful mod. EDIT: [1.4] Custom Barn Kit 1.1.17 (March 10th) - Parachute Included Added " Add EVAChuteOnBuilding and unlockedEVAChute config in the ASTRONAUTS section to configure the level needed to unlock the Parachutes and if they are linked the the AstronautComplex " . So I'm not the only one, who think so.
  4. Yes. Third experience level Kerbonauts can use parachutes now. Even can repack it. Models is also changed. Would it interfere with KIS? Would it interfere with EVA refueler, placed in the same position on the backpack? In my opinion all Kerbonauts should get chute on third level of Complex building. Old round chute. And only experienced and properly levelled Kerbonauts should get modern Paraplanes like they have now. But that is my opinion only.
  5. Just a thought... Is it possible to untie Parachute from third level and tie it to KIS item?
  6. You mentioned exact reasons not to demand update from devs. So let be patient. From the other side _IF_ they have working already version on github or anywhere, they _CAN_ release no matter when next KSP version would be released. Reasons: 1. Why to wait if work is already done? 2. Changes can be so minor, kOS for 1.4 would by chance work for 1.4.1. Can they? 3. Do you think firda the only one impatient here? BTW great thanks to developers. You are the best!
  7. I had no doubts kOS would be updated. I believe "short time before next version" is not a good reason to not publish already working update. But I'm patient enough to wait properly. It seems devs of this beautiful mod are not the only devs, who wait for the next update release.
  8. So there is a working version of kOS already. It would be good to have. What part is not working due to deleted function? We can of course wait till 13 no problem. p.s. in CKAN max KSP version for kOS marked 1.2.2 for some strange reason.
  9. Вот эти "...^N" и т.д. зачем? Понятно, что это указание на род существительного, но нужно ли это в тексте? Может движок игры это не умеет учитывать или прятать?
  10. So your hover engines do not increase effectiveness near surface.
  11. Thanks for response. I know it. I just want to substitute Kerbal Engineer and MechJeb by KOS program.
  12. Hi, all! Sorry if my question is too noobish. Is it possible to allow KOS terminal at the building time? In VAB or SPH. Purposes are debug, tuning, specific calculations, method of tests and mistakes ... KOS should sense ship configuration change, but all active equipment disabled of course. I do not know how much ship editor is different to ship simulation. How many changes should be made, should it be special mode, is it too Kerbal crazy? And also separate question. I want to try KOS in official tutorials and scenarios. There is a "kOS for All!" mod, but it would add kOS to all modules in all games. Would you add the option to add kOS functionality to all command modules for current game only?
  13. What is the difference between two cockpits? Except mass and length of course.
  14. I`m personally attached hover engine to that holder and use copies of that pair.