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  1. Sorry, I'm unable to post screenshots at the moment, but the setup I've used as a test is quite standard. Im just using the docking ring, docking clamps and the OTAV vehicle with two RCS thruster at the rear. First I cheat the craft into orbit and click the docking rings decouple node menu option. I then allow the docking ring and the OTAV with the docking clamps still attached to gain a fair bit of distance between them before i begin to perform the docking manuever. I can see the docking rings magnetic force pull the OTAV towards it. The clamps and the docking ring mak
  2. Greetings, I'm unable to dock the OTAV with the inline docking ring. The magnets activate when approached and The OTAV craft pulls in towards the ring, but I cannot complete the docking manuever for whatever reason. Any idea what might be happening? Regards,
  3. I must say that it is of superb quality. Thank you for creating this content for us all to enjoy.
  4. I use KVV in combination with Gimp to achieve the same result. Also by doing it this way I believe you're able to achieve more than KVV currently offers. I know it's not a one stop shop deal, but I think the results are more than satisfactory. Still kudos to linuxgurugamer for maintaining this mod among the plethora of other mods under his maintenance. Respect,
  5. KVV & QTAP have allowed me to create this gem of a picture https://www.reddit.com/r/KerbalSpaceProgram/comments/5shz1l/flying_pig_qtap_example_craft/ Thank you very much for all your work linuxgurugamer
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