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  1. The Mini Grabbing Unit is now Obsolete because of the new Advanced Grabbing Unit Jr.
  2. You can't open the side doors at all while in Lander mode
  3. I accidentally cut my space station in half and I need to attach the two halves together, I have bill in a spot where he can acces both of the parts, but I don't know how to attach them!
  4. I was operating him but there wasn't enough strength to stop him from spinning, And the spinning is also the reason why I couldn't fly back to the station. Also, the station is gone because stupid bill sawed it in half, (Using KIS and KAS)
  5. bill is spinning near the space station that i made please help me
  6. How do I remove a part from staging in KSP 1.9 Stock? I have a hardpoint pylon or whatever the heck they're called and I want to remove them from staging.
  7. Hence the common last name Kerman.
  8. When I hover over the "EVA" button, it says "Automatic EVA Disabled, Activate a hatch." What do I do, and what the heck is a hatch? Nevermind, Figured it out myself. also if you have this problem too, just find the hatch on the end of a cabin and click on it, It will allow you to EVA a kerbal.
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