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  1. Is there any way to change the total frequency of failures outright? I love this concept but it just happens way too much for my taste.
  2. Hello good people. I'm looking for a mod I was using a few years ago but I don't remember the name of it or what it was attached to, if anything. It was a small, toggleable window with the name "Engines GUI" that displayed a lot of basic information about current atmospheric conditions and engines like temperature, static pressue, TWR, Thrust to drag ratio, etc. It had a blizzy toolbar icon that looked like a centrifugal pump. Would be awesome to have this back if someone can point me to it. Thanks in advance.
  3. With this in mind is it perhaps better to wait until this is fixed and ready for 1.6.1 before plopping it into a game with ~150 other mods?
  4. This is magnificent. Some of these images would be masterpieces even if they were completely standalone and not connected to a playable game.
  5. Hey KerikBalm do you run BDArmory? I was able to narrow it down to just that specific mod. Might want to give taking that one off momentarily and see how it goes.
  6. This is a hyperedit bug, and it happens with pretty much all the planets. Just a way the data gets loaded in I guess. If you change instances, it should show the correct geometry. This is not a KO issue.
  7. I haven't played in about a month, so I knew that there might be some growing pains with all the updates happening throughout. Backed up my save file and made a note about the mod versions, then updated all the mods I'm using and started up, thinking that way I can restore my old configuration and save if something awful happens like all my orbiting ships get deleted. But I didn't even get that far. Keep running into the same crash at the main loading screen, and I can't make any sense of the data log mumbo jumbo. Any help would be immensely appreciated. Here are the logs: https://www.drop
  8. If you were curious about the accuracy, take a look at this image of Earth: https://www.nasa.gov/multimedia/imagegallery/image_feature_2159.html The fog and soft, diffuse lighting is actually how it really works. Or this one, probably a better representation:
  9. Pretty sure this is it. From your picture it appears you have an OKTO as the control point?
  10. Keridian Dynamics has a 3D printer unlocked at the intermediate stages of the tech tree that can convert ore to material kits. Don't remember the node but it's somewhere down the main construction lines. Maybe Advanced Actuators?
  11. Oh I specifically meant the fact the rings are covering up the two menu options (the two I don't think I've ever clicked on, even once albeit). Love the fact it's Sarvin now instead of Potatus. And that's good news for the contracts, looking forward to it.
  12. Been using it off and on since it was moved to the releases category. Unfortunately have had to disable it a few times from some bugs, but it is still in beta so yeah. Overall it's nice. I play with TAC but wanted to use both. The thing that bugged me about the stock game was that there's really only ever one consideration: fuel economy. Any part you put on a vessel that isn't directly related to this end better have serious justification behind it, like science/landing/etc., and it just feels like all the rockets are just hollow tubes full of fuel and a seat on the end. Trying to build any
  13. Couple of quick questions or feedback points: Happy that Sarvin and not Potatus appears on my home screen now, but... To be honest, I think it's kind of cool, but I don't know if it was intentional or desirable. Second question: Is there some reason that in Career mode the contracts always want to be Sarvin-related? Haven't even done a flyby of Minmus yet, but it wants me to do a grand tourist tour of Sarvin and the record society contract is a flyby of Sarvin. Just curious if that's normal or if something's screwed up.
  14. So thinking about this one... for the REALLY long missions where even TAC or USI life support becomes prohibitively expensive, like interstellar missions, there's a mod out there called Deep Freeze. It cryogenically freezes your Kerbals in exchange for a specific resource's cost and continuous EC. Any thoughts on integrating support for that? As it stands, without having tried it, I believe they would all die from Kerbal Health using that system.
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