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  1. Hello, Does anyone know if there are pre built USI Konstruction vehicles available because I am absolutely useless at designing them. Thanks in advance' Solar
  2. @MKellerBR Imgur has never worked for me so I am reluctant to post the images there. The images work perfectly fine for me, are you sure it is nothing your end
  3. Welcome to The Planet Range!! This is a somewhat updated version of Rangers Interstellar Overhaul for KSP 1.6.1 --PLEASE NOTE-- This update is not yet completed as only 1 planet as been updated, the other planets will be done soon. Currently added: Loko: A small rocky body orbiting between Kerbin and Duna. Download Link: https://spacedock.info/mod/2069/The Planet Range *REQUIRES KOPERNICUS* License: All Rights Reserved With thanks to: The Kopernicus team and all who have helped me quash the bugs!!
  4. Hi, @The White Guardian I am trying to update my planet pack for KSP 1.6.x but my planet won't load. The log says that the Array Index is out of Range, do you know what causes this issue I have added the config for the planet below:
  5. Hi, I am having an issue where my planet won't load and it says Array Index is out of Range, I can't figure out what this means, does anyone else here know? Here is the config: Here is the section of the log file Thanks in advance SR
  6. Hello, you may have noticed that this thread has been very quiet lately. This is becuase i have lost inspiration to continue this mod and i have decided to stop developing it. Before i go however i would like to change the license to MIT
  7. I beleive that OPM has a cfg file that supports this mod
  8. Have you looked at creating procedural planets using Kittopiatech to edit them in game
  9. Sure, inside Gamedata/RIO there is a Sun.cfg just delete that and it should work. Just to say ive only removed light from the stock sun which is used as a reference body for the center only. Please you like it. Enjoy the mod!!!
  10. So i said that when i was happy with my planets i would add compatibility for @Gameslinx planet overhaul. So now its tine to decide should the pack has its own system or should it be in the starting system? Once decided i can start to work on a patch!!!
  11. V0.2 Changelog: - Sun renamed and no longer gives off light - Added Reda, Redan, Hilto, Halao, Botos - Added partial EVE compatibility - Moved starting location of Ica
  12. Thank you. Sorry I was in a rush and completely forgot to check
  13. Here is a preview of the next update: Thanks to @JadeOfMaar for letting me use the TBG star coronas
  14. My brother asked me to make a comlpletely red planet. Ive been trying to think of an explanation for its color but i couldnt think of anything. That is acctually a good idea
  15. Ahh ok. Just would like to let you know that the next major update (0.2) will only be available on 1.3.
  16. @mslngr if you follow the link to spacedock in the op, then go to the changlog section there is an option to download old versions just click the one for V0.5. If you dont mind me asking why do you want the old version?
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