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  1. Agarwel

    Making History DLC

    If you consider the game support (after 2,5years sice original release date we are still waiting for the version without gamebreaking bugs), I would not expect the future content to be added. Supposedly they are still working on the update (but there is no info except that we will have a info "soon"). So I expect somewhen in the future we will get one last final patch and then the game will be abandonned :-(
  2. Agarwel

    KSP Weekly: Closer to Bennu

    Just a question. Considering Enhanced Edition is not mentioned at all during last weeks, does it mean, the last patch is final no other bugs will be fixed on consoles? Or is there still hope for polished version?
  3. So... did anybody played it for the longer time? Is it now fully playable? (I dont mind some minor bugs. But I dont want some gamebreaking ones that will corrupt saves, lock controls, etc)
  4. Agarwel

    KSP Weekly: The Ghost Particle

    " and we’re getting really close to its launch. So stay tuned to learn more about the patch and its official release date! " Honestly. This sounds like trolling already.
  5. :-D Considering how diffult (impossible) is (was) just to get the estimation of patch release date, I would not expect any info about making history soon :-D
  6. Yes. It is annoing that this feature is missing. And as far as I undertand the physics engine the atmosphere physics is more complicated than just vaccum burns. So it is strange that you can time warp 4x in the atmosphere. But when doing long burn in vacuum, you have to wait in slowest speed :-/
  7. Basically you need to sent them to other planets. In short - Each kerbal gets the exp on each planet once. So once he plants a flag on mun, there is no way to gain more xp by going to mun. But if he reaches the minmus, he will get some more exp.
  8. That is true in theory. But look at the release pains of this game. Two different companies ported the game to the consoles. And both resulted in broken game (both times in very similar way). What does it tell me just by common sense? Kerbal code is written in a way, that just porting a updating gui breaks lot of stuff that normally should not be broken. So it required lots of updates a patches and workarounds that are not implemented in the original PC code. As a result I can imagine the console port code is now very different from the PC code. And because it is done by different companies, I dont believe it is possible to merge it into one code. And release both versions together. So I can imagine 1.4 is planned. But it will take some time to implement into already existing console version.
  9. I jsut encountered small bug. I had contract to expand spacestation. Once I docked new module, the objective "ensure it has antena, docking port and can geenrate power" was not marked as completed. Fortunatelly if I went back to space center and then loaded the station back via tracking station, it was marked as completed. So realoding the ship was needed.
  10. My two tips that I learned the hard way: 1) Choose the correct camera mode (I believe "Locked" is the one). Otherwise the controls dont match the directions. 2) Propperly place the rcs thrusters. If you place then wrong (not enough) some maneuvers may not be possible. (for example oyu could be able to move only in 2 axis instead of three)
  11. So about that control lock issue - Im now 100% sure it is bug. And not me missunderstanding some flight controls. Because it happened to me even in the space center main screen now. I could control the game by the cursor. But as soon as I pressed L3, the cursor should dissapear and I should be able to use stick to browse the icons on the left side of the screens (one of them should be highlighed). And this did not happened. None of the icons was highligheted. I could not browse them. Switching back to the cursor I could load up any building and continue playing. And again - this happened to me after I was checking the notification queue.
  12. True. But Scott Manleys begginer tutorials are much deeper (seriously approx 10 hours of interesting stuff) and they dont just cover what to do, but also why to do it and what would happen if you do it another way. After his videos the game is much easier to understand by "common sense". When you are beggining I really suggest to watch at least first fours his videos. Then all the ingame tutorials. And then go for career.
  13. You are right. And I was double wrong (making me actualy right in the end :-P) I totaly messed up, that you want to start to the east (I know the direction on the navball, but totally got these messed up.) To using propagade on the orbit navbal gets the desired result in the end. But my original question was completelly wrong :-D
  14. Ok. I just notived one trick that may be helpful. If you change your navball form "surface" to "orbit" then the propage is facing west. So if you use propagade sas and brifly (really short period) change to orbit and back to surface, it will rotate you in the propper direction.
  15. So I have just finished the "dock two ship in Mun orbit" mission. And they were recovered individually. So far it runs fine, without issues - except the occasional control lock issue and Im still not sure if it is bug or my pusshing some button combination that enables some control mode without me knowing it even exists....