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  1. I'm looking for an up to date mod that makes the tech tree more realistic and challenging, similar to the old, old mod better than starting manned, but I just cant seem to find any of them. Are there any mods like this that even exist anymore?
  2. Welcome, one and all, to the SLCB! The latest in cruiser technology! Featuring VTOL engines, over 100m/s on water, and lots of big guns! (Well.. Only one for now, actually..) The ship was designed by the space center to combat any threats on the sea and the air! It's still currently under development, and the craft file may have some things missing. Needless to say, it requires BD armory for the massive turret and radar. Flying the thing can be rather difficult, but it's doable! The whole thing is completely FAR compatible, crazy as it might sound, and with that installed you can break mach zooming along the water. 1 activates the VTOL engines, and 2 activates the lateral engines. It also has landing gear, for whatever you may need (Kinda like the Cybran ships eh), and soon I plan on having it be able to launch a fighter! Contact me if you have any ideas for it, I could always use them! (-WIP thread, sorta. The ship'll undergo multiple designs probably. Suggestions, as I said above, are welcome!) https://www.dropbox.com/s/8nu9impkas9q3xm/Ayycruiser.craft?dl=0 (DL Link above! Requires BD armory!)
  3. Because this game doesn't need another cancerous fanbase that just posts XXX pictures of their characters all the time..
  4. Twinky industries has begun work on the Vertisprey, a new vertical-takeoff landing transport! (This thing is obviously based off of the Vertibird)
  5. mobius ye fukr like my thread pls

  6. SSTO Section: SSTO - 04 "Salmon" http://imgur.com/a/eM9QI The "Salmon" as the pilots like to call it, is an SSTO created by the billionaire Charles Kerman in order to reach his private space station, which is still being worked on. While the original version had a luxurious interior that spanned the entire length of the craft, the utilitarian version used by Twinky Industries has been stripped down to allow for a cargo bay, and still have room to transport 5 Kerbals into orbit comfortably. Docking systems are in place, however, no RCS has been added yet oddly enough. Flight profile: The Salmon is a rather hard little guy to get into space, usually wheezing it's way into orbit. However, with careful handling, you (might) have enough fuel to come home! Keep the prograde marker as high as you can until around 5KM, and then make lower it so that you're always gaining reasonably amounts of speed. Switch from airbreathing to rocket engines at around 25KM, and voila, you're in space! I assume you know how to orbit. Craft File: https://www.dropbox.com/s/noonybcjjmecawj/Salmon%20SSTO.craft?dl=0
  7. Nice! I loved From Earth to the Moon. Great series...
  8. Zanistan (Germany) Hissan Empire (Japan) Seenu (China) Vargrossa (Soviet Russia) United Vortanian States (America) Janida (Canada) Nituras (Britain) Retreta (France)
  9. You've got a terrible case of the Ks... We might have to put you down.
  10. I challenge thee to use FAR to make this actually hit at around mach 6-10..
  11. Yes, how do you do these wonderful patches!? xD As above, if somebody could do something similar to the constellation program logo (Note I said SIMILAR.. Not the same) that said "Soneti Program" that'd be great.
  12. Just sayin', I think that'd be 35 tons. Each mass unit = 10 tons.
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