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  1. woeller

    What did you do in KSP today?

    ISS assembly : Zarya, Unity, Zvezda, Z1 Truss, PMA-1 - PMA-3. The hardest thing was to bring Unity, the Z1 truss and PMA-3 into position with the manipulator arm to mount them.
  2. A reorientation of the hatch even if it will not fit with the door of the pod. But maybe you will find another solution for that. And would it be possible to ad Ven's textures to the new 1.875 and 5m fairings?
  3. As Cheesecake has said. In the first 3 pictures the nosecones are missing.
  4. woeller

    [1.4.3] KRE - Kerbal Reusability Expansion

    I really like the new stuff, but how about some really new stuff? Something like the Energia landing legs? Ok it's old stuff but I would love to land @Beale's Energia Booster.
  5. @Kerbas_ad_astra I am currently testing your version of vens revamp and I am very grateful that you put so much time and devotion into this project. So far, I could not find any major flaws except that the escape cover might need a little adjustment. Maybe you'll take another look at it. So many thanks for doing all this work and I hope your version for 1.4.x can be released soon.
  6. Mein Fehler! I totally missed that i can scroll down the list.
  7. I'am using KSP 1.4.3 & MH 1.2 with your latest relese of KK and I can't select the stock launchsites in the VAB. This is a new install with no other Mods in use than KK and Kerbin Side Remastered. Output Log: https://www.dropbox.com/s/pam1enlwkaucy3m/output_log.txt?dl=0
  8. I figured it out. After attaching something to the top node of the external tank, the part appears. Thanks!
  9. Where does this bit come from?
  10. I know. But the cone is also a grey bit
  11. Thank you! I'am waiting for your nosecones I mean the upcoming cones. Maybe something greyish like this?
  12. woeller

    Kerbin Side Remastered [1.4.x]

  13. You're almost there @Beale! Will they get Texture switching? You know, for a Buran Launcher to look like one. I'am sure @Pak would like it too.
  14. It is HabTech and since it's just a part mod, it works in 1.4.2 The only thing that does not work 100% is the animation when retracting the solar panels.
  15. LKO wobble test.