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  1. I travel through time now! And made a very short video of it...
  2. @jefferyharrell You are totally right! Did a quick test again with Hab enebled at launch and the pressure is about 100kpa. Thanks! The solution not to lose any nitrogen is, to not disable the hab... got it @ShotgunNinja No further investigation necessary!
  3. Do you need more information to investigate the issue @ShotgunNinja?
  4. Are there any Recource Flowcharts out there? I play for the first time with kerbalsim and wonder why my lab consumes so much nitrogen when it is active. A short test in the Vab planner and the vacuum revealed very different results. See pictures below:
  5. Maybe this is not the best idea. The EL Survey Station and the EL Polestick are both Tier 5 in CTT. The K&K Hab and Lab are Tier 9. Adding the Survey Station to the K&K Workshop seems to be the best soloution for me.