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  1. Open the advanced mode and search by diameter in the 1.5 tagged parts. You will find the engine there.
  2. No indication of any dependencies... ... loading KSP... Antenna Helper is on strike... @linuxgurugamerWould you please add ClickThroughBlocker and ToolbarControll to the thread to prevent this from happening to others?
  3. Nice! More Smart Parts please in Stock.
  4. I'd rather @SQUAD didn't bring the Skipper and the Mainsail with the 1.9 update, but reworked the concept of the two engines completely. The community loves this game and I hope Squad loves its community. We don't need these updates at all costs!
  5. I had a small staging problem with my descent stage.
  6. So we have Better Time Warp, Better Burn Time etc. Why not call this Better Revert?
  7. A Starlink-ish Mission where the Booster will perform its landing burn automatically... no Mechjeb and no KOS.
  8. This is a video of my fails during my streams of the last half year. It shows how not to play KSP. Do you have similar material? Give it to me Thanks to @ValiZockt for this nice summary!
  9. I've got rid off all the Kraken Tech and gave my Falcon 9ish first stage new Landing gear.
  10. Two hours of roving for one Munstone and a final shot.
  11. At least i've tried to build a rocket!
  12. I've been trying to figure out how to set up a missile vertically.