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  1. There is a button for this in the right-click menu of your Probecore or command module.
  2. It's an alarm based on when a Science Lab where data is processed is full. This depends on the science rate (wich depends on the Kerbal lvl), and the amount of data (which obviously decreases over time). So you no longer miss the time to send the science.
  3. Would it be possible to add alarms for labs as they exist in KAC? I really miss these in the stock alarm app.
  4. My settings for Boost Guidence already take into account the 30 degree steering angle. This booster has no problems landing on a landing pad at KSC. However, the droneship is very far out, so the suborbital trajectory of the booster is very flat and the speed of the booster is much higher. Boost Guidence seems to have the most difficulties with this. I'll find a solution for that yet though.
  5. All modules were brought from Kerbin to Minmus using conventional rockets, except for the launchpad and tank farm. These were created on site with EPL and then docked to the base with the help of 2 rovers.
  6. I took care of my little new Minmus base today.
  7. Thanks Booster Guidence for almost getting me there.
  8. Do these graphs still exist? The imgur link unfortunately leads nowhere.
  9. Oh! A release! It‘s such a great idea and nice modeling/texturing work that i have to test this soon.
  10. This is normal stock behavior. You cannot choose a celestial body as a target in whose SOI you are.
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