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  1. Sure, I'll be happy to share it I believe we should check with @Enceos first, to see if this is not infringing the license. Or with some of the forum moderators.
  2. Hi @Friznit I've managed to make it work by following this guide here: https://github.com/ihsoft/KIS/wiki/Equippable-items-in-KIS-v1.15-and-higher What I did was look the settings.cfg in KIS and switch the old entries for the new aliases in the "equipBoneName" in the Kerbal Hacks object's config. Example: Put "aliasHead" (for example) in the "equipBoneName" line in Module section of the .cfg file of the object. Hope it helps you
  3. Hi, could you change my name to SPEKTRE? Thanks
  4. @blackheart612 Your mod is even more amazing with the Mi-8 cockpit. I'm having an issue with this cockpit, I can't EVA. What should I do?