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  1. Coincidently, the dominant species of planet X4-Zeta Nambulia in the Grumboli galaxy had just in fact, at that very moment in their eons-long technological history, given birth to AI. And so it was, that in a cosmic bit of perfect irony, this reincarnated sentient AI from another universe which (or who?) for some reason started calling itself J.E.B. 9000, immediately set about "optimizing" their nascent space program. Not so coincidentally, these intrepid Nambuli managed to obliterate themselves in an unfortunate, planet-wide 'asparagus staging' Extinction Level Event.... ending both thei
  2. In my latest player.log (thanks for pointing that out), I can also see a ton of these d3d11 errors. But when I looked at my performance tab it didn't seem anything was maxed out. Unfortunately, I've gotten three of these hang/crashes in a row, including a fresh restart on two of the occasions. I'd really love to find out what's causing this, if there's anything we can do about it. But that's not for this thread, since as you say it doesn't appear to be a JC issue.
  3. Hi there, I'm experiencing the same issue that occasionally the game will hang once it starts to load Janitor's Closet. It'll get to about here... [LOG 19:45:49.890] Load(Texture): JanitorsCloset/Textures/20_black-white [LOG 19:45:49.911] Load(Texture): JanitorsCloset/Textures/20_blue-black ...and then hang... Here's my full log: KSP_Log_050920-1945.log What's odd, is that if I load KSP on a fresh restart of my machine, the game will usually load fine. But if I load KSP after sleep mode or if it's the 2nd game load in a day, it will often hang right at that spot. So far i
  4. Thank you for keeping this mod alive. I'm honestly not sure what stock re-entries even look like anymore, I've been playing with this so long. Now that I'm (finally) updating to 1.8.1, I wanted to check if there are any known incompatibilities with the 1.9 recompile running against 1.8.1 KSP? I'll go ahead and install and report back any issues I might see. Again, thanks for taking over this mod!
  5. For those (like me) who didn't immediately understand where the "StationPartsExpansionMetal" folder was... If you download the "StationPartsExpansionRedux_1_3_4.zip" directly from Github or Spacedock, in there is the folder 'Extras > StationPartsExpansionMetal'. Then put THAT one in your KSP GameData folder on the same level as the main StationPartsExpansionRedux folder. Good luck!
  6. Hey folks, wondering if there are any known issues running SMX 1.1.1 in KSP 1.8.1? I saw a few posts several pages back about CTDs, but that looks like it was a different problem? Thanks for your help!
  7. Oh, OK that makes sense. It's not overwriting stuff with hotfix 5 - that is the whole thing. Thanks!
  8. Hey Soyuz fans, wondering if someone can point out any major known issues using the latest Tantares 21.1 in KSP 1.8.1 rather than KSP 1.9.1? As with most parts mods, there's not usually a huge problem unless going back to a much older version of KSP. But I thought I'd ask since I'm not intimately familiar with the differences between 1.8.1. and 1.9.1 at this time. Thanks for your help!
  9. Hi folks, I'm wondering if ya'll can help me confirm the best way to install this on a fresh KSP 1.8.1 game. I really would like to use the new Pioneer update for US II, since I'm going parts heavy with BDB + Tantares. The notes about what this will include are intoxicating! So first off, which of the beta releases would be most appropriate for a 1.8.1 KSP install? Next, regarding the Standalone Hotfix #5, does that need to be installed only on the latest beta release? For example, if only the latest beta release should be installed with 1.9.1 and then Hotfix 5 only goes with th
  10. Similar to my note on Draggable Altimeter... For those who might be updating to KSP 1.8.1 or even KSP 1.9 and wanting this mod, I just thought I'd note that the Spacedock Changelog for this mod has updated versions. Version v1.0.1 on Spacedock for KSP 1.8.1 It does say that users of KSP greater than 1.8 (i.e. 1.9) should still use the v1.0.1 version.
  11. For those who might be updating to KSP 1.8.1 or even KSP 1.9 and wanting this mod, I just thought I'd note that the Spacedock Changelog for this mod has updated versions. Version v1.0.1 on Spacedock for KSP 1.8.1 It does say that users of KSP greater than 1.8 (i.e. 1.9) should still use the v1.0.1 version. Good luck!
  12. Hey ya'll - I'm working on refining my KSP 1.8.1 build since I'm not planning to update to KSP 1.9 until the next Kopernicus is done & dusted... Anyway, I noticed in the Spacedock versioning notes that v6.8.5 is listed for KSP 1.9 and says it was "re-compiled for 1.8.1" on the changelog. But v6.8.4 is specifically listed for KSP 1.8.1 in the title for that version. Are there any benefits using 6.8.5 on a 1.8.1 install rather than using the 6.8.4 version of this mod? (Sorry if this has been addressed, I don't think I saw it discussed in previous posts)
  13. Sorry, just me being funny... But that link looks suspiciously like a malware trojan zero-day massacre waiting to happen. LOL
  14. Right, I decoded it (didn't include in my post to avoid further spoiling, in case the authors thought it was a spoil-able kind of thing). I was wondering more in terms of the meaning that informed it or maybe some behind-the-scenes color commentary why it was included? Speculating, I'm sure it's an inside joke or something.
  15. Maybe people have asked about this (I can't seem to search properly for this "string" on the US2 thread) but can someone shed light on the significance of the Morse code included in the CFG files for US2? I can't be the only person who noticed this??
  16. Disney World (Orlando, USA) and Disneyland (Los Angeles, USA) are both now planned to be closed starting Monday, March 16th. (Which sucks for my family... we were going to Disney World next week on the 18th... oh well, better safe than sorry)
  17. When people talk about mining or construction on the Moon, I always think of this bit from the 2002 film version of "The Time Machine": https://timemachine.fandom.com/wiki/Great_Lunar_Cataclysm I'm not saying this is realistic... but it is a cautionary tale not to f#*& around with the Moon.
  18. Does this count as a "First" since I'm the first non-zer0Kerbal posting??
  19. Bringing this back from like 3 years ago in this meme thread.... But this is me every time I need to dock anything in KSP:
  20. My first couple Career games, I tried to be meticulous with fuel calculations and dV to make sure I could complete whatever mission I was doing and yet have enough to get back safely. My current career... after completing various milestones, I creatively employ "refueling missions" (aka Hyperedit > Misc Tools > REFILL SLIDERS). Again, first few games I was diligent about making maneuver nodes to get encounters, adjust transfers, plan rendezvous maneuvers. Now, I've been using MJ Rendezvous and Maneuver Planner to the point where... I'm not sure I could actually do a proper Hohman tr
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