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  1. I that mm.dll file did not understand it very well as it works, if i mod each one of them has its MM file but with a different version, mod with the MM minor version works with a more up to date version? But then I wonder why every mod must have its MM? I make a trivial example, Galileo has a MM 1.8.0 then put a KER mod (I did not mind at the moment) that has a MM version equal to or less the same mode works the same? How can the library be updated if the mod is different? May be silly questions but legitimate for me
  2. In italy it abbreviates "no" with "nn" as negation of something in english would dont (if I remember well, i'm using Google translator my english is bad otherwise) i ran away while i wrote
  3. I deleted all the mods, then I installed only Galileo, kopernicus and gpp textures, with the secondary gpp worked but nn interested me, I deleted it then I installed the mod konstruktor but I also deleted that and after the game started to Work, then I started installing the mods a couple at a time and now it seems to work all properly
  4. The central hub of that mod reminds me of the command center of "Aliens Final Clash"... I will make a new career, I saw that some rockets had to be in line instead were at age was the iota were at ceti ahahaha
  5. Ok ... I do not know how to tell you, the game loaded me everything, in the tree where I unlocked the pieces I had all the best split and when I built the rockets I had the USI pieces box and the kebalism piece box I used the USI pieces in the rocket With the kerbal and the kerbalism pieces in the station, I never docking them together The rover knows him, the other I look for it and then I try it, even with the updated version I can not run the research body, it does not show me the building, and mod ker works abnormally over how I used it until 'Now, that is, even if I did not mount the board on the rocket I still saw the data of orbit vessel and so on ...
  6. I had them but I removed them, in version 1.2.2 they did not bother, and I used both pieces, I just use kebalism even if I do not have some pieces that I would gladly use. Were also beautiful pieces for colonization but I find more fun kerbalism then I give up at USI mod
  7. If I have read I have 8GB of Ram and I have to fix the problem for the galileo because it started without problems, now I add the mod one at a time to see if there are any more... Then if you say that UKS conflicts with kebalism I will not put one of the 2, is that I did not understand if kerbalism has a management of food, water and dispersing for colonization ... or it is not that you can make a compatibility between both ? I'm repetitive, however, with version 1.2.2 I had both and worked excellently
  8. I immediately tried to remove it but nothing, now I remove them one at a time until I find the culprit ... I can still say that galileo smooth without other mod only works if i load even secondary GPP if it is not locked in main menu and nn makes me select No voice EDIT: I corrected, smooth works without GPP Secondary and Konstructor obviously still problems, now i try to figure out if there is anything else that creates problems
  9. The quote from the princess did not happen ... Did I tell you that it is not compatible? I was using it also in version 1.2.2 and worked fine with each other
  10. I know but unfortunately it only tells me that that file generates 2 errors this is a screen of the message, I can not say anything else at the moment because the game does not start yet, I have problems with the new version of the mod Galileo Planet
  11. The problem persists I also tried to restore version 2.8.0 and remove 2.8.1 but nothing
  12. Some mods are all within version 2.8.0 other 2.8.1 if I look at the folder of version 1.2.2 of those files I even have 3 2.6.25 - 2.7.5 - 2.8.1 EDIT: But I can try it
  13. I suppose the output log that asks is this: And here is the picture with the folders inside Gamedata, in this version without GPP Secondary: With this configuration loads the game and then does not show the menu and always stays in loading
  14. I downloaded the new version, but it generates 2 loading errors, but does not specify what it is about, the file that generates them is StockTweaks.cfg I do not even know if the game works the same because I also have a problem with the Mod galileo plante pack, as long as I do not solve that problem I do not know if this mod may work the same. So much I wanted to report it and maybe if it's a known problem it can be solved