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  1. I had this problem using CKAN then I downloaded directly from github and it worked.
  2. THAT'S IT! I'm uninstalling Steam, selling my PC right now and going to live in the mountains.
  3. Nope, doing this you play KSP without Steam and I like to know how many hours I played some game and the screenshot manager is nice.
  4. Those upscale technologies only reduce the GPU work, all the physics calculation will still be there on the CPU. But I think its worth a shot.
  5. Nexus only exists because Skyrim players don't have a CKAN.
  6. Installing ONE of the config packs (BoulderCo, SVE, Astronomers, Spectra, etc).
  7. What? Struts were the answer for anything and used to weigh 42kg, we just lost one easter egg.
  8. Oh I remember when KSP 1.6 changed the Unity version breaking 90% of all mods. You made a poll so we can choose which mods are priorities and created a topic showing all of them, their updates and your progress daily. Everyone can learn to code but those professionalism standards are what made you an inspiration for all of us. Thank you LGG.
  9. They have a feature video planned for 2023 summer showing behind the scenes of soundtrack, would be a great chance to release it on spotify.
  10. Crap, my bet was on linuxgurugamer, just lost 100 funds.
  11. I like how they did the clouds configs based in our BoulderCo.
  12. I'm excited to find out all the anomalies and references you guys put in this game.
  13. It depends of how many FPS do you need to have fun. Also, you can test the game for 1 hour if buing on steam. If you can please tell us the performance you got because I have a PC almost like that.
  14. I was today years old when I learned that you can righ mouse click in tracking station to toggle that kind of ship on and everything else off. Also, those circled buttons never worked for me.
  15. Oooowww my goddness, i'm hyperventilating, someone give me a paper bag!
  16. Perfect for chilling in space on your way to other worlds. I wonder if music changes depending on the situation, like dangerous music on reentry or tense music when doing suicide burn.
  17. I have this, when coming back to Space Center at night everything goes black including the building lights but I have lots of mods and scene change or warp to sunrise solves the problem for me.
  18. In one of the show and tell, they say that the engine of a interstellar ship does not fit inside the VAB, and thats just the engine!
  19. That's very nice, I remember droping KSP the first time I played because it was too hard, on a second chance It was the "getting to orbit" tutorial that got me addicted, I hope you guys keep the interactive tutorials aswell.
  20. I can feel you man, every rpg game from the last decade was compared in vanilla state to some ultra moded Skyrim video. For the topic question, my opinion is that the devs are using low graphic mode so we got mindblow when it's released.
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