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  1. Now that's an impressive work. I'm eager to see the Jool's "loading preview".
  2. I did'n find anything. But I'm a noob...
  3. Your guys are forgetting Sigma Replacements.
  4. Reading the requirements, seems that they need a very socializable person, with a lot of management skills, technical knowledge and love for space things. I need to show this to Scott Manley.
  5. Programmer+Artist = blackrack Congrats man, you deserve a StarMods post on every feature your mod added all those years.
  6. Exactly . Also, for me, sometimes kerbals appears on EVA with the IVA suit. Nothing that breakes the game.
  7. Yes, the Range Machine version is for KSP 1.4.0, you are using the 1.6.1 KSP. The Shaw version works almost perfect with the last KSP, try that one.
  8. Before using this mod I never realised that the four kerbals in the main menu are actually named Jebediah, Bill, Bob and Valentina. Made exclusive config files for their names and that's what happened. Jeb, Bill and Bob. Valentina
  9. Hello man, what a lovelly day to help someone, you said it all, this is a harmless glitch that only happens on main menu and probably will not be solved before KSP 1.7. Something that worked for me was forcing DirectX 11, use "KSP64.exe -force-d3d11" to start the game. This may solve the main menu glitch but will bring another problem, the lack os icons on the VAB, that last can be solved installing the Textures Unlimited mod. Do it by steps and see how it works. PS: I didn't understood what was the problem with the planets.
  10. There must be a way do update without being the operating system's admin. Try downloading the last version and droping the files on KSP folder, without reinstalling.
  11. Ok guys, let's calm down. We all get frightened by virus once in life, i'm sorry if I offended someone. Now that everyone knows that it's a joke, stop hating the cats (smelly cat smelly cat), it's not their fault. That could be a good message to put along the loading screen, calming the newcomers and beeing an easter egg itself.
  12. I'ts the time between frames that you allow the computer to do physics calculations. ------------------------------------------- Left => better FPS Right => moar Physics ------------------------------------------- Also, change the "FRAMERATE_LIMIT" to "-1" for more frames and, consequently, more physics.
  13. Hey Sarbian, just see the casts and came to ask, is it your birthday or something like that? If it is, congrats man! Luckly i'm not allergic.
  14. It's the same but with specular and better textures, sounds good to me.
  15. Hello Pizza! Is there a way to enable only the sparks and not the tail? Thanks man.
  16. Today, after playing KSP for 4 years, I found out that you can use trim (ALT+WASD) to make rovers auto-accelerate.
  17. Maybe it's just the MH functions and parts for the consoles, for some reason they can't use the same name.
  18. Wha...What? For how long this is happening? I feel like my whole 1.6 career was a lie!
  19. Serenity could be the planet of the civilization who created the monoliths.