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  1. for me the mod won't work,i don't see any button that activates vessel mover,please help
  2. Hello!

    remember your engines plus mod?

    the donwload doesn't work,google thinks its unsafe and it says this: The supported formats are xml, json, php, txt. Append the format to the current uri.

    do you have another download link?(ex:Spacedock and Github)

    and if you don't,could you please create one?


    sorry for bad english

    1. SmashingKirby148


      Sorry, that mod has been abandoned for a long time. But, they were easy parts to make, so I can recreate them in my newest mod if you want. :)

    2. ThiagoDoge7


      ok,please,and thank you i loved that mod i saw it :D

  3. IT WORKED! Thanks man,i didn't had the latest version of firespitter,but i downloaded it and it worked
  4. the vtol engines appeared and they are working properly,just the animations that are repeating again(i have the latest version of your mod and all the dependencies)
  5. Hello! Very beautiful mod,unique parts and things,but..... when i open any other window,hatch doors and fuel tank hatch,the animations just keeps repeating and sorry for bad english,i hope you have a great day and the sabre engines aren't in the game parts list for me(you know the one that is to the left and and contains every part in the game) help will be aprecciated note:i have the latest version of KSP and The latest version of Omicron
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