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  1. Hey thx for that it was the mods I was finding hard to get so many topics on RO new and old it gets confusing after a while will take a look soon as I get home Thx again
  2. Hey all I'm confused how do I install the pre-release from the above link realism overhaul 1.2 pre do I just extract to my ksp folder and download all the required mods needed ? Does this work in 1.2.2 Thanks
  3. Hey thanks very much And i must have missed That one will give it a try thx again
  4. Hey all so I'm new to Infernal Robotics and I've installed the later version for 1.2 and the rework packs all is working fine Problem is I don't seem to have any gantry rails am I missing something or do I need to get them in another pack and where from Thanks