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  1. Gaarst...thanks for the quick reply! By shutdown I mean I went to the engine menu and selected "shutdown engine". I was curious about the electric charge part since whether or not the engine would restart seemed to be related to the mission time elapsed between the shutdown and the attempt to restart. I tried adding a battery just below the command module at one point, but that did not seem to do the trick. I will have to try it again. Is there something special about placement of the battery in order for it to work? I am away from the console right now, but will try the flight again throttling back instead of shutting the engine down to see if that works. Thanks again!
  2. I am relatively new to Kerbal, but have a very simple rocket with two liquid engines surrounded by solid (thumper) boosters. Trying to establish orbit, but after I have shutdown the liquid motors (once the AP is sufficiently high to coast), when I try to restart the motors at AP to establish initial orbit, the indicators show that the motor is restarted, but the motor doesn't burn (no thrust). The throttle is fully open, the motor just doesn't start. It seems to be somewhat intermittent as the first liquid stage starts right up no problem after the boosters burn out. Am I missing something fundamental that is required to restart the engine? Thanks.