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  1. TBH CKAN doesn't work well with RP-1, or should I say the opposite. The release isn't fully ready - may never be - and I really wanted to move on from 1.31 Incidently that was the last time I saw clouds and I never saw an aurora. Now I have some white screen problem, prehaps because I fiddled with it. I will just d/l from github and replace the RSSVE and EVE. Thanks for the mod!
  2. Hi there. I'm having a lot of trouble setting EVE up. It didn't work right from the start, and my messing with it just made things worse, so fresh dl and install it is. Firstly, on github there seems to be a leap from versions for KSP 1.42 to 1.7.. I have 1.61. Can I use EVE, and if so which should I choose? Second question (I noticed this while messing around), the texture pointers point to eg. RSSVE/Textures/MainTextures/EarthCloudsXn But the file is located in the directory RSSVE/Textures/MainTextures/EarthClouds_HR (and _LR) Is this intentional, or because something went wrong with my install? Thanks muchly!
  3. OK. FYI for anyone interested: Do not use 1.7 master for 1.6.1 Use the 1.6 version. Haven't confirmed it works properly yet, but at least I now have ground stations
  4. You may be on the right track. There is no file with that name but some similiar ones in the RO folder. But they are the same in the working 1.31 version. I'll just see what happens when I get basic science unlocked
  5. I love this mod and thanks for keeping it up to date! Quick question: I have just Frankensteined a working RP-1 install for 1.61, using the master for RemoteTech. In order to do this I had to delete community tech tree as apparently it causes problems. New for me to not be able to have comms right off the bat - not sure if this is what RP-1 is going for but that's another story. For now, is it still the "basic science" node that will unlock the groundstations? Right now I have no groundstations and the comms interface looks very stock to me, though I never played 1.61 or indeed non-RP-0 for years. The only other thing I can think of is that I may have to turn off the comms network in settings for RemoteTech to work. But I'm not sure. So some advice would be great!
  6. Well I was wrong. I didn't realise that the projection values in the main Principia dialog could only be changed with buttons. A reply that "this may be done some day" or "no, I really don't care about this" would have been nice. So let me be specific about why I think this is desperately needed addition to this mod: I have a watercooled, overclocked computer. As home processing goes, it is within about 50% of what is possible to have on any budget. Now, say I launch a rocket. I realise that I have launched at the wrong time for interplanetary transfer - okay my bad. Well I planned for this; the tanks are cryogenic; it can sit in orbit for a month until its time to go. Now, I need to crank the prediction up to like 64000 *minimum* in order to plot a course that does not leave LEO for a month. I have tried turning the resolution down; the prediction just turns rubbish - no dice. Now with my node a month in the future, I need to try to phase my node in its orbit around the Earth, so that I am burning in the right direction WRT Earth. Except the game is lagging so goddam badly that the sliders are all frozen up. I dare not move the mouse or hold the button down because who cay say where the node will end up?? A simple text entry box would solve this, allowing me to move it by an arbitrary amount instead of swearing at my computer for 5 minutes, only to find I'm still a month early and need to move the node forwards and spend another 5 minutes micromanaging the node. The exact same problem applies to far future nodes; for instance I want to know if this trajectory to Jupiter will allow me to do a powered slingshot to Saturn within my dV budget? Lag, lag and more lag. Its not like I'm blaming Principia for causing lag - its an N body simulator, of course there is going to be lag. I'm just saying please, for the love of KSP, put in some text entry boxes!!!! Of course, its your mod and your time. And your choice. And I wont post on this subject again...
  7. I want to add a couple of comments about this mod. I posted something a year or 2 ago and sadly there has been no change in implimentation. Whilst I am about to be critical, please don't let that take away from the fact that I think this is a great mod - and thanks for all the hard work making it. From the wiki> Principia doesn't help you optimise the flight plan, e.g. by minimising the Δv. You've got to look for good flight plans yourself, using intuition and trial and errors. You'll get better over time. And yes, it's hard, that's why they hire PhDs to do this. Yes, true. I don't expect it to be easy and I adore a challenge. But, there is no easy way to measure things like phase between planets. There is no possibility to even put a satellite into LEO in the lunar plane to assist with the timing of launches. What you have kind of done is given us the compexity of real space travel with only the KSP graphical lines/tools to plan missions. And this makes it very very difficult to get within even 75% of theoretical dV for an interplanetary mission! OK, we don't need mechjeb, but something to help us with launch into plane and best planetary transfer times would be really good (I'm tempted to give up and just do dawn/dusk polar orbits, the launching into plane problem is that bad ). If someone has modded this mod with that, please point the way Second, and kind of worse, those damn sliders in the flight planners are so woefully bad for flight planning. And it would be so easy to put a box next to it with a number that we can write in and hit enter. You even have this for things like trajectory projection in the basic principia dialog box... I would volunteer to do this myself except I can't program for crap. If you need help with advanced chemistry or nuclear physics, feel free to ask. BTW, the lumpy gravity is niiiice! I had a good laugh when the contract for sun-synchronous orbit said "are not possible in KSP"
  8. OK. Thanks for the reply. Personally, I find github to be extremely confusing. And I don't use discord (never tried, but I understand its for voice chat, which is no-go for me). But at least now I know where the action is! Ta
  9. Can I ask who the heck is actually in charge of deving RP1 these days? Its not like I expect "support" for the mod, you guys aren't getting paid. But nobody even seems to reply to discussions on balancing and the like these days. Would be good to know who is running the show, since I'm not sure it is the OP anymore?...
  10. Yeah, I just played a couple of hours and have accidently optimised the start even more. Would have easily made orbit within ~7 months. Starting again with Hard for no reverts - that will make things interesting and we shall see if I can keep all my astronauts. I kind of want to do that. I have gone so far as to put a station with 3 years of supplies for 2 people into Mars orbit. I guess I like RO and RP-0/1 because it is realistic; well for a game at least. So on that note, there is no way to put 2 or 3 people into an Apollo capsule for a year or more - they would probably kill each other. And, (in real life) there is no way humans are doing a return trip to Mars without ISRU. The rocket equation is not your friend. I'm not saying its technically impossible - just that it wouldn't go down that way when we have at least 2 technologies that would get you off Mars almost for free. So while my game tries not to crash launching a 40,000+ tonne rocket, I'll be more annoyed than excited :/ I guess that's the real reason I've avoided it till now
  11. So, I guess time to start a new game - the old one was getting pretty unstable anyway. I haven't been able to do a CKAN install of RP for ages and ages. With all the recommended mods just installed; (ie. just select everything!) there is a ton of stuff that's not RP-0 or RO supported. Some of them look pretty cool - ie. high thrust but rubbish ISP in the starting node. And I've never seen them before. In general, do you reckon these are challenge breaking and I should install no non-RP0, or are they just not yet supported? To put it in perspective, on moderate difficulty, I have usually "beaten" the game by the end of 1955. I never make it to Mars with manned missions because I get bored or the game gets unstable, but I've unlocked all the useful tech nodes and have everything fully upgraded. But I want more options. I was always sad that so many of the parts were just of no use because the price/performance meant using things like the F1 or M1 or any solid not in the first 2 nodes was just pointless as better, cheaper parts could be substituted. I want to play with more engines ; make more interesting designs!
  12. Where did you get all the parts? I have been looking for capsules and rings etc that will work with RO/RP-0. None of the "supported" mods I've seen here or on the RO thread have these.
  13. So, I desperately want to install a couple of the near future techs. Downloaded them and the game crashed. Then I realised I was being an idiot - they are built for 1.4x, I need a 1.31 version. But, there is only a super old release on github and all other links are to the newest version. Can you tell me where I can download the last 1.31 compatible version?? Thanks! EDIT- never mind. It still crashed after I removed the mods, so I removed the removed the packaged module manager, put the mods back and it started fine...