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  1. PS4 save file corruption

    Interesting discovery related to this, the crash ALWAYS occurs at or travelling to the Space Center.
  2. Just FYI, the old "using a Plus account or USB drive to copy save files on" trick to protect pristine data doesn't work either. It's about 50/50 this KSP version will have your save files nice and corrupted before you can even get them off the System Storage. So don't waste your time. My game really loves to crash/corrupt riiiight after a big mission, in Career, Science, AND Sandbox mode, doesn't matter. The file blender is always running. Usually, the moment is when I am on the Space Center screen. The sound stops, and that's when I know the brutal violation of my peace of mind is forthcoming. Any day now on the PS4 save file fix'd be super awesome Oh yeah, the freezing and forgetting in the VAB trying to get another rocket built after a fresh data crash is a lovely touch too