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  1. Yep and I'm theorizing that they are plants (or at least plant cells and animal cells at the same time) because of their green skin and lack of need for food. Their skin could give them some of their nutrients from the sun using the chloroplast organelles in their skin cells. That would not however mean they could live indefinitely without an alternate source of food but probably a very long time. That could also be an interesting explanation as to why they are slightly more gee force tolerant. Plants also still require 2 sexes to procreate and it would not have to be super inappropriate for s
  2. First I would like to say two things the mod's name would be Kerbal Nursery and this is not supposed to be a Civilian Population knockoff. My mod is similar with the goal, it has the ability to make more kerbals however takes a completely different path and is intended to also have less parts. It does not require kerbals present at all times to make more rather it requires resources: Keeds, Soil and Pollen (this plays on the assumption that kerbals are plant animal hybrids) making these into kerbals by putting them in little incubation chambers and growing them. It would however require
  3. What exactly do you mean by requests are encouraged? Also is there anything I could ever do to get to see this mod have an update? I really wanna see someone breath air into this mod again(just a metaphor). I really wanna see nukes for KSP again for later versions.
  4. I would like to point out in the latest version of this mod (sorry if I couldn't find it but it's not easy to find) that the atmospheric drag of the warp drives are way too much making it impossible to put it up with smaller ships.
  5. I enjoyed this mod. This has to be one of my favorite mods!
  6. Honestly I think it would be better and more creative to put alien creatures on an alien planet rather than animals that exist here if any.
  7. You guys did a brilliant job and made a beautiful mod. This is a thank you because I enjoyed using your mod and hope you continue making great things!
  8. I would like to report a bug with the alcubierre drive(I will try to answer any questions I see with some delay about specifics if you wish). Every so often when I try to intercept another vessel and when I get close enough (I estimate within a 50k-150k radius) it seems to send that vessel out hurling at a very high velocity. Most of the time but not all the time the vessel I am trying to reach will be ripped apart. Just here to help address an error.
  9. Said you need help making parts? I'm decent at modeling parts but not so much texturing them. What kind of parts are you thinking?
  10. I liked this mod, however I would like it if you distanced out the star systems out some more as they seem to be too close.
  11. I just can't help but see this and think those parts don't belong together. My apologies if you put effort into it, however I just dislike making crafts that I don't like the look of and a part of that is the parts have to at least look a little like they belong together.
  12. I used the KSPI mod with 1.4.1 it worked very well until I used the warp drive. I charged it and activated it at 0.1c and it worked fine, the real issue was when I set it to 1c. For some reason the moment I set it to 1c it got completely destroyed. I also used another warp drive mod (warp drive standalone) and it had this problem as well. Is there some kind of limit now that I didn't know about? Whats going on? PS: I have a recording of it happening if you want me to show you
  13. I changed my name and meant for it to be something else. I hate myself so much right now!
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