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  1. Thank you for continuing to support this mod! I feel like Skyhawk might be the last big experience I will have before KSP2 comes out, and it feels really polished and fun.
  2. I'm getting "no storage space" when using the Beacon satellite on the Kerbalism 12hr config. Fixed it by deleting the "Science3" requirement in the main tech tree Bluedog_DB config (there was already one for "Probes2" which got overwritten)
  3. I received the following error preceding a game crash (repeating about 100 times): [ERR 12:20:42.159] Error: Cannot create FMOD::Sound instance for clip "1-Home" (FMOD error: Couldn't perform seek operation. This is a limitation of the medium (ie netstreams) or the file format. ) I wasn't streaming or anything. It's strange, because my track is an .ogg file like the rest of them and plays just fine out of game. I have a pretty heavily edited playlists.cfg to work with KSRSS that incorporates music from a couple music mods as well as some Michael Ghelfi stuff I own. Is there a point where I've just added too many tracks? (I have about 52 different tracks total)
  4. Wow... I'm in awe of this! Thank you G'th for continuing to work on this mod!
  5. @CessnaSkyhawk the day length is about 7.5 hours (+/- a few minutes), and there are about 565 days in a year (+/- a couple days). If you need me to be more precise let me know!
  6. Can't wait to try this out! You are a true artist.
  7. So glad this mod is being maintained again! By the way, the USI fuel tank masses have always been about 10x heavier than the standard fuel tanks in Kerbal, which can result in major dV losses. Is this intended? Here is an example from Parts\Fuels\AerozineWedge.cfg: // Special // Contains any special functionality for this part /+ // Universal Storage Part Switch Config // Used to set resources, cost and mass or different versions of the part MODULE { name = USFuelSwitch SwitchID = 0 resourceNames = LiquidFuel,Oxidizer;LiquidFuel,Oxidizer;LiquidFuel,Oxidizer;LiquidFuel,Oxidizer resourceAmounts = 10,12;20,24;30,36;40,48 initialResourceAmounts = 10,12;20,24;30,36;40,48 tankCost = 0;35;70;105 tankMass = 0;0.014;0.028;0.042 hasGUI = False availableInEditor = False displayCurrentTankCost = True ShowInfo = False } Normally tank mass is the LiquidFuel divided by 7200, which in this case would yield a tank mass of 0.0014, not 0.014. I'm making some fixes to the cfgs for the tanks and the wedge covers that have added fuel to them, so if anyone is interested let me know.
  8. @N3N It seems to be working well on my JNSQ 1.12 playthrough with lots of mods. It correctly identified that I'd have good signal around Eve when it was close to Kerbin, and then poor signal later in the year. I think the exact data transmission rates can be a little off, but they're close enough to still be helpful.
  9. I was just thinking about this! I make a lot of BDB craft in a JNSQ system and just deal with the incompatibilities as they come up. It's been difficult for me to figure out how the antennae work, but suffice to say is the max transmission an average of the max speed of all antennae attached to the craft? So, for example, having one beefy high-gain antenna and a derpy signal antenna would be detrimental to the overall craft as far as Kerbalism is concerned? edit: this seems to be the case. While of course a lower power antenna draws less EC, including it in your build for aesthetics really hampers transmission rates... With my Mariner 10, I got about 140 kB/s when it only had the High Gain Relay Dish attached. Once I tested again after attaching the 1.41 kB/s Omnidirectional Antenna, the rate went down to about 14 kB/s, whether the antenna was extended or not. Not a huge deal for orbiters, but is worth considering if you're planning flybys!
  10. Thanks for the rebalances, @610yesnolovely! I'm playing with BDB and US2 and it's been great. One bug I encountered: the tech tree was missing the QuadCore and some other parts. I caught a typo in your pasted code above: "@TechRequired = generalConstruction5" should be "@TechRequired = generalConstruction" I confirmed the change fixe the parts
  11. Ditto to that! For me, the Science overhaul is the reason I can never get rid of Kerbalism. The primary reason is simple: it takes Science and integrates it much further into the engineering process of ships. In Vanilla, Science is pretty simple: you pick whatever experiments you want and clamp them onto the side of your rocket. For probes, you need an antenna strong enough to send the signal, and that's about it. In Kerbalism, Science is integrated much further into the electricity and communications systems, as well as probe core selection. Every experiment is passive - so long as it's on, it will passively log Science in the ship's memory. Once the ship's hard drive is full, it can't log anymore science! But, it will happily transmit the Science back to Kerbin. This is limited a) by connection to the DSN, and b) by the bitrate capabilities of your antenna. This way, power generation, antenna signal strength, transmission speed, and hard drive storage space are ALL potential bottlenecks for your Science. It's fun to design crafts that can manage multiple experiments at once, and it realistically can take months to harvest all the Science due to slow transmission speeds. The upside? No clicking! Kerbalism manages all of this on its own, and you can manage each craft off-screen without having to load it in. I don't think KSP2 should directly copy this system by any means. I'm sure there are ways to slightly simplify it and make it a bit more user-friendly. But I hope they keep the core ideas that communications, power generation, and probe core tech should matter to Science retrieval, and that crafts should be manageable from a control menu rather than having to load them in each time.
  12. You'll want to mention this in the Kerbalism Forum or even better, raise it as an issue on the Kerbalism Github. To my knowledge, Kerbalism doesn't handle any cryogenic fuels specifically, but it does have its own modules for power usage and background resource tracking that is generally incompatible with Nertea's mods without patching. The Kerbalism devs are busy making 4.0, so new patches haven't been released in a while, but it's worth mentioning in case it's an easy fix.
  13. Running KSP 1.11.0, I'm having an issue with the Shuttle Orbiter Construction Kit's decals displaying incorrectly: It seems like the game is having trouble loading the transparent layers on the .dds files, and was pointed here. I run configs from Magpie Mods, so it could have something to do with that. Any ideas/tips? I can edit .dds files if necessary.
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