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  1. ANDI made a tiny mod... just 2 flags. one is NOAA's flag the other is my NOAA parody flag free to use for anyone. (critique and any suggestions appreciated... especially with the mottos... I'm not very good at wriintg) well, it's getting bigger
  2. hi, just wanted to say hi, thanks for the mod and to share some of my undersea adventures. (currently working on a catamaran style ship to carry my sub)
  3. I wanted to volunteer an do some art, but when I think about it... there is 100% reason to keep using the stock vanilla models for the ballast tanks... here is my first submarine... I wish I had a ballast tank (with a tweakable storage, say 10 tons, 100 tons 1000, etc... but in all the different shapes of the different hulls) for every "tank" style in the game. But, some placeable ballast tanks would be nice. but really, you don't see the tank, (see saddle tank for submarines) as the tank is part of the hull. Truly.... a tank placeable could be any kind of in-take, since on the outside that's all you see. And that's just for ww2 and early subs, modern subs you don't see anything at all but hull, smooth, so sound and stuff don't bounce and off and it glides better through the water with less friction. that said,..... what the mod needs is "underwater biomes" and ocean life... wait a sec... the mod is pretty perfect (different ballast hull tank types, no new art needed for tanks) ... But a 2nd mod, an "under water exploration" mod with things to find. would be nice. and hey, if you have health/med issues, you can be the project director and assemble a team. I'd join, I've not made a KSP mod yet, but I'm done a lot of other art stuff. give me a ring,