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  1. Excuse me if I missed something obvious, but I was wondering if it was possible to separate horizontal and vertical camera control sensitivity. I see the controls to change overall sens, but allowing individual x and y factors adjustment would be a great feature with what I assume minimal code-work to implement, if @linuxgurugamer is open to suggestions. Excellent stuff as always!
  2. Just wondering if anyone else was having an issue with time warping while simulating. On-rails warp seems to jump the craft ahead on its orbit some score of degrees before engaging the warp for me. It is likely some mod conflicts in my setup which I plan to isolate some time, but any input would be appreciated. EDIT: found the ticket on Guess it's not a freak incident. I'll check it out sometime and report to the github thread.
  3. Can confirm this mod is working properly even in the newest 1.6 KSP, even with all the other mods I have in my list. I assume it works fine in prior version too. Edit: Newly added parts (a variety of holding tanks for Gold/Ore and the Gold ISRU) seem to be weirdly placed in the tech tree. Not sure if it is intended
  4. I second the reviving of this (imo) essential mod
  5. Did you try my MM config tweak proposed earlier this page? It makes CFX ignore KF wheels totally, since they handle thier own sound and dust fx. Sould stop the sparks, since iirc CFX considers KF wheels as a generic part an adds sparks defaultly
  6. You are right, a simple MM patch fixes this since KF wheels (after using which I cant go back to vanilla x.x) dont use any specified wheel def in CollisionFX MM patches (The new KF changed the name to a standard "KSPWheelBase") FIX: Go to CollisionFX folder and add the following MM patch (Just a text file with .cfg at the end) @PART[*]:HAS[@MODULE[KSPWheelBase]] { MODULE { name = CollisionFX scrapeSparks = false wheelImpactSound = CollisionFX/Sounds/TyreSqueal } } You also want to modify the "catch-all" patch at the end of the "ModuleManager_CollsionFX.cfg" to exclude "KSPWheelbase" as well Example: @PART[*]:HAS[!MODULE[ModuleWheelBase],!MODULE[KSPWheelBase],<...>] Unfortunately, CFX always seemed to have issues with over persistent or sensitive effects of some parts (usually internals and small parts/lights/rcs with finicky hit detection or colliders) which I dont think has much to do with MM as it does with the plugin itself and its calculation methods.
  7. Well, the dev build of FAR for KSP 1.2 is honestly fine, and until 1.1.3 is phased out I assume they plan to keep it on github to streamline bug reporting and updating, maybe indefinitely. The dev build already has more than the "minimum amount of work to make it work" imo, from the career/sb saves I have playing it. I don't even actively test or report bugs, but play as an end user, and it's sufficient. The dev/contributors just want a safety net by keeping the build on github for now
  8. I had a visual bug after installing SVT. My only other visual mod is SVE (scatterer and EVE). KSP 1.2.2 DX11 Windows 10 Bug: Great mod, but sadly the lines are too distracting for me to use it
  9. Download link not functional for me