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  1. So because I have school now StarCrusher wants someone to help me do sciencedefs/wikipages/descriptions. If you're interested and have free time you can dm me either on here or on discord because I'm in charge of that now
  2. The idea currently is exclusively gas giants. There could be a dwarf planet or comet in the mix, though
  3. Kerbin will likely be retextured. I'm not sure if it'll orbit the stock sun or if a new sun will be made and Kerbin reparented though
  4. We're planning on replacing the stock system, but we decided to not make it similar to the real solar system. It'll be something new
  5. You should have the mod installed correctly if you got the results you showed. Try tabbing through the system
  6. We're fixing a couple small issues No actual remake, but this is the closest to one
  7. Allow me to introduce you to the golden rule of modmaking: "Every time someone asks about when the mod releases, the date is pushed back a week" In all seriousness, just about everything is done, but right now StarCrusher is in the middle of a massive heatwave where he lives so he mas more pressing matters at the moment. Very soon though!
  8. Galaxies Unbound will have custom plant models on planets with life (and custom models on a few other worlds), so flora type aliens will exist. Also, I try to put a bit of effort into those dumb comments
  9. Well we found a bug in testing we're working to fix, and both of us were out for a bit. Just be patient
  10. Right now Nova Kirbani is the only system fuly conceptualized. While we have a general idea of the new home system and 1 other system, they aren't nearly ready enough to actually show off.
  11. We don't like having release dates because it almost never happens on the desired day. The most we can say is soon
  12. Considering this is just 1 system at the moment and not an entire galaxy I'm almost certain there should be less requirements
  13. Most of the previous parts used for KSS should be in GU, large round tank included
  14. Back from the dead Glad to be a part of this project. It's definitely an improvement on the mod that must not be named!
  15. The first parts of the Kerbos System have been released as a test version and the completed Kerbos System and Nessus System are next on our agenda now that current bodies have been updated
  16. The text at the planned features page was before we decided to add stock compatibility
  17. No. We have helpers who are going to commit themselves to helping with KG while we work on KSS too Although KSS is taking a little break at the moment