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  1. head traumata that lost perception of their surroundings.
  2. My presence is to be expected for the entirety of this day.
  3. here I am @GRS I call for @linuxgurugamer !
  4. granted, but you can never stop talking and annoy all your friends. Everyone hates you and you die alone. I wish for a quick and painless death.
  5. Quite a challenge you got yourself there. Feel free to submit your mission to the retro solar rescue- thread. I would be happy to reactivate it.
  6. Install Realism overhaul and play it.
  7. Mark Thrimm made a video a while ago. It fits perfectly for this challenge: I‘m just gonna leave this here.
  8. @vyznev nicely done! actually landing on a drone ship is a nice touch, haven't managed to do that myself (also I didn't try very hard). of course you can make a badge if you like. this is what they tried to do on the Falcon heavy core Stage landing. AFAIK this was the only attempt so far on a landing where 3 engines stay lit until touchdown. Usually, they do what eagle92lightning said: but they actually use all 3 engines on the landing burn, it's just that the 2 outer engines cut off prematurely so final touchdown can be done more precisely on just the center engine.
  9. Granted, I hope the heat death of the universe won’t be too boring. I wish for unlimited power.
  10. Granted, you have full and complete understanding of military vehicle painting and understand the difference between camouflage, war paint and know in what circumstances it makes sense or not. I wish to see people’s signatures without them distracting from the actual page.
  11. Granted. He’s a cool guy, so cool in fact that no radiation reaches earth and everyone freezes to death within days. I wish life would be easier.