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  1. Human Person

    Challenge McChallengeface

    Sounds simple enough, could even be made into a mission builder mission. Requirements and limitations seem a little arbitrary though, eg is there any reason why they have to get there in 200 days but return in 150? and what's up with the 400t, wouldn't it be better when someone manages it with a way lighter craft?
  2. Human Person

    Make a wish... and have it horribly corrupted!

    Granted, you become blind and are therefore unable to work, now you have enough time to reread ... oh. I wish for 10 bucks and a big cone of icecream.
  3. Human Person

    rescuing two kerbals in the same launch

    try to make orbit around the mun with the right inclination with respect to dude in orbit. All these inclination changes you're talking about that's where you can save on delta v. minimize these and you have the perfect plan.
  4. Human Person

    Do you throttle-limit engines that are too big?

    With higher TWR I usually just go more aggressive on the turn (if aerodynamics allow for it). Otherwise, I still go with full thrust on liftoff and throttle back a little once reaching Mach 1.
  5. Human Person

    The Wonton Wocket challenge

    I did it! My 997 kg rocket reached LEO. It is called "City wonton". like @tylerraiz 's rocket it uses a Rutherford 1st stage. After seperating it, an early controllable core gains avionics and Hydrazine RCS thrusters direct the rocket towards the horizon and spin it up. the 2nd stage is a Star 17 SRB and the 32 kg 3rd stage burns Hydrazine in an MR-107 engine. the final orbit got a little lopsided, but I'm sure with a little tweaking and the right timings on stage sep it can get to a 300km circular orbit. Craft file: Wonton.craft?dl=0
  6. Human Person

    Best site were you can download mods for ksp?

    This forum is the website. READ the forum post before installing a mod, there are links on where to download it.
  7. Human Person

    Rate the location....

    7/7 Space Shuttles Are awesome
  8. Human Person

    Rate the location....

    Wikipedia knows 4 geographical places called Java. 2 of those are islands (one in Indonesia, one in Amsterdam) and 2 are cities/towns in the US. 6/10 for being unspecific
  9. Human Person

    Patch 1.4.3 to be released next week!

    Hmm, will you also fix the absolutely unreasonable stats of the Wulfhound engine? also the KE-1 engine is really beautiful, I find it pretty strange that it‘s being outperformed in every single way by the mainsail. It‘s even more expensive and in a higher tech level.
  10. Human Person

    Forum no-nos

    260 entirely quoting a really long post and just adding „nice“ 261 not reading an entire thread to check if someone already said what you‘re saying 262: editing a post that has already been replied to, turning the reply to nonsense.
  11. Human Person

    Equivalent pressure question.

    The game offers everything you need to find it out, simply right click on the Barometer and turn the readout on.
  12. Human Person

    RealEnginesPack 2.01 CLOSE 01.04.18

    That‘s sad to hear, your parts are excellent.
  13. Human Person

    Tylo Landing Tips?

    I didn‘t mean to go overboard on the TWR. @GoSlash27 ‚s example is reasonable. Most important off all: practice. You can use the debug menu to spawn a vessel in Tylo orbit and just go for it. Low TWR landers require more delta v and more piloting skills, that‘s why I said go for more thrust but maybe you like the extra challenge. final touchdown is hard either way, so practice especially that (as I said, you can practise that on Kerbin too). You don‘t need extremely high TWR for ascent, 1.2 or greater will get the job done (remember it‘s basically the same as a Kerbin ascent, just without atmosphere so any rocket that can launch from Kerbin will be more than enough to ascent from Tylo)
  14. Human Person

    So what song is stuck in your head today?

    Good breakfast music: