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  1. Human Person

    Small Falcon 9 Challenge

    Hmm, I would say no, go ahead, but I strongly recommend using liquid engines as they can be used also for orbital maneuvers as well as for propulsive landing.
  2. Human Person

    Make a wish... and have it horribly corrupted!

    Granted, a bus hits your bike and drags you along for several kilometers. I whish for a nice coffee. And a bagel
  3. Human Person

    KSP Weekly: The Falcon

    Will the stats of the DLC engines be rebalanced?
  4. Human Person

    Small Falcon 9 Challenge

    @l0kki I like miniturization and it's a darn fine little rocket you got there but you can't put crew on it ... or can you? I will definitely try in my livestream. If it's too small for crew or any reusability, it's more like an Electron rocket, still a nifty little thing. I"m especially curious about the capabilities of the heavy variant. As for my own rocket, I have an L and an M variant (i'm starting to like the M one better) and I'm currently editing a video about it. It's my first ever youtube video and I want it do be good with "back to old me" parts and such.
  5. I've seen a lot of Falcon 9 builds but most of them use the 3.75m diameter and Vector engines. I think that's OP for a Falcon 9 as the actual real-life rocket has a diameter of only 3.7m. Also while the Merlin engine has a pretty high TWR, it's actually neither very powerful nor very efficient. so I want you guys to think small, build it in the 2.5 m diameter or smaller. Also, the engines used on the first and second stage should be roughly the same thrust. Merlin-Vac can be a little more powerful and more efficient but it shouldn't be too much difference so I decided to give you a list of possible combinations. All landings have to be demonstrated once, just make sure to lock the fuel you need for boost back and landing. Size: diameter, 1st stage engines, 2nd stage engine XS: 1.25m, Twitch/Spark, Spark S: 1.25m, Cub, Terrier M: 1.875m, Thud, Cheetah L: 2.5m, Swivel/Reliant, Skiff or Poodle Things to do: +10P Build a scaled down Dragon 2 Spacecraft that is able to land on parachutes. it has to be the same diameter as your rocket. +5P your dragon capsule has powerful superdraco engines and can use them for a launch Abort. +5P your dragon spacecraft has a trunk to carry some unpressurized cargo (any cargo will do). also it has solar panels, either the foldable ones of dragon one or the wraparound panels on the dragon 2 trunk. it also acts as an aerodynamic stabilizer for an abort. you can eject the cargo in this case. +2P a launch abort can throw the capsule far enough for it to parachute land in the ocean. +3P the spacecraft has RCS thrusters and is able to dock to a station. now for the rocket: +50P Build a Falcon 9. It needs to have 9 1st- and 1 2nd stage engines. first and 2nd stage need to be the same diameter, you can use nosecone parts as radial engine mounts on the first stage (a 3x3 engine pattern is allowed as well as the modern circular arrangement). Angling the engines slightly to make them fit is fine as well. Part clipping is allowed as long as it looks nice (try not to clip engine bells into each other) +20P the 1st stage is recoverable. A splashdown is sufficient, as long as nothing breaks off during tip-over. +13P It lands on engine power, no parachutes. +10P it is able to ddo a boostback and land on or around KSC ground (the entire flat area surrounding the KSC is fine). Now, If you do a landing at sea, you are allowed to tip over and break something. let's just imagine you had placed a drone-ship exactly where you came down and landed on your legs. +5P you do the landing burn with only 3 engines. +2P the upper stage has its own probe core and antenna in order to deorbit itself after payload separation. not done yet, we need to go heavy. +2P Build a Falcon Heavy. the boosters need to be identical to the core stage except for some sepratrons and struts. +10P don't use fuel crossfeed. you may throttle back the core engines or shut up to 6 of them off in order to save fuel. don't forget to throttle back up/ toggle the engines back on at booster sep. +10P the boosters are recoverable (boostback and landing near KSC is required now). The core can land at sea. +3P the core stage is able to land on the next continent. Please keep it stock (+ Making History) and share your craftfiles. I'd really like to make a livestream of some sort and look at all of them personally. Coming next: missions for our Falcons. I'm planning to make a TESS mission as well as a Mun landing using Falcon heavy's and perhaps a LKO station. Please share videos or pictures with your mission report, but make sure to put all but one picture in spoiler. or share an imgur link, as there's nothing worse than huge post with unbelievably many pictures who are all getting loaded. keep it simple. Have Fun!
  6. Human Person

    KSP Weekly Challenge Suggestions

    Fly through the hoop: First attach a launch clamp to a structural tube. Now build a plane and fly through it twice (once in each direction) without breaking it or your plane. Smallest tube diameter wins! Rules: - you have to fly, no driving through the thing. - mods allowed if they don‘t add any completely new propulsion / levitation method. - you have to complete the two flythroughs in a single try, consecutively. Both flythroughs have to be done with the same vehicle. You may land inbetween, everything is fine as long as you don‘t break anything of your craft or the ring. - your plane does not need to be manned, but it‘s much more fun that way!
  7. Human Person

    Make a wish... and have it horribly corrupted!

    Granted, now you know, you ain’t getting some! I whish for catlike reflexes
  8. Good luck with that. I gave up because of the unbelievable grind that comes with those settings. I'm not saying it's impossible though.
  9. Human Person

    Make a wish... and have it horribly corrupted!

    Granted, Jool's a terrestrial planet now, therefore gravity is bonebreakingly strong, like 20g or something. Also it's all lava. I wish Kerbals are real and vist earth
  10. Human Person

    Make a wish... and have it horribly corrupted!

    Granted. I hope you like purple, cause you‘re stranded on eve until I figured out a rescue mission. Or maybe not. Anyways, let‘s head to jool first. I wish I had my own Iron Man Suit
  11. Human Person

    Eve Biome Hopper

    Yes, I would also go with an ISRU capable, rocket powered plane. For water biomes, try to land very close to land so you can reach it for mining. I would also advise you to use Aerospike engines for propulsion, they have by far the highest ISP in the dense atmosphere of Eve. Or try to use high thrust engines like Vectors to gain altitude quickly and then glide over relatively long distances with empty tanks.
  12. Human Person

    Lowest mass challenge - Solids to the Mun

    @vyznev actually our missions aren't that similar at all. you flew the mission like a standard Mun mission (first LKO then Mun orbit then landing) while I just went sraight up for a direct lunar impact.
  13. Human Person

    Lowest mass challenge - Solids to the Mun

    Me too. my mission went similar though the margins were a little bit tighter I think more images are in this spoiler: Motors used: 1 Kickback, 3 Thumpers, 1 Flea and 8 Sepratrons Score: 49.903 t Craft file:
  14. Human Person

    Lowest mass challenge - Solids to the Mun

    I'm going to brute force this so hard. No orbital insertions at all: straight up until Mun impact, land and then straight up again to return. The first try missed the Mun but I got to test reentry. Yup, works fine. now I need to actually hit the Mun
  15. Human Person

    Make a wish... and have it horribly corrupted!

    Granted. Your frontal Cortex is removed and given to you, you can put it wherever you want. (This is totally possible btw and will have the desired effect of removing your personality (along with some other unnecessary things like your intellect and creativity)) see I wish for longer weekends.