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  1. Congratulations on beating @Aetharan by quite a bit. I updated the OP and hope everything is correct. I love all of you for keeping the challenge running.
  2. That's sad, but you can still do it, just not in the fastest way. Even if you can't beat the Time record, you have beaten the highest launch mass so far. I have to wait watching the video until I get home from vacation, but hey: If it works it's not ridiculous.
  3. @Laie Nice start of you mission, 37 km/s sonds good. What do you mean by too powerful? There is no too powerful here!
  4. You can toggle angle snap by pressing C or by clicking on the button to theright of the symmetry button.
  5. Of course.
  6. If you check the OP, there's even a link to @marcushouses Goliath-Video, wich motivated me to set the challenge. I even contacted him directly and told him about the challenge. I feel honored that he participated twice! The Burberry - Burbarry error is a fault on my part, but Burberry has been a part of his space program before. He's getting famous? That's great to hear! He clearly hs been a hero for me since I started searching YouTube for KSP stuff.
  7. I suggest to note maneuver delta v or the relative target velocity when doing a Burbarry-flyby. Is that consistent with how you did it, @jonny?
  8. Yes to everything. "Slightly better than Stock" is fine, especially when you play in a scaled system. I plan on using similar engines for my RSS attempt. I'm not familiar with Near Future Propulsion, so don't use totally op things. Ask specifically if you're not sure. You will however be prohibited from certain records, eg. you have to play with stock parts only if you want to beat the cost- or the lowest mass records, but this will hardly be relevant for you.
  9. Reading through the thread again, I found this pretty good. All of these strategies have been realized so far.
  10. I'm waiting for the guy who pushes Burbarrys Capsule home on EVA. It will be even more tedious than Seriously, if you make TWR a bIt lower, you can do the burn overnight or while you're working. @herbal space program: He's right, we did count the Delta v spent by Burbarry on EVA. The delta v record might be the toughest to beat, but a successful SSTB (Singl Stage To Burbarry) Spaceplane will most certainly beat the cost record and get you an award for the first one to do such a thing. Brave. I'd recommend using Tweakscale and/or procedural parts to keep partcount low as you're going to need a huge rocket.
  11. Forget about reentry. Get to 8 km/s and it becomes possible. I'd. Try to do a gravity assist instead and come down on another pass.
  12. Granted, all Tuna is used up in a few days and everybody dies of starvation. I wich for infinite wiches.
  13. It's allowed and it has beed done already.
  14. Yup, it's a slow challenge, but it's very nice to see all of you still going for it. @herbal space program: This was supposed to be a challenge impossible for a single Stage, it was my initial motivation for setting this Challenge. Please prove me wrong! I want to do the Callenge again too and have a crazy idea. TheGamerAlchemist had tried to bring it to RSS and actually made it to Category II Maybe a full RSS rescue is possible. Brute-forcing would take 120 km/s, maybe more.
  15. Really impressive Mission. I can't wait rewatching the stream once I come back from vacation. It is worth mentioning indeed, and a new record to introduce. It will be hard beating @Aetharan on mission time, he used close to 60 km/s if I remember right. Maybe you'll find a better way to do it.