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  1. Interesting stuff found on the internet

    As you can see here, the thread „Dumb Things Found On The Internet“ has been close for good reason. However, I sincerely believe we can do better with this thread and keep everything within the Guidelines instead of annoying the mods with inappropriate posts they have to remove and finally having them close the thread cause it became a lot of work to moderate (please tell me every little mistake I made in this scentense (no sarcasm)). Without further do: here’s something interesting that others might refer to as stupid or maybe even kerbal I found on the internet:
  2. cooling convert-o-tron

    Did you use the rigit or the extendable radiators? Keep in mind, that the rigit panels only cool parts nearby whereas the extendable panels can cool every part of the craft.
  3. Nimbatus - The Space Drone Constructor

    Wow, that’s crazy. I love the idea of destroying everything!
  4. The KSP Caveman Challenge 1.3.x [re-booted]

    Ehm. Hold ... my ... beer? Well anyways: see here how I made it to the first Orbit:
  5. The Mobile Base Challenge

    Why only Laythe? You could also use chemical Propulsion or Stock Propellers to fly around on Duna or Eve. I‘ve always wanted to build a Eve Glider that could fuel up with IRSU, lift off to get as high and fast as possible and then glide to a new location.
  6. Another Relay Question

    Upload them on Imgur and insert the link imgur gives you here.
  7. Rewind Mod

    I heard of a mod that does exactly what @5thHorseman said. It makes quicksaves automatically ever so often. @linuxgurugamer mentioned it in a stream, but I‘m not entirely sure. Could you help, @linuxgurugamer?
  8. Unmanned Missions

    You should be able to regain comms unless your antenna broke during aerobreaking or you forgot to redeploy it. If you want comms at all time, you need Commsats around Duna, but loosing communications while behind the Horizon is usually no big deal. Is the antenna strong enough for duna? What level is your Tracking station? Upgrades enhance the strength of your groundstations signifficantly. A comment around Kerbin will usually not help you with interplanetary missions because your Satelites (unless they have ridiculously many antennas) won’t be as strong as the grounstations, so any probe will connect to the groundstations directly.
  9. Time to LKO? Real time.

    I usually aim for 8-10 Minutes in RSS. You can even go as low as 5 Minutes.
  10. Issues with twin booster rockets

    Make sure to keep the Angle of Attack (wich is the deviation from the prograde vector) as small as possible, especially during the phase of high dynamic pressure and you will be fine.
  11. [1.3.x] Ablative-Airbrake [v0.3.0] (7 october 2017)

    This is so useful!! I need this for my heavy Mars missions.
  12. Navball Markers are glitched

    This happens to me sometimes, when the ship is controlled from something pointing backwards. This can happen e.g. If your the probe you decouple does not contain the root part and your decoupler on it is pointing backwards. Simply right click on your pod/probecore amd click "comtrol from here"
  13. Make a wish... and have it horribly corrupted!

    Granted. Now you have to do my work. I wich I always knew what to do.
  14. I just realised something about Bill and Bob.

    I haven't thought of that. This can't be unheard!
  15. DeltaV calculation

    Ehm, or just use a calculator.