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  1. Nervs of steel

    I didn't say it isn't possible, I said it's redicolous. @Palaceviking yes, it's possible, but your lander will be much heavier than one that uses chemical engines.
  2. Who plays RO knows that cryogenic fuels (especially liquid Hydrogen) boil off pretty fast over time. You can reduce the rate of boiloff by using insulated tanks, but I was told you could also use thermal control systems to actively cool the propellants. How to prevent boiloff efficiently? - wich Tank-type has the best insulation (is balloon cryo as good as cryo?) - does the shape of the tank or the utilization matter? (Are spherical tanks best or does it not matter in the game?) - should I have extra tanks (extra parts) for the liquid Hydrogen? - How many radiators do need to stop boiloff completely (I don't want to use more than I need). Is that even possible? Here's my latest test. Boiloff is very low now, but still not zero. I want this stage to be able to stay fully fueled in orbit for months. 6 Days later, more than half of the Hydrogen is gone, even though 4 of the biggest radiators are constantly pumping.
  3. Nervs of steel

    Well, count me in as one of the guys opposing you in proving your point. Using Nervs for a Tylo lander is redicolous, because Nervs aren't good for high TWR craft, they'r entirely too heavy for that.
  4. who can build the cheapest eve vessel?

    Now we're talking! Love it!
  5. who can build the cheapest eve vessel?

    Concider me interested in another Eve Challenge. I agree with everything @Cpt Kerbalkrunch said. In terms of funding ... 200.000 bucks might be doable, perhaps 100.000? Depends on the specific rules.
  6. Simple Comm Net System Help

    That means you have multiple grounstations all around Kerbin already. If disabled, you only have the Tracking station at KSC to connect to.
  7. Simple Comm Net System Help

    yes. that's a good Idea. The sats around the target planet can communicate with the stock ground stations anyways. the relays around Kerbin should just provide comms for things in Kerbin Orbit, they don't need to be big. Edit: ... except you disabled extra ground stations.
  8. Best Heigh for Resource Scanning

    It's all here:
  9. Roads to Duna: No Moar Boosters (UPDATES!)

    Update on my ITS Mission. The spacecraft was optimized (it's sort of stable on reentry now and can do oxidizer mining on Duna) and I managed to fly and land the Booster. Full album with here: 14% of the booster's fuel was locked and I used only that to boost back and land. Unfortunately, the radiator panels I used as engine shroud blew up on touchdown, but everything else remained intact. Will this still count as reusable? (I could do it again and simply take the radiator panels off, but I'd rather not) Is it ok, If I simply keep the same amount of fuel locked for future launches and just pretend to land it?
  10. Why do they not fair engines nozzles?

    I do this a lot. I found that I have less issues with engines overheating on reentry of SSTO rockets. I'm not sure though, need to do some more testing to confirm.
  11. Who else makes music?

    Yes! We make rock music. Our Website: You can go there and download our EP for free. We had a couple of great gigs lately, it's a lot of fun!
  12. Procedural Greebles

    Hmm, something like this? Sorry, I had to.
  13. Galileio Burnup on Jupiter

    Funny. Supercritical is just a gas-state, it has nothing to do with The Critical Mass. It's the point where the gas phase reaches the same density as the liquid phase and they become indistinguishable. Eg. CO2 goes supercritical at 31 degrees Celsius and 74 bars of pressure.
  14. In addition to What @ARS said, there's TestFlight, wich will cause random engine failures or BARIS, wich can cause failures on almost any part (tank ruptures, wear, etc.). Another thing you can do is using Sigma Dimensions to scale up the Kerbol System. This will increase Delta v requirements and makes (depending on the scaling factor you choose) the game much more challenging. The ultimate challenge would of course be to play in RSS (real solar system) with RO (realism overhaul). Check this out:
  15. Matching Rotation

    Docking Port Alignment Indicator can help you with that. You still have to do it manually.