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  1. Big thanks to @cratercracker for making the artwork above. The challenge sounds very simple: Save Burbarry Kerman, who is stranded in an orbit around the sun. "What kind of Orbit?" you may ask ... Well, it's nothing fancy: An orbit between Kerbin and Eve, nearly circular, at 180 degrees inclination. Just sign this contract and off you go! See here, how he got there: Don't worry, you don't need the Goliath to get into a retrosolar orbit, you can do it the smart way with gravity assists (I highly recommend a boosted Jool-Assist), But ADDING MOAR BOOSTERS will still be required. To be precise, you should add a whole lot of moar boosters. I tried it myself and managed to rendezvous with him (see my attempt below), but I didn't manage to return him Edit: I did and I'm super proud of myself right now. All balanced mods are allowed. Balanced means that engine configs (TWR and ISP) are stockalike as well as the dry mass - wet mass ratios of fuel tanks. If you want to take on the cost-record, you have to do it with stock parts only. Who recovers Burbarry (without turning on "ignore heat" of course) will be showered with everlasting fame and glory and will get an awesome badge! Get the Savefile here: Or: launch a manned (and inoperable) vessel, open the debug menu, go to set orbit and insert this: Now Save and Recover Burbarry! As always, show what you did with pictures, videos, mission report (mission report alone doesn't count). My attempt with a basic tutorial on how to get into a retrosolar orbit the "kind of smart way" will be found in my next post. The scoring system: There are 2 types od awards to win here: Records and non-record prizes. Records can be beaten while the non-record prizes are given to those who come up first with some crazy/innovative/kerbal ideas, so once you have them, you keep them. Badge: Category I "I tried, but something's wrong" - You set up a close approach with Burbarry. Attempting a rendezvous, you discovered the relative velocity is about 20 km/s. @Aetharan, except he knew excactly what he was doing. Category II "Well, it didn't quite work out" - You managed to actually rendezvous with Burbarry, but have no clue on how to get him home. The Gamer Alchemist: He took this to the next level by doing the challenge in RSS. However, he didn't do the second orbit flip and reentered earths atmosphere at over 60 km/s (twice the orbital velocity of earth) and I don't let that count as a recovery. Still, very impressive. "It's starting to get real!" - Award @Laie built a massive LV and shared some interesting and useful tips on how to build even bigger rockets. Heaviest LV (46 kt) Hall of Fame: Category III "I can't believe, I just did this!" - You managed to recover Burbarry safely on Kerbin @Cpt Kerbalkrunch made the 1st entry without using any nuclear- or ion engines. To make this possible, he used Jool-assists to lower his delta-v requirements. The reentry was close to maximum reentry velocities. He gets the Grumpy Cat prize. @ManEatingApe did it the brute-force way. using nuclear- and Ion stages, he was able to keep mission time, launch mass and cost surprisingly low. "Rearview mirrow" prize. @ManEatingApe made a second, completely different entry to take the cost-record. The mission took literally millennia, good thing Pilots don't get payed per working-hour. "Who's Jesus?" prize, Longest mission Time (2.3 millennia) @Aetharan This time-optimized mission took over 50km/s of delta v packed into a 27.5 Mt monstrosity. "Do it as the crow flies" prize* @MarvinKitFox built an ultra light ion spacecraft to get the job done. The mission took over 36 years and didn't involve any complicated gravity assists. @Clancy Did it with a very lightweight and cheap rocket wich still had enough delta v for a brute-force attempt. @jonny went for the lowest delta-v expenature and did quite a lot of gravity assists (around 30). The light and cheap rocket that didn't use any nuclear- or ion witchcraft had to use only a fraction of the delta-v all the other entries took so far. All these advantages came at a prize of a good century of mission time. Lowest delta-v expenditure (5219 m/s from LKO), Black belt in gravity assists @jonny wasn't satisfied with just one record on a single launch, so he decided to break 2 of them (and nearly a 3rd one, the one he set up himself). He did so by using his sick gravity assist skills as above and a combination of a capsule for reentry and a chair on a rocket to deliver Burbarry back to Kerbin. Cost record (15,780), lowest launch mass (39.846 t) @marcushouse completed the mission and made it into a video on his channel. Definitely check that out here! Not only did he only use low-tec parts, he also had a crew-capacity of 3 on his vessel. Lowest Tech Level @marcushouse did it a second time too! Because his second try was a completely new approach and not just am improvement of his first one, he also appears twice on the leaderboard. This time around he chose to do a brute-force-attempt with a lot of nuclear stages and even an ion stage. @linuxgurugamer took his time with a very well planned and executed mission. He burdened himself by using USI Life support, resulting in a very massive ship that required orbital assembly. Total mission time was less than a Kerbin year recordbreakingly low on his 2nd try. Are You Still Alive?, First orbital assembly, Highest crew capacity** (7), Time record (99d 2h 6m 17s) Have Fun and don't be shy to also share your failed attempts. * I'm sure crows would fly like that, If they could fly in space with tens of thousands of m/s of Delta v ** The challenge is about rescuing just 1 Kerbal, but let's just imagine there are more.
  2. Congratulations on beating @Aetharan by quite a bit. I updated the OP and hope everything is correct. I love all of you for keeping the challenge running.
  3. That's sad, but you can still do it, just not in the fastest way. Even if you can't beat the Time record, you have beaten the highest launch mass so far. I have to wait watching the video until I get home from vacation, but hey: If it works it's not ridiculous.
  4. @Laie Nice start of you mission, 37 km/s sonds good. What do you mean by too powerful? There is no too powerful here!
  5. You can toggle angle snap by pressing C or by clicking on the button to theright of the symmetry button.
  6. Of course.
  7. If you check the OP, there's even a link to @marcushouses Goliath-Video, wich motivated me to set the challenge. I even contacted him directly and told him about the challenge. I feel honored that he participated twice! The Burberry - Burbarry error is a fault on my part, but Burberry has been a part of his space program before. He's getting famous? That's great to hear! He clearly hs been a hero for me since I started searching YouTube for KSP stuff.
  8. I suggest to note maneuver delta v or the relative target velocity when doing a Burbarry-flyby. Is that consistent with how you did it, @jonny?
  9. Yes to everything. "Slightly better than Stock" is fine, especially when you play in a scaled system. I plan on using similar engines for my RSS attempt. I'm not familiar with Near Future Propulsion, so don't use totally op things. Ask specifically if you're not sure. You will however be prohibited from certain records, eg. you have to play with stock parts only if you want to beat the cost- or the lowest mass records, but this will hardly be relevant for you.
  10. Reading through the thread again, I found this pretty good. All of these strategies have been realized so far.
  11. I'm waiting for the guy who pushes Burbarrys Capsule home on EVA. It will be even more tedious than Seriously, if you make TWR a bIt lower, you can do the burn overnight or while you're working. @herbal space program: He's right, we did count the Delta v spent by Burbarry on EVA. The delta v record might be the toughest to beat, but a successful SSTB (Singl Stage To Burbarry) Spaceplane will most certainly beat the cost record and get you an award for the first one to do such a thing. Brave. I'd recommend using Tweakscale and/or procedural parts to keep partcount low as you're going to need a huge rocket.
  12. Forget about reentry. Get to 8 km/s and it becomes possible. I'd. Try to do a gravity assist instead and come down on another pass.
  13. Granted, all Tuna is used up in a few days and everybody dies of starvation. I wich for infinite wiches.
  14. It's allowed and it has beed done already.
  15. Yup, it's a slow challenge, but it's very nice to see all of you still going for it. @herbal space program: This was supposed to be a challenge impossible for a single Stage, it was my initial motivation for setting this Challenge. Please prove me wrong! I want to do the Callenge again too and have a crazy idea. TheGamerAlchemist had tried to bring it to RSS and actually made it to Category II Maybe a full RSS rescue is possible. Brute-forcing would take 120 km/s, maybe more.
  16. Really impressive Mission. I can't wait rewatching the stream once I come back from vacation. It is worth mentioning indeed, and a new record to introduce. It will be hard beating @Aetharan on mission time, he used close to 60 km/s if I remember right. Maybe you'll find a better way to do it.
  17. Can I use Robotic parts on the ground vehicles? I'd like to use a crane to place the next payload onto the rocket.
  18. They get a hell lot of funds to develop weapon systems. I wich earth wasn't overpopulated.
  19. That's true only if you land on the runway. The further away you are from KSC, the greater is the recovery penalty. You can see the exact recovery value in the window that pops up after you recovered the vessel. In my case, it was pretty close to KSC and 96,9% Simply subtract that from the overall cost in the VAB/SPH and you have an exact and unarguable number.
  20. Thrust limiting doesn't work in RO and you have to search for engines capable of throttling. I think I'll look for the real configs of SpaceX Engines and try to replicate the real rockets as close as possible. Not in the next two weeks though, I'll be on vacation.
  21. Well, I just started out with RSS/RO. Let's see what I can do, probably not the recovery missions.
  22. Danny destroyed by a fleet of bug-trackers.
  23. I consider myself pretty good at designing and flying rockets. I can fly efficient trajectories to orbit (in the stock game and in RSS). I'm good at docking, transfer maneuvers and gravity assists (although I rarely do the later). I'm the kind of guy that goes to Eve for Tee. On the other Hand: I've yet to figure out how planes work. I've build one or two planes that flew relatively well but I can't repeat that result, I just got lucky with my wing placement. This is no Joke: A friend of mine who just bought KSP build his very first plane and it flies better than any of my designs.
  24. Rocket McRocketface: Basically a passenger Airplane, but without wings and it's a rocket. It broke into pieces during reentry, but all 112 imaginary passengers survived the 36 m/s crash near the space center. Hands on: I used Mechjeb, but just for information. I also used Trajectories. Cost: 310.200 - 223.738 = 86.462 (Recovery could be much better if reentry had worked) Score=((-86.462/112)*(100-3)*(100-0))/100.000 = -74,88
  25. On the Moon, not the Mun.