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  1. Yeah it is a really solid cpu. I just meant that his/her older processor might preform better in KSP thanks to its higher IPC. I have an r5 1600 and it is a beast in most multithreaded tasks. And as you pointed out, it definitely isn’t slow!
  2. If your main concern is KSP then the ryzen 5 1600 might be a bit of a downgrade. Your current i5 has a single core score of 2114 while the ryzen 5 1600 has a “low” score of 1828. But you can oc it but ryzen isn’t a very strong overclocker... But if you have many multithreaded workloads a ryzen 5 will do you good. But KSP is quite singlethreaded. But don’t get me wrong, ryzen is not a bad processor, I have one and it runs really nice. And if you are running an hdd a SSD will be an good upgrade! good luck
  3. Now when our new computers are running nicely we have gotten an issue, the router (way to old airport time capsule, around 2010) and the extender is struggling to provide Wi-Fi to the house and with the extender losing connection with most devices temporarily (it is quite strange). So now I am tasked to find a good router for our house. Our house is from from 1925 sweden so the walls are fairly thick and each floor is 128 square meters and there are three floors that need internet internet connection. So my mom went to the local store and they recommended the tp link deco m5 three pack for us. But I am not sure if it really is the best option since I have read online that the transfer speeds are mediocre when the data goes through one of the other nodes. So, do you recommend the deco m5 or any other router kit.
  4. Maybe a fresh install of KSP would do the trick? Just backup the game fils first...
  5. Just dont forget to apply thermal compound between the cpu and heatsink, unless it comes pre applied.
  6. I agree, I dont think the cpu would play KSP with ease, I played on an old mobile i5 and it has (apparently) slightly better per core performance and it still had issues.
  7. What chipset do you have? Z, B or H. Only the “Z” chipset is overclockable...