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  1. Every time I restart this game, the UI goes back to the 120% size it was set to initially before I got resolution set up. The problem is, it keeps the size slider in the same spot. I'm at 80% ui scale and the ui is so big it's taking up almost my whole screen. Is there any way to fix this?
  2. I mean, take 2 said they want microtransactions in all their IP's, so...
  3. 1: Hope there are no microtransactions like t2 wants to do in all their games 2: hope there's at least a slight discount for veteran players, just to throw a small bone to the veterans
  4. With that tonnage I might as well just make a huge ball of played with an engine and a few essentials inside. I think his tournament is being put on by someone who has no understanding of how this works.
  5. Okay no those rules aren’t going to fly. 800000 tons is still way too much. Also no limit on the number of ships is completely absurd.
  6. yeah that seems a tad absurd. I could put so many of my indestructible 50 ton snake looking things and just sit there and wait.
  7. I’m mainly complaining about the surface features being dlc only
  8. Smash ultimate, assassins creed odyssey, call of duty, destiny 2 (which had dlc issues but that’s besides the point), Diablo 3, dishonored 2, the division, dota 2, Elder scrolls online, final fantasy 15, Minecraft, etc. it’s not uncommon to get free updates. And again, there’s a difference between adding content and changing existing features. You guys keep ignoring that point.
  9. @klgraham1013 don’t get me wrong I’m fine with dlc I just don’t like when they overhaul and change features then sell it as dlc so that the game with dlc operates pretty differently when compared to the normal game. Also I’m not wrong with the free updates. Saying it’s a sad sad world doesn’t make it any less true.
  10. For the people saying this is just an expansion, that’s wrong. This is more than an expansion. It’s changing multiple features in the base game. Having more science and parts and things to do on the surface is one thing. Adding inventories and overhauling surface features entirely is a completely different problem. They’re changing base features. Dlc is new content, not editing existing gameplay. It’s like a game has a story but then releases dlc that has some new story elements, but also edits all of the existing story, as well as changing every map in the game to be better. That’s absurd. Al
  11. There's a difference between adding gameplay mechanics and completely changing existing ones. The latter is closer to this expansion in many way. If it was new mechanics, it wouldn't be so bad to have that in dlc. But the change in terrain, kerbal inventory, etc just seems like a bit too much.
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