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  1. Goat

  2. Starter KSC-Island Challenge

    Please see above in reference to the monorail. It would just be a rail guided plane, not a rover. I am very picky about what people call things.
  3. Starter KSC-Island Challenge

    Actually there are no wheels so it wouldn’t be a rover. It would be a rocket propelled sledge held up by a monorail.
  4. Starter KSC-Island Challenge

    Would it be out of the question to build a very cheap monorail? Not that I could do it. I don’t have the building extender thing.
  5. Starter KSC-Island Challenge

    What? That’s crazy talk. You need to add a fuel tank too. Then it’s a plane. Also modular grid segments aren’t strong enough to act as skis. Also they are way to bulky.
  6. Starter KSC-Island Challenge

    Wait.... you don’t start out with any controllable wings or sas modules without upgrading tech... The only way I can think of to make liftoff and landing horizontal would be to use girders as skis, but those aren’t starting tech either.
  7. Science Bombing

    It’s not. You have to do some file editing or use a mod
  8. Science Bombing

    Just increase the physics range
  9. DarkMultiPlayer [KSP 1.3.1] [Alpha]

    I actually can’t get it to work. It when I click add the button changes shape but nothing else happens
  10. KSP Weekly: Deep Inside a Comet

    I’m pretty sure that they meant launch sites as in where the mission has the craft, not actual new launch sites, though I think that might be intended as well.
  11. Yay! Also yeah I loved those ski-speeders. *pushes on gas* *section of floor falls out* ”What the..?”
  12. TOO MANY WINGS!!!!

    Ummm? Do you mean the most physical wings or just the most wing parts?
  13. You Know You're A Nerd When:

    You read fact books while simultaneously hacking a website and playing KSP.
  14. Don't Click This

    Nah. Well just do a orbital strike. Much more precise.
  15. Goat

    Hmmmm.... I smell a dictatorship. I should know, as my goat army is about to conquer North Korea to start one. Also answer the question.