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  1. ShadowGoat Corporate Crafts

    I'm just pasting the link, maybe I'm forgetting something, because pasting the link used to work.
  2. ShadowGoat Corporate Crafts

    Also do you know how to fix the issue with the imgur embed?
  3. ShadowGoat Corporate Crafts

    Hey... the void wasn’t that bad of a craft. Also I made a VTOL version of the Dark Arrow and it works surprisingly well!
  4. Welcome to the ShadowGoat Corporate Showroom, where ships of all make and model are displayed! This page will regularly be updated with my newest craft, and will have download links by request, as right now it's not worth the trouble of setting up a kerbalX for something that no one is going to see. Aircraft: Dark Arrow: A reliable little plane. It has afterburners and is quite maneuverable. I'm not sure of it's exact top speed, but it's somewhere around 1000 m/s. It's high lift area means that it can gain altitude while flying level to the horizon at speeds around 500 m/s. It also has a very small area needed for take off, as it's capable of taking off at 40 m/s, which is nothing for 4 panther jets. It can hit speeds of over 215 m/s by the end of the runway while in the air. It also comes in a VTOL variant. Very precise control, but goes up very slowly. It allows for instant take off if you engage both sets of engines and don't want to wait for the engines to warm up. It doesn't sacrifice any speed or maneuverability, so it's a better alternative than it's cousin. SSTOs: Coming as soon as I get a working design. SpaceCraft: Give me a while to look through my files and get images Military Craft: I have a ton of these. Let me get my stuff in order and this will probably be the next thing to show up here. Also I'm having trouble with embeding images so if anyone could help that would be great. It doesnt do it autopmatically anymore.
  5. I'll build a portable refueling rock. By which I mean I'll grab a magic asteroid and attach a mining section to it and then attach it to the ship.
  6. Kommunity Space Station 1.3.1

    Would I be allowed to grab and asteroid with a mining section and then use it as a portable fuel canister? And attach it to the space station?
  7. Mk. 3 Vehicle DropPod Challenge

    Well you win all 3 category's for the time being encase doctordavinci didn't provide those stats
  8. Mk. 3 Vehicle DropPod Challenge

    LMAO! Part count? Cost? I think you usurped the current first in coolness factor. I would put my self first because I used stock hinges but that would be cheap. TITANFALL! Also this is from a different universe but Seid ihr das Essen? NEIN, WIR SIND DIE YAEGER!
  9. Mk. 3 Vehicle DropPod Challenge

    Btw I gave you your thousandth like
  10. Mk. 3 Vehicle DropPod Challenge

    knowing you it’s probably something crazy so I will be eagerly awaiting seeing what you have made
  11. Project BABYLON: REBOOT!

    Crud i can just redo the mission
  12. Kommunity Space Station 1.3.1

    Hmmm... I would be interested
  13. Project BABYLON: REBOOT!

    Maybe? I think google didn’t copy it but took the actual file. What do you mean it doesn’t work as a save?
  14. Mk. 3 Vehicle DropPod Challenge

    Yay. I would love to see what you come up with miffed.