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  1. ShadowGoat

    Naval Battle League 2016-2018

    Maybe. I lost my main battleship file somehow though.
  2. ShadowGoat

    KSP Weekly: Project Daedalus

    Maybe a small fee to transfer, to keep valve happy?
  3. ShadowGoat

    KSP Weekly: Project Daedalus

    I bought the game just afte the transfer date, and I’m fairly ticked off that they’re finally focusing on the content for steam, that I have literally no use for. At least give us a transfer window without having to have bought it before a certain date.
  4. ShadowGoat

    KSP Weekly: A Decade of Fermi

    I still disagree with the fact that you can’t do a steam transfer from any purchase, considering the fact that I still bought it before the Steam purchase was available but can’t transfer it.
  5. ShadowGoat

    StarMods: Orbital Decay!

    Seems like the next stage in realism! Too bad it’s not included from the start...
  6. ShadowGoat

    KSP Weekly: Curious about Mars

    What is this mass exodus you speak of? I haven’t been on the forums long enough to know about it.
  7. they’re more balanced and fun to make. Plus there’s actually a way to improve the weapons yourself. BDA weapons take no skill. Also if anything the BDA weapons look out of place and ugly in this game. If your stock weapons look ugly, that’s your fault.
  8. NOOO DONT GO OVER TO THE BDA SIDE STAY IN THE STOCK WEAPONS SIDE. Yet another craft done right! I really like how that one looks. I can imagine what a pain that thing must have been to even get in the air, let alone fly well! Let me see if I can find any other craft for you to make when you have time...
  9. ShadowGoat

    Jett Quasar's Star Wars Replicas

    Alright! Real life comes first, comrade skunk!
  10. ShadowGoat

    Jett Quasar's Star Wars Replicas

    Hahahahaha nice! GoaTwerks! That’s a good combination! Btw any word from SkunkTwerks? He also seems to have taken a hiatus.
  11. ShadowGoat

    KSP Weekly: A Martian Helicopter

    I don’t even have the expansion, but I can say that it would tick me off if the stats/models were messed up in a pack that’s meant to be realistic, because it messes up any replicas using those parts. Either they over/under perform or they have the wrong engine models.
  12. ShadowGoat

    Large Scale Stock Jet-Fighter

    I can relate to that very well.
  13. ShadowGoat

    Large Scale Stock Jet-Fighter

    Woah. Why would you make something that huge?
  14. ShadowGoat

    8 part aircraft

    Yeah... that last one has no fuel...