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  1. Ok .. but now, when updated to the latest version in github, i see these when loading a ship: WRN 13:55:48.597] [SystemHeat][Settings] not found, using default coolant [LOG 13:55:48.622] Packing Ninsun for orbit [LOG 13:55:48.839] Unpacking Ninsun ... then repeats I suspect that this constant packing and unpacking of a loaded ship is creating a gameplay issue---- ship is generally unresponsive to interaction (it's not that large .. less than 150 parts)
  2. The. log is inundated with messages as shown below for most the ships in the game... is this normal and does it cause a gameplay slowdown? [LOG 17:35:14.348] [SystemHeat][SystemHeatVessel]: Resetting Simulation for MK-88 Probe (unloaded) [LOG 17:35:14.348] [SystemHeat][SystemHeatSimulator]: Building heat loops from 0 ModuleSystemHeat modules [LOG 17:35:14.348] [SystemHeat][SystemHeatVessel]: Refreshing VesselData from Vessel event [LOG 17:35:14.348] [SystemHeat][SystemHeatVessel]: Resetting Simulation for SW4 Ship (unloaded) [LOG 17:35:14.348] [SystemHeat][SystemHeatS
  3. @EnderKid2 you have ided the issue accurately. It is the second engine there. The take away is that the template-nfp-ion-gridded-xenon-1.cfg is called inside NearFuturePropulsionWaterfallXenon.cfg which sets properties of each of the engine that uses that template. Thanks again.
  4. thanks -- still confused so let me give you a specific example that will help me. understand ... The specific engine is one of yours in NearFuturePropulsion which has it's own WaterFall folder in Patches:NearFuturePropulsion/Patches/Waterfall/template-nfp-ion-gridded-xenon-1.cfg When the ship is loaded, the waterfall editor gives me values for the offsets shown in the inlined image below under templates. I want to edit those for the scale but I can't match them to anything in the template file above. What I see, are the values shown below (just an excerpt) -- which. don't match the value
  5. Can I just modify the provided templates in the waterfall folder instead of creating new ones for each engine part? The only change I want is for Scale X in some engines ... I am not sure how to go about doing that...
  6. with those changes, both will show up (under the same name) or only the older one?
  7. What's the story with. the kerbstein engines? How long will the older versions (using UDD) will be supported (so games don't crash). I see Kerbstein and Kerbstein1 in the folder but only one (the newest one) shows up in the VAB. If I want the older style to show up in the VAB what do I do? (remove kerbstein1 folder?). Anyway to have both variants show up? (sorry too many questions) edit: feedback it was appealing having a single resource on the ship from where one can manufacture UDD (LqD). Now for fusion pellets you got to manufacture them elsewhere - with the need for an added supply o
  8. to me it looks like the same bug prevents Actinides to be "transferred" between a reactor to a container, besides just between the reprocessor and the container. same bug may be preventing EnUr to be transferred to the reactor slot from a container. If all are connected, yeah, reprocessing the actinides will refill those EnUr slots everywhere it can. For a game play, one needs to be able to either remove actinides to be transfered to another facility or transfer EnUr from a facility to ship/station etc... otherwise all must colocated on the same vessel for this to work
  9. update: i did a version upgrade to the latest KSPIE, and now I get the resource priority slide. And I can perform maintenance to refill a reactor. I still don't know how to move the resource between their storage containers.
  10. I edited the stack pump (oceanicextractor.cfg) to. get water instead of ore... but it can't. find water even though in the ocean. Ideas? // MODULE // { // name = ModuleResourceHarvester // HarvesterType = 1 // Efficiency = 4 // ResourceName = Ore // ConverterName = #LOC_SMX_OE // StartActionName = #LOC_SMX_StartOE // StopActionName = #LOC_SMX_StopOE // ToggleActionName = #LOC_SMX_ToggleOE // INPUT_RESOURCE // { // ResourceName = ElectricCharge // Ratio = 6 // } //
  11. @FreeThinker see below--- umm. - perhaps not to a reactor... i'll. wait for your comment
  12. 2 requests/comments: 1. Should you need radiators if you have wasteheat producing components under/on water.... Perhaps think of a heat sink part with convection. 2. I don't understand the ocean extraction process. And it is very frustrating cause there are virtually no other parts in other mods that can consistently support this ( that I am aware of, unless you deal with with some non-canonical chemistry, e.g. graywater in Angel-125 mods). First, i would expect that the process would store Lq water, the canonical water resource in KSPIE. Not a big deal, one can convert it. But se
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