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  1. apologies if this is addressed already somewhere here --- my question is this: will smelting run if i don't have CO2/CO//water tanks?
  2. just to be sure --- that haze that i see around moho is supposedly due to ablation caused by kerbol's proximity?
  3. indeed e935ca64 - Gotmachine - 2019-10-31 DMagic Orbital Science support rewrite. Restored some experiments to their vanilla module and behavior : ASERT (asteroid experiment with some specific gameplay requirements) Anomalous Signal Sensor (special feature : find anomalies) ExoKerbol Core Drill (surface sample) Surface Ablation Laser Light Imager (surface + asteroid data) Seismic Sensor Pod / Impact Hammer (surface experiment with specific features) XRD Surface Analyzer (surface + asteroid data)
  4. That's a good one - I'll look into it: ---> from the its cfg file: customFailMessage = This instrument is only suitable for surface based observations. so planetary space requirement makes it unusable... thanks for looking into it
  5. DMagic's XRD Surface Analyzer has a requirement for "Planetary Space" instead of "Surface" under Kerbalism? Let me rephrase -- is it Kerbalism's doing
  6. A question: Is there any coordination - development wise --- with Kerbalism? I am asking cause when both mods are installed and Kerbalism controls the science then there are issues. For example: The XRD Surface Analyzer. Kerbalism assigns a requirement for Planetary Space ( not surface)... Which makes it useless. Also I am missing the seismic pods in your latest release. I will reinstall it just to be sure, but I only see the hammer --- thanks
  7. I wouldn't call it wise, but I understand it would be helpful. I'll see what I can do.
  8. the latest standalone release for 1.7.3 breaks the game. It fails to load with unexpected error. This happens with the base game with just adding this mod downloaded from spacedock. However, when downloading MKS which has this mod bundled then it works. Just passing this along.
  9. the additional complexity is that you have to provision a tank for it in addition to regular water.
  10. I am sure this is asked before--- but the usage of 'liquid' water instead of water --- adds some unnecessary complexity...
  11. No planet pack... Kopernicus has not released an update yet for 1.7.2 i don't understand how autocircularize can address this... you had ID the problem in the develocitize method in a previous release and fixed it... I am wondering if the fix is in place here (in the source code)