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  1. Are there any radiators? any pics?
  2. I understand it makes sense in terms of balancing the game when both KSPI and NFT are used and I agree it provides consistency. Still it would make also sense that users can exercise some control especially if mods are added to existing games. The impact in my case was the stock dawn engine on ships on missions that all of a sudden they need megajoules to operate.
  3. In the patches folder, there is a config file NFTEnginesFix.cfg that gives - from what i can tell - megajoule 'fuel' dependency to the NFT propulsion engines. I want to keep the fuel requirements for those engines as intended by the developers. Removing that config file doesn't have any effect. If I were to include the NFTpropulsion module, electric engines including the Dawn ion engine get a megajoule requirement. Am I reading this right? I have asked the NFT developers long time ago as to why the dawn engine all of a sudden gets a megajoule requirement and I was told that this done by KSPI... ps: Still on the 1.2.2 with 1.14 backport
  4. I don't suppose you could backport the NF Launch vehicles mod to 1.2.2?
  5. Moded Game ver. 1.2.2. When I launch the Mk3 shuttle cockpit, the game does not revert at launch - it hangs getting stuck at loading back the VAB. Subsequent reverts on other ships don't work from that point on. Typically at that point, I would need to remove *all* the saved ships from the game, not just the one with the Mk3 shuttle cockpit and restart which will restore functionality until i try to launch the shuttle cockpit again. I don't have any ships a few bytes in size lying around - a cause identified on other threads. The log stops spitting lines with no error so I can't trace it. With no error in the log... I am in the dark here. I guess to justify posting... I need to ask a question... Anyone experienced this? A more technical question I guess will be ... what could go wrong in the sequence of loading back the VAB/SPH during a revert. thanks...
  6. The singularity reactor animation (the blue ribbons) are not blue anymore (just dark) for versions 13 & 14 (1.2.2). Anyone has any theories what can cause this?
  7. Thank you. It works.
  8. Hi, This is perhaps already addressed but still compelled to ask. I upgraded yesterday to the latest backported to 1.2.2 version and the RCS Arcjets no longer use as propellants the fuels stored in the tank. For example, ships equipped with the Arcject RCS tank and used LgAmmonia propellant - included in the tank - now require Ammonia Gas. I understand that using the gas phase makes more sense if that's the intend. But updating this very critical mod for an existing game creates more problems than solves. Can anyone help with this issue? The cfgs have no difference with the previous version I was using (1.13) so I don't know how to reset this to what I need. Thanks
  9. Tempting to install it in an existing game but does anyone know if this gas giant so close to Kerbin will perturb probe/ships trajectories between Eve and Kerbin?
  10. Daphne reports 1% Ore planet wide. Is this intentional? I can think of a physical reason why that's the case, but I am just wondering. In any case, is there a way on the user end to modify resource values?
  11. Q: If possible do you migrate games (missions) when (if) you update KSP versions or do you start whole new ones?
  12. Even though the Max number of persistent debris is non zero (150), debris don't stick around (yes they are in space). Once i move to another ship or go to the tracking station created debris disappear from tracking (counter is reset to 0). Happened recently as I deleted a bunch of files (old saves and ships) from the saves folder (just conjecture at this point not sure if this is related). I guess the question is how can one mess this up... thanks --
  13. same.. Moving to 1.2.2 took about a month. For 1.3 i have a separate game with interstellar... So far... this update has nothing noticeable in my opinion
  14. I only survived the 1.1.x to 1.2.x Not enough data to ascertain par(ness)