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  1. I had Markiplier on autoplay while I was doing something else. All I heard was Space Program and I stopped doing everything else. I unfortunately didn't get it till a year or so later, bit its one of the only games I routinely come back to every week or so.
  2. This is based on a number of things. As Boris-Barboris mentioned, part of it is based on where the code is triggered from. Another part of it is the engine itself. If its a Jet Engine, then yes, there is a delay from throttle to actual thrust. As far as I have seen, there is also a small delay for Liquid fuel engines, as hitting Z doesn't immediately go to full throttle, it rapidly increases throttle till max. The same is true for hitting X, it doesn't *immediately* kill throttle, it takes a couple of frames to do so.
  3. [snip] I took what you said, and responded with the facts that I have. I'm not assuming anything. You didn't provide your *actual* test case (i.e did you match the OPs design? You couldn't have with *every* size of fairing.), just that you tested them since that's the only information you provided. The fact is, you CAN NOT prove that the OP is running mods with just the information you provided. That's the facts whether you like that statement or not. Please provide screen caps of your build so we can see what kind of Soyuz ship and how exactly you replicated it. This will help to determine if your problem is the known bug, or if its because of how your ship is designed, or something else. Also, why does it have to have a permanently opened antenna? Is it a looks thing, or are your transmitting while flying? There may be a better part for the job.
  4. I achieve this without heat shields. Mainly with the Crew Cabin as I usually forget about the Science Jrs until I start trying to make space stations. I do this by having enough fuel in my last stage to slow down in the upper atmosphere. Sometimes, when I can't do that, I just enter way more shallow than you would normally. I.E. Instead of aiming for around 30k periapsis on reentry, I aim for 65k. I also circularize before reentry around 120k (or larger, but try to get it under 300k, as you can reenter space at those speeds even as low as 50k) so that I don't bounce in and out of space too much. This lets me bleed off speed before the atmosphere thickens, often *just* enough to prevent an explosion.
  5. This wouldn't be "how Unity handles the fairings" since Unity does not come with a prebuilt script for fairings (or space craft parts in general). This would be how Squad implemented the fairings inside of Unity. It is highly probable that they made them turn into non-collidible objects once staged/jettisoned and eventually despawn to prevent the inevitable garbage problem a million orbiting pieces of fairing would cause. That is an incorrect assessment and you likely just didn't repeat the size/testing environment OP has. You can not assume someone is modded just because you're not and you "tested fairings" in an unknown setup and they "just worked." This is a well known issue, to the point where at one time, I had just quit using fairings all together because they were pointless. Now its not as bad, but it does happen, especially with larger payloads - for me, it takes about 3 segments before it starts ignoring the fairing.
  6. Never changed my scale from 100%. Will try adjusting it and see if that fixes. Edit: Changing the scale did nothing, but specifically clicking "Reset FlightUI scaling" fixed it. Thanks. Edit2: The *NavBall* scaling has to be >= 95% to draw the Altimeter correctly now. When you said scaling, I assumed general UI scaling or Altimeter scaling, which were both at 100%. I had my navball at 90%. At 94% only the first 4 zeros draw on the altimeter.
  7. Did you guys do something to the altimeter? Mine is blank after installing the update. I also noticed that parachutes will not be safe >275m/s when they used to turn safe around 400m/s. Did not notice these changes in the patch notes.
  8. Guys, stop feeding it. To the OP: If this is not a troll, as it appears to be, I suggest that you please go back and edit your post and stop accusing people of a very serious crime (fraud) as your first conclusion to a sequel for KSP. It is my understanding that 1) Squad isn't even working on it, and 2) KSP 1 will still be supported by Squad for the foreseeable future. I would also add an apology to your post. It is a crime (at least here in the United States) to falsely accuse someone of a crime. If TakeTwo or Squad were so inclined they could sue you for, among other things, libel.
  9. I am a hobbyist game developer. I used to use Unity and quit because of the change of licensing. I now use Game Maker: Studio 1.4.x for prototyping, and am using the SFML Library to better learn C++ so I can start the real development. Unity is no where near the end all be all for anything. There's Unreal Engine which is more free than Unity is now, Godot which is like the old Unity and GM:S had a kid and is released under a license that makes it literally free to make games with, and others. Using Unity is pretty much like combining a very basic 3d Modeling software with GM: S. It gives you just enough, but there are underlying bugs you can't fix because they are part of the environment. Unlike other engines, like Unreal, you can't get the source code to Unity to fix problems. One of the most major issues with Kerbal space program is the way Unity handles memory and garbage collection. Another of the most major issues is that Unity is not optimized to handle a ton of models at once, which is one part of why you get problems when you have over so many parts - every part is a separate model (another part is that physics are being calculated on all the parts attached to a ship every time, instead of only parts that could actually be effected - at least it seems that way). This specific problem can be worked around with various tricks, such as only calculating physics on the ship as a whole or in larger parts (i.e. lift calculations take into account wing surface vs not wing surface instead of each individual part) but there are limits to what you can account for and how. Also, in physics calculations required for something like KSP, its not as simple as it would be for something like Mario, where you're only checking to see if the player collides with certain objects and changing things based on that. Because of that, certain calculations would have to be applied more than others. This post is in no way indicative of how KSP is actually designed, just my thought process when I see certain things (other than mentioning the well documented problems with Unity), I do not have the source code to KSP, although I would love to take a look at it. I also do not think I know more than Squad about programming or game development, they've come a heck of a lot further than I ever have. I am merely trying to draw attention to some of the statements regarding Unity. As an aside, now that KSP 2 has been announced, I REALLY hope they got away from Unity with it and used something closer to making their own engine/toolchain for it.
  10. It is not this contract. It is a lot of contracts (I have had 3 temperature surveys, 2 barometer surveys, the orbit and return from The Mun, and an EVA survey all trigger this, and that is JUST this play through). From what I can see from save file editing, KSP is setting their enabled flag to false, but never setting the state to completed (their being the objectives). The work around I was using before was to edit the save file, but I have found an in-game tool that is MUCH easier. Hold Alt and press f12 and you will bring up a debug tool set. Open the contracts drop down and click on active. This should be listing your offending contract, as well as all the others you currently have. Click complete and it will immediately update it. Continue on with your career trying to ignore the power you have just discovered. I personally limit myself to only even opening this menu for this specific purpose after I have triple checked I am doing the contract correctly. A way to confirm that this is the problem you are experiencing is to click on your currency tab before you do the objective, this will lock it in place. Do the objective. If your money, rep, and science changes, check your contract log. If that objective is not green, you have an offender. If you're not even getting the rewards, then: 1) You have a different bug or 2) (hopefully most likely) You are not correctly fulfilling the objective. I did not get these problems until 1.4.x, and I've been playing since 2014 or 2015, but I have seen threads for the exact same problem from all the way back in 2012. I hope it gets fixed because I hate being forced to cheat or edit save files, to progress my contracts. I have also confirmed none of my mods are causing the problem, it happens in base KSP or KSP with Unmanned before manned, KER, MechJeb2, kOS, Janitor's Closet, EVE, OneWindow, Achievements, Contracts +, CapCom and some life support mod I can't rightly remember the name of right this second. I noticed the same kinds of contracts where triggering the problem, but it was different instances (I.E. 1 time I had 4 temperature objects all next to KSC that wouldn't complete modded, but in base it would complete then another one out in the ocean wouldn't). Hopefully this info is helpful in finding the reason (I have a good idea what is causing it but I would need the game's source to test my theory, so I'll leave that to Squad), and helpful to others so they don't have to dig through the save file, and go through the pain of getting it to take without wiping all your contracts out (happened to me 3 times! before I over wrote my save, I had 20 tourists without a contract for them)
  11. I am running this game on an ASUS g51vx-rx05 from 2009. I just made a 50 part sr71 mockup that drops me to about 24 fps. I normally can run this game between 40-60 fps. When I start dropping frames, I check my task manager which is running on a second monitor, and it is always my ram getting choked up that is causing the problem, because I didn't know until today that I could upgrade from 4gb to 8gb. Ram getting full will cause your cpu AND (in most modern OS's) disk usage to increase dramatically, because you operating system starts swapping things from Ram to page file (swap file in linux) which is hard drive space that the OS uses as ram. For those too lazy to google, I have a Core 2 Duo running at 2GHz, and an nvidia Geforce GTX 260M. I can overclock my cpu to about 2.2ghz and I have overclocked my GPU in the past, but I'm currently running everything at stock clocks. If I can run this game at these speeds, running dual monitors, and you have something newer that is slowing down, you seriously need to check your settings or something.