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  1. What you're looking for is GPP Secondary. Not sure how it works with the other two packs but there's more info in the github.
  2. Very exciting. Can't wait for boots on the ground of Brovo. There's some interesting stuff there, that's for sure.
  3. That's an issue that's been around for quite a while; I think it's with Kopernicus. You get used to it
  4. Thank goodness this is back! Making me itching to boot KSP up again... The new minecraft snapshots are kinda occupying my gaming time right now though lol I forgot I had written the ocean definitions too... the real pirate treasure was the friends we made along the way What are you planning for the Sirona windows?
  5. Hox was completely revamped at some point but visual mods may help with the atmosphere effects
  6. I imagine the best way to implement this would be something like the Tylo cave.
  7. On page 8 of this thread I gave a rough overview of how I tackled those, with a couple pictures. Power generation wasn't a huge part of things, but when I did surface or asteroid mining I always just used a couple nuclear power generators. For the landers I went around the issue by using alternator engines.
  8. Very exciting playthough and documentation! Are you playing with engines that are more efficient than stock? I honestly don't know; they seem really neat but I've never tried part mods. If they're not too OP I can't help thinking about what Taranis holds for you... I didn't write those surface sample science definitions for nobody to read them! I'm happy you picked this up again. Let's go Sirona!
  9. Something very strange is going on with Nodens... take a look at the periapsis value. Basically, Nodens is small. In map, tracking station, even flight above around 80km. The proper surface slowly fades into existence around 80km and the mini-Nodens is gone past 30km. Needless to say, it's incredibly frustrating. I'm putting a video together on this grand colony mission so I have footage of what exactly happens when vessels hit ghost Nodens (very, very unnerving) if anyone is interested. The video's production may end here unless I can get Nodens to stop being tiny; it's been doing this
  10. If I have both GPP and GEP, will I need to add both this and the one on the GEP thread?
  11. I'm surprised that the large high plateau groups on both of Catullus's poles remain polar with the intermediate axis theorem at work. Eventually the moon would spin 90 degrees such that they'd both end up at the equator, but I'm not sure how Gauss and Tarsiss would come into play. Interesting to think about
  12. Thanks! I'll try the patch tomorrow but my Gauss grand tour is over and I don't think I'll be putting boots on Tarsiss again soon- still, from a development perspective, I'll sandbox it and see how it looks. I almost wonder if using Eve's ocean textures would look good as it's a light purple which is much closer to the desired light blue than the dark blue...
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