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  1. If there's a better place to ask this please direct me there. Now, to the root of my question- I'm looking for asteroid moonlets around Neidon. This is kind of important because I accepted contracts to bring D and E asteroids into orbit there and I reasoned I could be clever and find them already orbiting the planet before sending a little probe to dock with them. I assumed they would be there because every other gas giant has asteroid moonlets that show up in the tracking station. I was really counting on this behavior! Things I think are important- I have a probe around Neidon and I do not have CustomAsteroids installed, but that doesn't seem to matter because other gas gaints have moonlets for god's sake. I actually do see unknown objects pop up from time to time but they appear directly over my probe's icon and vanish instantly. This might be a bug. What would you advise?
  2. Update: ResearchBodies is glitchy, doesn't work well with Whirligig, and the contracts are bugged. Can't launch or get to "space". Not sure what to do... I plan on deleting the thread I made but some advice would go a long way. Thanks! Edit: I realize now that I've been spamming, so I'll keep this short. I know there's a lot to do but I was wondering if there was a fix anywhere for the bugged contracts "Lauch our first vessel" and "Escape the atmosphere". It's a bit annoying for career and I'm not sure what to do.
  3. Update: Something's not right here and I don't know what. ResearchBodies has been behaving badly with Whirligig, and as such I've decided to take it off entirely. I will be deleting/abandoning this thread and creating a new one without ResearchBodies. I'm sorry I couldn't get it to work, but it's just not going to happen.
  4. Alright! Getting my bearings. I was never given the option to choose how many planets showed up, so maybe that means ResearchBodies didn't work? Either way, there's some moons missing in-game from the list we were given. I don't know what features are implemented where. Does Tyepolbynar really only have two moons I can see? and they don't have orbits? I think I'll just have to explore... First pictures from my getting my bearings. ...I can't put pictures in here. This is discouraging. Wait, I think if I put a link to an imgure picture in here... Yes! I did it! I hate how complex that is! But anyway, here we go!
  5. Hello everyone! This is my first time using the forums extensively, so bear with me if it takes me a bit to get the hang of things. For a few weeks I've been preparing for my boldest career mode yet. An absurd homeworld in an alien solar system... I've played some planet packs in my day but this is going to be a whole new level of fun. I'm going to be playing on 1.6.1- which I haven't updated to yet. But here's the big thing that's gonna ice the cake for me. I haven't looked at the other planets. I'm playing with ResearchBodies and I'm going in blind. I've never played with ResearchBodies, so that'll be fun to figure out too. All I know is that Mesbin is big, but spins super fast, and there's no atmosphere. It might take a little bit to get a real post up, but I invite you all to join me on my journey!
  6. Sweet! Life’s been busy but this weekend I’m gonna go for it! Does researchbodies work as is or is some extra stuff required?
  7. Thanks for the info! I don't use the forums all too much so I'm not sure if I should put my mission log in this thread or make a brand new one. What would be best?
  8. I don't know if this has been asked before, but I'm playing GEP Primary starting my hard career on Nodens and as I'm prepping my first Belisama mission I realize that a delta-v map would be very helpful. Does one exist for Nodens as the homeworld? Thanks!
  9. Alright! I'm playing GPP Primary as a "minigame" for a few days. Grannus system only. Should be fun! Feel free to ping me when I can jump into Whirligig!
  10. With the release of 1.6 this morning and my GPP career wrapping up (Colony ship to Nodens!) I think it's time to jump into this mod! I've been looking forward to it for a while, but I'd like some questions answered if I may ask them. I don't know much anything about this system- aside from the homeworld- and I always thought it would be fun to actually discover the planets. What mods would allow me to do this that would work with this pack and have active enough development for a smooth and speedy update for 1.6? What about Kopernicus? I've heard of ResearchBodies but I know nothing about it. Is the tech tree shuffled around at all such that I'm getting engines right off the bat and not wasting my science on fins and parachutes early-game? Might probes come first? Are there any other mods that would make this pack more fun? I've never had mods aside from planets and Distant Object. Thanks! Looking forward to playing!