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  1. Well if you take a look at the old MK1-2 pod iva replacement it used Mechjeb switches, so I dont imagine it would be that difficult to add compared to some of the other things... Also, I know that if it has no mechjeb support I, and others I have spoken to, will not use it..
  2. Hey, please do add mechjeb, otherwise first person launches with very close-cut amounts of fuel etc will be very annoying. (And I say that using the dropdown menu is cheating, cuz muh immersion!) But yeah most of apollo's mission was automated.
  3. What exactly is the HERP pod intended to be used for? it seems pointless since its either a DERP that cant be inflated or and AES that is bigger and less useful imo...
  4. I get this issue whenever I try to launch my new ship, I can provde the craft file is needed. it is modded.
  5. I sent a pm, or at least attempted to. I am rather new to this forum.
  6. Hey friend! I see some of the part descriptions are a bit poorly translated to English, if you like I can help you make it more proper!
  7. Hey! Great to see this mod being maintained! If you dont mind me asking, perhaps you could add another antenna into the mod with super long range (like 10000+g)at the cost of super high price and EC useage? I plan on using this mod with Galactic Neighbourhood and I dont like getting cut off from civilization!
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