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  1. I'll start working on a reboot. anybody who wants to help please send me a pm.
  2. Introducing UranianBlue's Interstellar Planet Pack for KSP 1.31 Requires Kopernicus UranianBlue's Interstellar Planet Pack features two exoplanet systems: Sigma Kaurus and Delta Cyclonus. Explore the immensity of interstellar space. This is a project that I've had done for a while. I must have forgotten to create a release page on the forum. Planets in the Delta Cyclonus System: Magmus: an Eve-like planet covered in hot gasses. It has no moons. Qwerty: an exo-Kerbin with a magnificent ring system and two moons: Segway and Arval. Tragon: a dusty brown desert world. Yriga: a gas-giant with two large moons: Weltron and Oblon. Planets in the Sigma Kaurus System: Pyros: a hot-Jool with one rocky moon: Jager. Itron: A water-world with several small continents and a purple ring system. It has two moons: Chalk and Exor. Gigantus: a massive object, of spectral class L, on the borderline of what's considered a star and what's considered a brown-dwarf. Download on CurseForge: https://kerbal.curseforge.com/projects/uranianblues-interstellar-planets-and-parts Some links to pictures: https://imgur.com/a/SZlYm https://imgur.com/a/Qq6fk https://imgur.com/a/ZYBLF https://imgur.com/a/RtGiC https://imgur.com/i2k0izX https://imgur.com/qPNrYEu https://imgur.com/a/T5gEk https://imgur.com/a/uMJT3 Some pictures show clouds as produced with the e.v.e mod. Currently, the optional cloud extension mod for this pack is under development and has not be released. Don't ask for it. Yes, there'll be an update eventually. Be patient though, this takes time, since I'm the only one working on this mod. I'm also looking for assistant developers who can assist in creation of science defs and improved biome maps. If you're interested, send me a message.
  3. Do you need any extra science defs, or work done on your wiki?
  4. SamBelanger is trying to enslave you, run for your lives! "accept" might be a little soft for what you truly have planned.
  5. Yeah, that hasn't helped me very much. I take forever to get anything made. I just learned that you can hire slave writers who will write science defs for you. I hope you're sarcastic, because @SamBelanger is working on a pretty big mod.
  6. Hello everybody!

    I've been working on a few things lately, and I just learned that I can speed things up if I enslave get some users to help me finish and manage my mods. Partial ownership of the mod will be given, as well as some inside knowledge on future updates and influence on the mods. In particular, I'm looking for people to help manage Cavran Planet Pack and Dwarf Planets Plus. You will be paid about 0$ during the career (welcome to being a KSP modder; if you want money, look at games like Minecraft :) ).

    If you want the job, you must be able to do the following:

    #1: Use Module Manager .cfg notation.

    #2: Have (at least) basic understanding of Kopernicus.

    #3: Have experience in GIMP or Photoshop.

    #4: Possess good writing skills.

    #5: Know how to write science defs.

    Those who want to apply to the job, send me a PM and let me know you're interested.

    If you get the job*, expect to:

               #0: be enslaved and worked to death under pressure.  (naw, just kidding!!)

               #1: Write alot of science-defs.

               #2: Paint up creative and accurate biome-maps in Gimp and/or Photoshop (depending on which you use)

               #3: Help write e.v.e configs to enable clouds.

               #4: Contribute to the ideas for potential new planets in future updates.

    * Only 2 people will be chosen.

  7. Hmmmm.... As a pragmatist, I will immediately put this philosophy to good use... Who wants a job?!
  8. Considering that there is somewhere around 100 bodies in KSS, it looks like there must be at least another 60+ bodies that need science-defs. I need to do this with mods I make. Never though about enslaving the community. If only I could get the community to write Science Defs and draw biome maps for me . . .
  9. You are lucky that the player "Hypercosmic" hasn't been to this thread... Some say that he will troll your thread if your system isn't stable. Still others say that you can summon him if you say his name three times... @Hypercosmic @Hypercosmic @Hypercosmic good luck dealing with the pessimism
  10. timed situation could be bad though. If a big release of KSS, say part two, is supposed to have all the new science defs, and I haven't finished them yet, I have a feeling that KSS players are going to show up at my doorstep with pitchforks and torches. I noticed your configs have weird indentation; do you use a text editor other than Notepad++?
  11. yes... but in order to make a complete science def config, which takes forever to write because I've done it before, it would take maybe two hours to get all the required science defs for just one planet. Now, multiply those two hours by the ~100 objects in KSS and you understand this term: Crippling Depression I'm applying for the job because I only want to do a fraction of the science defs, and I don't want to do them in a timed situation.