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  1. Awesome! @Galileo your planet pack never ceases to amaze me. DO you plan on making any new planet packs that delete the stock system and add in new bodies like GPP does?
  2. For those of you who didn't get to see the eclipse:


  3. yeah, apart from the tidal locking, intense radiation from TRAPPIST-1, it will be great! Now, astronomers just need to see what's in the atmosphere of these planets (if they have any). That will tell us the difference from an exo-Venus and an exo-Earth!
  4. Attempted to deploy Castle Bravo yesterday.

    It didn't work:


  5. were these planets made with just Photoshop?
  6. [1.22, 1.3] Cavran Planet Pack

    There have been a few problems on Curse. I did some revisions to the project page, and you should be able to download soon.
  7. [1.3.0] Kopernicus (Release 7) - Sep. 25

    I uninstalled KittopiaSpace; it had no effect.
  8. [1.3.0] Kopernicus (Release 7) - Sep. 25

    I recently upgraded my KSP version to 1.3, and I've been having some trouble with the new version of Kopernicus. For some reason, planets do not appear to be illuminated by the sun, and an infinitely distant sun appears beyond the solar system. The only mods I am using are KerbolOrigins, and KittopiaSpace. What is going on here? Should I go back to 1.22 were everything worked?
  9. [1.22, 1.3] Cavran Planet Pack

    maybe...... If anybody is trying to download the mod from the link I provided, please be patient. Curse has been a pain today and is taking a while to approve the release. If you want the mod now, click on the files tab, and download the only file listed.
  10. [1.22, 1.3] Cavran Planet Pack

    yeah, and Duna migrated 10 million km outwards as a gas-giant . . . Gas-Giants migrate inwards, not outwards. If Duna became like Jool and as big as Cavran, it would have disturbed the orbit of Kerbin and possibly destroyed the only home the kerbals have ever known.
  11. [1.22, 1.3] Cavran Planet Pack

    Your 45 hour wait is over! The mod is out on Curse, and it works with career, science, and sandbox mode. Currently, the mod does not have EVE support or custom science defs; those will come in a later update. here is the link: https://kerbal.curseforge.com/projects/ksp-cavran-planet-pack I have made a mod that makes a GP2, and I can't count how many others the community has made that adds in GP2. I didn't want to remake Sarvin. This mod is compatible with Kerbol Origins. Poor Dunaa... The place gets all the glory from the space program while stealing spacecraft missions from planets like Uranus! Duna had it coming!
  12. Hello guys. I am working on a new mod that adds in a temperate gas-giant. The mod deletes Duna, but makes up for the loss of the planet with a gas-giant and four moons! I will release the mod soon. Currently, I have not added in Biomes or Science Defs, so the mod is complete if you cheat and play in sandbox mode. However, I need to finish painting up biome maps and making at least some custom science defs before I release the mod to the community. I appreciate your patience. Here are some shots of the planets: Bervin: Alru: Goval: Unox: Some shots of Cavran:
  13. Hey guys, I'm a about to release yet another new planet pack! This planet pack will add in a gas-giant orbiting between Kerbin and Dres (Duna is deleted)! The giant planet will have four moons, one of which is an ocean world!

    1. AR3S_TGL


      oooh Sexy!

  14. [1.3.0] Kopernicus (Release 7) - Sep. 25

    I was reading some code in GPP, and I noticed a PQS-Modlike bit of code in the ScaledVersion node called ProceduralGasGiant. Does this generate the textures for the gas-giant planets in the mod? If so, how does it work?
  15. A beginner's guide to Kopernicus - PQSMods

    you may be talking about VertexColorNoise which is a mod that makes color maps for asteroids.