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  1. Nice turbo shaft!
  2. I know this may sound dumb but it helps. When building a spaceplane I put either a panther or an aerospike on the nose, so if I ever get stuck in a nose dive I can slow down enough to regain control.
  3. I support this
  4. Place a decoupler then put a few struts in the gap and then offset it until it is flush. Problem solved!
  5. That was the exact information I was looking for, thanks!
  6. Did you make this video on Xbox?
  7. Yes, yes it did
  8. Everybody can... unless they are on console, then they can't. Trust me when I say I have tried posting pictures for at least 2 months now and have not been able too, this being the only reason I am not participating. But I did the challenge anyway. I took off from the launchpad, flew into an orbit around 200000km on SRBs, waited for a transfer window to open, burned into an encounter with Duna, made orbit around Duna, de-orbited, landed on atomic engines, left the landing stage on the surface, returned to orbit, transferred back to Kerbin orbit, and landed Jeb safely on the peak of a mountain next to the KSC. P.S. All engines after making Kerbin orbit where atomic, No mods because you can't get any on console, No debug menu because there isn't one, And no editing the quicksave because I have no clue how. Edit: After I wrote the text above I went back on ksp and switched to the capsule Jeb was in to recover it, he was then viciously murdered by the kraken, and the highest gee force endured was 1467, which... surprised me to say the least. Luckily, quicksave! But still, that needs to be fixed.
  9. Well... thanks I guess, like there isn't much more to be said, you have made an amazing game and community. That seems very hard to do these days, but with a game as great as Kerbal Space Program it is hard for people not to love it. My best regards to the KSP team for all you have done, you have certainly impressed me and a lot of others. Thanks!
  10. Interesting mod by the way! :D

    1. SamBelanger


      Thank You :)

  11. Welcome to the forums!
  12. I have decided to change the thrust thing but not the wing one. Please read rules
  13. I play console so pictures might not happen but I'll submit the stats and overall score. Update: I built a service bay lander with a five kerbal capacity no wings engines or control surfaces, and I landed at the VAB (if you were wondering it lands on the open bay door and pops right back up again until it stops)
  14. oh yes of course, (changes the rules) of course you can. As long as the periapsis is 100km or above you can do whatever you want. (as long as it follows the rules)
  15. Update: My revised challenge is out with a leaderboard and a scoring system, the whole shibang! Please check it out at!