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  1. I'm using the the patch linked here, on page 14. It doesn't adjust any of the maxtrackdistance or observatory range parameters found in the ResearchBodiesMMKopernicus.cfg though. If i just increase the values in ResearchBodiesMMKopernicus.cfg would that do the trick? I've increased them all by a factor of 10 for now. Cheers!
  2. Should be just RSS, what other planet mods are showing up in my log? Had RSS Constellations before, but it was causing the game to crash when entering the tracking station with Research Bodies, so I uninstalled it and was pretty sure I started a new career game. I seemed to have lost the RSS Research Bodies patch (posted a few pages back) when I updated. After adding that back in and downgrading the RSS textures from 8k to 4k, the Earth and Moon are discovered and fully researched again, and the tracking station isn't taking as long to load. I do have another problem, perhaps I'm just not doing this right, as its my first time using Research Bodies. I have a fully upgraded observatory and finished two search the skies contract (almost 2 years) and didn't discover any bodies. Got the telescope in orbit, pointed it around, used the track feature, and discovered Mars and Venus. The new planets gave me the science bonus and showed up in the telescopes tracking window, but when I go to the observatory no new planets are listed. How do I progress from here?
  4. This updated version causes the tracking station to take a very long time to load.
  5. Has the DateTime Formatter been recompiled to work in 1.3? *EDIT* Never mind, the 1.2.2 version looks like its working. Couldn't get it functioning last time I tried, thought it was a 1.3 issue. Here's the link
  6. I installed KSP on my mac laptop through steam, but it installed an old beta version ( and isn't updating to the latest version. Anyone have an idea of how to fix this? *update* disregard. Eventually the steam client updated itself, then it updated KSP.
  7. I'm looking to colonize the Moon in a RSS game with Interstellar extended and USI Kolonization (among other mods). USI Kolonization uses gypsum to produce fertilizer for growing supplies, and Interstellar uses hydrates to produce rocket fuel. In my game, the distribution of these resources is mutually exclusive, where there is gypsum there are no hydrates and vice versa. This is rather silly seeing as gypsum is a hydrate (CaSO4-2H2O). How can I edit my game so that these resources will be together?
  8. So after installing some upgrade Windows 10 had been pestering me about, KSP now crashes while the game is starting (see attached error logs). I managed to get the game to run by forcing d3d11, but I was advised before by some prominent modders (Galileo perhaps?) that the game should be run in dx9, and dx11 will cause issues with some visual mods. Right now I don't have any of those visual mods (eve, scatterer) installed because I'm running KSP1.3, but I would like to get things back on an even keel so I can use those when they're updated. Cheers
  9. Cheers! I've been looking for some additional landing legs, but I haven't found any mods that exclusively add them, and they're not prominently advertised in bigger part packs.
  10. @Jimbodiah looks good! What kind of landing legs are those?
  11. I really enjoy this mod, wonderful work! Looking forward to an update for 1.3. Cheers!
  12. @Gordon Dry What does !cbNameLater = Earth do?
  13. Sweet! Thanks! Works like a charm.
  14. Has KSC Switcher been updated for 1.3?
  15. I think it's hard coded. The config files just indicate a min, max and ideal altitude, which seem to apply equally to all bodies, and RSS comes with a SCANSat patch to increase these values.