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  1. [1.4.1] Contract Configurator [v1.24.0] [2018-03-11]

    Is this version reverse compatible with 1.3.1?
  2. You can set the boil off rate or turn it off all together on SSTU tanks in the game settings menu (where you adjust difficulty)
  3. @Starwaster I fell in love with it after watching this, it's such a good vid, better than NASA's promotional material. It takes some tinkering to build, the HAB and detachable supply module have to be assembled backwards, then rotated and translated, and the docking port for the reloadable fuel truss had to be mounted to the truss instead of the propulsion module. I made a pretty tight looking assembly, but i haven't tested for collision problems during orbital assembly, ran into issues before w/ the sstu weldable docking ports (they'd always revert to their default size), trying Bahamuto's copernicus docking rings now. Are you planning on updating your Heat Pump mod for ksp 1.3.1? I tried solving the boil off problem by capturing the escaping hydrogen and reliquifying it with an ISRU refrigeration unit powered by the nuclear engines, but it stops working at high time warp. I really need Heat Pump lol.
  4. Thanks! Finally got my SSTU Mars Copernicus vehicle, in its full 10 meter diameter glory. If it's not too much trouble, there's one more thing I'd like to inquire about. I've added the Adapter-Dome-A/B tank camps from the MUS tank to the MFT (they're really nice models, and I think you should make them a standard option), anyway I'd like to add an interstage node to the top of the tank like the one at the bottom. I thought it'd be pretty straight forward with the SSTUSelectableNodes module, I tried adding a top node and even followed the exact convention in the (experimental) MFT Service Module part, which has selectable top and bottom nodes (I noticed the MUS tank is a bit different, and the selectable nodes are referenced in the MUS module). The new selectable interstage node would occur in the middle of the tank instead of at node_stack_noseInterstage = 0,1,0,0,1,0,2. I'm guessing there's more to the SSTUSelectableNodes module than meets the eye. *edit* a selectable top node would really come in handy when using the hemi-spherical end caps too.
  5. I'm looking to rescale SSTU-ST-HAB-C1, but if the RCS jets and solar panels need to be manually repositioned, I'd just go for SSTU-ST-HAB-C3 which lacks those features. I've checked the RO patches, but these parts were never patched. I've gotten the end caps resized by changing the SSTU_Model height and diameter, but can't figure out how to rescale the inflatable portion.
  6. I'm trying to rescale some of the habitat/station core parts for my game, but not having much luck. I've tried making a MM patch to change the rescaleFactor, but that doesn't seem to do anything. Do I need to change something with the modeldata scales or dimensions instead?
  7. Is there a way to increase the size of the UI? It's quite illegible at 4k resolution.
  8. What are the differences between the various solid rocket booster options?
  9. I'm running ksp 1.2.2 with RSS, RO and RP-0. Just added RSSVE (latest RC4 build) and scatterer 0.0320 and often times when I launch and cross into space half the screen starts flashing wildly in a seizure inducing manner. From the screen grab, the light blue portion is what flashes. I've attached a log file.
  10. I'm playing with the current master branch version on GitHub. What should I set my the science and fund rewards to in the difficulty settings? *edit* Never mind, I found all the difficulty configs
  11. Yeah, I couldn't get that contract sorted. Accepted another 3-sat contract after it failed and thought I had everything down, except this new one requires "Resources: CommSatBus: 500 units". No bloody clue how to satisfy that. The satellite already had a stage to deploy it to GTO with over 500 fuel units remaining. Tried a weather satellite contract with a resource requirement, used nitrogen for the RCS so it would have a lot of units, still nothing. Think I'll use the cheat menu fix. Thanks!
  12. [1.3.x] Contract Pack: RemoteTech [v2.1.4] [2017-08-27]

    I'm playing with RP-0 and the contracts have a condition like "Resource: WeatherSatBus: At least 88 units". How do you satisfy this requirement?
  13. I have a question about Remote Tech communication network contracts. I'm doing a contract to set up a 3 satellite network, but I can't complete it. I've got the satellites in the correct orbit, each one has two omni directional antennae and two dishes, one pointed at earth, the other at 'active vessel', but the contract says 'Earth Communication coverage 0%/60%'. Any idea what I'm doing wrong?