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  1. @Speeding Mullet I was reading through the challenges in den OP and noticed the Caveman Challenge seems to be abandoned, and @MoeslyArmlis wasn't online since December 2016. However, there is another challenge that I would like to suggest as an Heritage Challenge: the Caveman Evolved Challenge. @5thHorseman balanced the rules very well, and I think it is worth considering it as a Heritage Challenge. I am not sure if the challenge is "Accepted by the community in its first iteration as an amazing challenge by pure quality and volume of entries" but I think it is still a great Challenge and we could start a peer review process.
  2. @cratercracker did announce that he is willing to create cool badges. Maybe you could ask him.
  3. He can! Eve takes about 400 m/s and Kerbin a bit more. once you made the encounter things become very tedious.
  4. are you sure? On my attempt I used all the EVA propellant, and counted the 600 m/s from the Wiki. I was digging in the .cfg files, but unfortunately there is no ModuleEnginesFX in GameData/Squad/Parts/Prebuilt/kerbalEVA.cfg I did some testing and can tell the following: EVA Propellant is very magical. it has no mass but 5 units of it change yout velocity by 600m/s. 2.5 units of it change the velocity by 300 m/s. We don't need the rocket equation. I Guess even Burbarry can calculate the dV. well, that make things less implausible but I don't agree with such a rule because it diminishes Burbarrys possibility's, and I would like to see someone doing gravity assists with Burbarry. Two records, is what I think as well. But I would suggest the first record: "do whatever you want" and the second: "Burbarry can only survive one day" allow Command Chair?? PS: Be warned @herbal space program my dV record is without EVA. I was on EVA for the cost and mass record.
  5. I just want to clarify: the difference in the final score should be 600m/s, because the 600m/s spent in EVA should Count. Of course the difference for the rescue vehicle itself is 1200m/s. If you don't count the dV in EVA you would look at a benchmark score of ~4800 m/s from my second entry.
  6. That is exactly what I had in mind. That technique of watching the timer should help you avoid missing the target by hundreds of Kilometers, like @Aetharan did. Because if you start the burn 2 seconds early or late you end up 40 or even 60 km in the wrong place depending, on the relative velocity. By watching the Time to closest approach you can determine whether to throttle up or down while you cancel out the relative velocity. You just want to make sure the timer decreases by one second every two seconds.
  7. @linuxgurugamer I think Scott Manly made a Video about a similar problem it was something about the fastest possible transfere to a other planet. He used a very neat trick to get the velocity down with the right Timing: He compared the time to closest approach with the ingame clock and adjust the throttle so that the time to closest Approach ticket down at exactly half the Speed. If you aim for 70% throttle I guess that would leave plenty headroom for errors. Keep in mind that you will fall twards Kerbol during the flip. You might want to aim initially a bit high, depending on the TWR.
  8. Mind you: I only used 5.2 km/s from LKO, but I would like to see my previous record beaten. That would give me the opportunity for a third run... I am looking forward to see your second orbital flip / Jool capture. It is surprisingly difficult, I guess you will need to Aerobrake in Jool's atmosphere.
  9. last weekend I finished the Challenge with a single mission conquering the final 4 celestials. Of course manned, and as always without visiting any celestial twice. @5thHorseman that is a great set of rules you put together for this challenge. I had a lot fun, and the missions felt never repetitive or boring. The full album is here: But every important step is in the Spoiler Eve Transfer + Landing Gilly + Return Minmus + Mun
  10. Mun? Minmus? What are you talking about? I think there is only Eve and Gilly left to explore. Is there something I didn't know about the Kerbol system?
  11. It took me a long time, but I finally came to the point where i could start my Jool 5 mission in my Caveman Evolved plus Munless Night career. I just Upgraded the R&D center and had very low funds. therefore i am going for the low cost/mass sub-challenge. KSP 1.3 Linux 64bit Mods: [x] Science! BetterTimeWarpContinued KAC KER Precise Node RCS Build Aid The vessel is a SSTO which costs 94452 and has a wet mass of 43.588t
  12. Here we go!! I Finished the Munless Night challenge with a Jool-5 mission. I never had that much fun unlocking the entire tech tree before. Usually I end up with a Science Lab on Minmus to unlock all before I go interplanetary. But the limitations make the Gameplay very rewarding and fun.
  13. It took me a week to plan, days to complete and hours to upload and comment. But I finally finished my Jool 5 mission. I installed Precise Node for the mission.
  14. Thank you very much for your effort. I want to know if you did try to reload a quicksave made on the Runway and see if there is a performance difference between the initial launch and the Quickload. For me the vessel gets to 370 m/s at sea level at the initial launch, and 330m/s if i load a quicksave on the runway. I am able to get very consistent results (373m/s or 329m/s) as long as I try to keep the altitude between 0m and 200m.