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  1. Yay bugfixes! And it's nice to see Workshop support. Now we just need achievements!
  2. Find either KSP.exe or KSP_x64.exe in your Steam folder.
  3. Basically What I want to do is take this wonderful mod https://mods.curse.com/ksp-mods/kerbal/242529-kerbal-space-ponies and replace/alter the textures and character names to match some of my friends characters. Anyone willing to give me a hand or lesson?
  4. So I've been playing KSP since just after 1.0.0, but I haven't been on the forums until just a few days ago. Hi, I guess? Anyways I've got a decent handle on most aspects of spaceflight but I've always had problems during launch/ascent. I mainly just over design most vehicals and brute force my way through atmo before starting my turn at 40k~60k meters. Obviously thtas not very efficient. Can anyone help me figure out a better ascent path or is the optimal path entirely dependent on the vehical design? edit: Wow, I was expevting one, maybe two responses, not eight. Thanks for all the info.