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  1. I am using a number of mods but I'm using 1.3.1 and haven't changed any mods or anything since last Dec - guess the answer from DoctorDavinci sounds like something to be careful - I'll watch for "autosave" kicking in before I close any windows - thanks for all of the help, especially the detail from cheesecake - good to know for the future garthog
  2. Never mind!! I reloaded a previous save (fortunately only a few days ago) and it had all of my vehicles, flags, etc. and came up fine. I then closed that save and then opened up my most recent save and everything was where it was supposed to be ... I guess that the previous save had all of the vehicle IDs (whatever they are) and they "reloaded" with the previous save and must be happily restored as of now. Sorry for the false alarm, but does anyone know what vehicle IDs are, and how they can be lost, and why all of my ships were in my save file but would not load with my current save?
  3. I've lost all of my vehicles!! I launched my game as usual this am and when I loaded my saved game, I got a large number of small windows saying "vehicle ID lost" for each of my vehicles, flags, everything ... the windows would not let me proceed without clicking "OK" on each of them (which took 10 minutes or so), and now I have no vehicles, flags, anything ... but my clock still shows all of the upcoming events, my science points, money, reputation, all are present. Can anyone help me recover my vehicles?
  4. Thanks! I didn't think about the craft that use mods being affected ... of course they would be - thanks again!
  5. I made the second ksp install per suggestions from y'all and it works fine - I had a few mods in my original steam install (mechjeb, real plume, kerb eng, and a few more) ... can I simply delete those folders from the 2nd install gamedata folder, or will that cause a problem? And will my CKAN app apply mods to my 1st or 2nd install? I was about to go ahead and try to see what happens but then I thought y'all's advice might be less damaging!
  6. I made the second install and it works fine - I had a few mods in my steam install (mechjeb, real plume, kerb eng, and a few more) ... can I simply delete those folders from the 2nd install gamedata folder, or will that cause a problem? And will my CKAN app apply mods to my 1st or 2nd install?
  7. Thanks to everyone for all of the ideas - sounds like the two separate installs is the better approach. Good info and helpful on these forums.
  8. Now another dummy question ... I want to try some graphics mods but many forum discussions suggest installing a second, clean copy of KSP and try the mods on this 2nd install before putting them on the normal install - I'm using the Steam KSP, so (a) how do I install KSP again, and (b) once I've installed it, how do I launch it (I assume my desktop icon will only launch my current Steam install) - I'm not a computer scientist, I'm just trying to have some fun with KSP!
  9. Wow, that was quick! Thank you very much and I"ll try it tonight! Take the rest of the day off!
  10. Is it possible to save a spacecraft built in the VAB in career mode over to sandbox mode? I'd like to test some of my creations before putting career kerbals into harms' way ...
  11. why should you do it this way rather than load them all using CKAN?
  12. It happens with anything with legs, regardless of whether a drill is in the ground or not (it's impressive to see a vessel with long drillers below instantly emerge and take flight!) - if this just started with me as of 1.3.1, when did 1.3.1 come out? Since I'm on steam it would have automatically updated me without my being aware.
  13. Unfortunately, this has never happened until it began last week, and I have several machines on various moons/planets on "legs" that are now exploding (or sometimes "sinking" almost out of sight and then "springing" into the void) - I thought that a recent update (I'm on steam) must have caused it and hopefully it will be remedied soon - if not ... well, there's always Civ IV garthog
  14. wow - I hadn't heard about the bug - I like your suggested solution and may try it, but I'd rather the dev's fix it - any idea of when that may happen, and will we know or will I just try it one day and find that's it's now working properly? thanks for the quick response - this forum seems to be filled with nice and helpful people!
  15. I'm about ready to give up on KSP - every lander for the past week now seems to "hop up" when I open a save of a spacecraft/driller/anything on the surface of a planet/moon - sometimes they collapse onto the nozzles and blew themselves to pieces, but mostly I open the save and the vessel is launching itself into the space above the site completely out of control - if this can't be solved, I've wasted an enormous amount of time on this application for nothing. Has anyone run into this before, and if so, can you advise me on how to stop this most recent "behaviour"?? garthog
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