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  1. all text is pink squares

    sal_vager Thank you for your help. I wasn't able to install the NVidia for not compatible reason. The intel recommended warning since I am on a dell, so unsure I didn't get it. . I asked for a refund. I'm sure you could have figured it out fast from my side but I am not as savvy as I wish I was yet. Thank you. And, Hey jamesd882 thanks for contributing
  2. all text is pink squares

    I added every font on windows 10 64bit so that didn't help me either. There is little technical help finding a text that works , not that its not out there, just that windows has some monopoly over what we can download, at least that is what I understood. I am glad to know jamesd882 that I am not the only one. If there is a fix for this , please let me know.
  3. all text is pink squares I am trying this. windows 10 may be the culprit. let you know how it works out
  4. Hi, I just installed Kerbal through Steam. When it loads, there are pink blocks instead of text. I uninstalled and reinstalled. Same problem. Please help