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  1. I encountered a problem with kibbal-based experiments on 2.30 on KSP 1.3.1 (not the newest, since I'm still waiting for an official FAR update). When I run both Kuarq bio-activity and Creature Comforts and finalize results, the first one succeeds, and the second one disappears right after finalizing it. By "disappears" I mean: bioproducts disappear from the second one and menu to start the experiment appears, then menu to finalize experiment disappears, and effectively that resets the experiment. Of course kibbal stays used up. I tried doing Creature Comforts first, then last, achieving the same result. More interestingly, just completing both experiments (and not finalizing them) triggers the reset bug on both of them upon each finalization. I checked logs, and the relevant part was: [LOG 11:37:39.789] [Experiments]: Setting FX Modules to 1... [LOG 11:37:39.790] [Experiments]: FX Modules set: 1 [LOG 11:37:42.019] [Experiments]: Setting FX Modules to 0... [LOG 11:37:42.019] [Experiments]: FX Modules set: 0 while all experiments that complete correctly log this: [LOG 11:37:39.789] [Experiments]: Setting FX Modules to 1... [LOG 11:37:39.790] [Experiments]: FX Modules set: 1 In case it was a problem with Automated Science Sampler mod, I tried doing the experiment without it. I use over 100 mods, but I don't think any other mod would affect this functionality. Has anyone else encountered this problem? Is there a known workaround besides making the trip twice? EDIT: The bug does not always happen (when it does, however, restarting the game or even reinstalling the mod does not help). It happened to me on Minmus high orbit, but not on low orbit during my play. I found a workaround using Automated Science Sampler mod - turning it on to make it transfer the experiment somewhere else right away protecting it from being erased (since there is around 1 second time before that happens).
  2. I have a problem with mounting a harpoon (or grappling hook) on a winch form EVA. For some reason, it tries to mount itself in an opposite direction, as shown here: https://pasteboard.co/HdVfBQx.png . It's not only a graphical bug, since it doesn't even launch when using the eject function of winch. If that matters, the winch was also attached from EVA. Everything works correctly when harpoon is mounted on the winch in VAB. What is wrong? I'm using KAS and KSP 1.3.1. Logs: http://anonfile.com/d1e8Wfd7b3/KSP.log . Update: The problem persists both on both kind of winches, and other attachments like magnet. And it does not matter if the winch itself is attached with KAS.
  3. Thanks! It seems I confused Greenhouse with Agroponics. Everything works now. The only other issue I found is disappearing items when putting crew into inflatable habitation modules, but I saw a bug report on github that it has to be fixed on KIS side. I assume this bug is still open, right?
  4. I have a problem with MKS 'Ranger' Agriculture Module in KSP 1.3.1, USI Kolonization The module deploys correctly, can change it's type to greenhouse and other types, but even when deployed, greenhouse bay is chosen, greenhouse is started, and it is shown to have almost 100% load, it still does not produce any supplies or use up the fertilizer. I tried manning it with scientist and engineer too. You can see that it does not use up fertilizer at all in this screenshot: https://pasteboard.co/HdxUyst.png. Am I doing something wrong or is it a bug?
  5. Sorry. So much for using random places to anonymously upload files instead of being able to attach them on forums. I'll replicate the problem again and open an issue on github. EDIT: See https://github.com/GER-Space/Kerbal-Konstructs/issues/66.
  6. It seems and are broken for me with KSP 1.3.1 x64 (windows), Kerbin Side complete 1.4, Kerbal Construction Time (dev ver), ResearchBodies 1.9.6, Kerbin Side GAP 2.3, and over 100 of other mods. Reverting KK back to fixes everything. The problem is that in Space Center view buildings appear, but in the actual game they do not. List of facilities around KSP when clicking KK button is also empty. I am unable to launch new vehicles from Space Center from VAB or SPH using Kerbal Construction Time menu, since clicking "Launch" does not do anything (though it probably just needs a KCT update). Logs: <broken link>
  7. Is the update compatible with the latest Kerbin-Side? Also, is there a centralized way to transfer funds to KSC account from all offices without visiting each airport that has one? And thanks for a great mod! Together with Kerbin-Side, Kerbin GAP, and a bunch of other mods it creates a great game experience. A quest to fly around the globe to open up all the stations, a nice tycoon minigame with offices, and finally a pragmatic reason to build some aircrafts after completing Kerbin science make the game much more engaging.
  8. Also had this problem on x64 version with RT 1.8.9. Guillaume4's dll fixed it after replacing GameData/ContractConfigurator/CC_RemoteTech.dll.
  9. Great mod! I like the "on quit" backup option the most, but would it be possible to make it work together with the Quick Exit mod (https://spacedock.info/mod/105/QuickExit)? It usually takes a few minutes for me to make a compressed backup of my saves, so the best time for me to do it is when exiting the game and alt-tabbing back into other apps while the game does its backups. I would find it a better alternative to waiting for backups to complete at some point of playing, or alt-tabbing back to the game after some time so that I can really quit it.
  10. Does not work in KSP - it works just like normal radial decoupler and does not detach from one side. I tried to fix this by adding missing stuff from Squad's stack separators: isOmniDecoupler = true However, it still did not work. If this is fixable, I suggest also updating to the following values: category = Coupling maxTemp = 2000