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  1. Use to have issues with that and when turning into my parking orbit, would throttle up and watch the engines punch through the entire thing... awesome to watch! but kinda counter productive to Kerbal-kind. Simplest rule I have found is watch the G-meter, if that needle is popping out of the top of the green zone your likely to break something so throttle down a little, and when you do throttle back up, do it slowly letting the craft build up it's velocity before adding more thrust.
  2. Simplest method needs no math and a basic understanding of the phrases used. Launch your rocket and do your gravity turn on 90 degrees, on the Navball thats right. Keep as close to 90 as possible, though long rockets do lead to some variance as it "wobbles". Establish your Prograde (meaning your moving with the planets rotation) orbit at 100km (100'000m) altitude. Point your rocket in the right direction and wait for the Mun to rise over Kerbin. Don't burn as soon as she appears but give it a moment, let the Mun rise a bit. Once you think it's all good throttle up and burn burn burn, you might want to switch to map view to hit the old 'x' button once your trajectory is set for intercept. Basically aim to set the Apoapsis to 11.4 million meters and you should be all set to intercept. Once intercepted you'll need to slow your speed down to turn your trajectory into a orbit, the best advise I saw for this was to point your ship retrograde, look for Kerbin, point more to Kerbin then straight retro as you will most likely need to move your trajectory, burn establish a good perapsis with, most likely, a highly ecliptical orbit, then adjust your orbit as you want before setting yourself up for landing. Apologies if some of the wording is wrong, been a long day and the brain is getting fuzzy.
  3. Being able to reclaim 'dead' ships is pretty cool. Perhaps instead of the Kerbals going blue (does anyone actually know what happens to a kerbal during asphyxiation?) a flashing red warning above their pics saying something like 'Warning Zo2 Levels Low', perhaps even a range depending on Zo2 levels like low down to critical or something. Looking forward to being able to kill off er play god er keep my Kerbals safe and breathing in space once again. Cheers!
  4. Getting to the Mun can be broken into easy to manage parts/stages. Orbit. The aim of this is to get your orbit to match that of the Mun\'s. This is done pretty easily, on take off you want to slowly move your vector along the 90 degree angle. (If everything is standard its just a case of hitting \'D\' and making small adjustments, eventually you want to be at 90 degrees with 0 inclination ... your pointing at the horizon on your NavBall. You want to aim for 100km Orbit Transfer Orbit. In your orbit of 100km watch for the Mun to rise over the horizon of Kerbin, once the Mun is visable you have the option to burn and push your Apoapsis to about 11.4 million meters, easier done in map view, at this point you should see your Orbit line in the map turn into an intercept line, now all you have to do is wait. Break the problem down into stages like... -Reach Orbit, get your orbit on the same inclination as the Mun, at the right altitude and as stable as possible. -Transfer Orbit, at the right time burn to intercept the Mun. -Munar Orbit, once intercepted you\'ll want to establish an orbit around the Mun rather then performing a sling-shot round the Mun and out to space. -Adjust Orbit, when you know where you want to land, it\'s all about manipulating your orbit and flightpath to allow that to happen. -Land... or like most people on their first attempt, crash... BUT if you do that then you get to build a rescue craft! Think thats all correct. Hope it helps.
  5. Main dif with FSX and x-Plane is the way it simulates flight... FSX works on... if plane speed > variable defined in config = flight... x-Plane works on a simulation of the air flow over the wings. If your getting FSX, no matter the PC spec you may want to look for optimization 3, done by some German dude so the installer is fun to use, though you can drop and drag the autogen textures into place, what it does is replace the tree and building textures to smaller ones. FSX and FS9(2004) are almost identical except for missions!!! and in the models the virtual cockpit for X is another file, in FS9 its in the same as the plane, which means finding good VC planes can be a bugger (someone once mentioned it takes 2-3 weeks to build a FS9 plane, for FSX though its 2-3 months) Many older simmers wont upgrade to FSX BUT saying that I find it hard going back to FS9. Oh FSX supports TrackIR or the alternative which you have to make yourself lol. Saying that there are allot of VFR scenery files and airports replacements out there which just pushes the envelope up. Oh if its Helicopter\'s you want to play with... id suggest doing a good search for mods/files to optimize for it, in FSX helo\'s are an after thought, flyable but an afterthought non the less (granted missions with the EH-101 are pretty fun, Customs intercept and Mt St Helens evac.... two missions that have to be done though are the 'Secret Shuttle' bus services to Area 51 and the 'Amazon Trek' in a Grunman Goose). Air Hauler is a good add on, though to me it felt half finished (so i thought I\'d code my own Courier type Virtual Airline... which is progressing!) You got some good Virtual Airlines and multiplayer networks like VATSIM. 100 Dollar Burger flights are fun if your into your GA but for Big Tin a VA is really the way to go, it gives purpose. I could go on about this for ages, I\'ll stop now... I don\'t want to but I will! (Apologies if the post is a little erratic... it\'s end of the working day and its friday the brain is fried!) Enjoy! OH and make sure you bought FSX Gold or the Acceleration Pack separate.
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    Sorry, sometimes my structuring can be a little random, mostly because I\'m amending and changing what I am writing as a go along. As for fuel, I\'ll play around with it and try other methods for slingshot and see how the timing works, granted using one fuel cell to do it might not have a long enough duration to reach velocity to get out that far. Cheers
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    Hello, was told about KSP just before the weekend, and have only put it down when the Mrs threatened to leave me! An excellent game/sim, really excited about the prospects of this and where it could go. Managed to get an oribit going, left it for 4 hours while I went out, then landed, great fun! Just cant seem to get the thrust to do a transfer orbit to the Mun! So I figure IF i can get the fuel to get too the moon, getting back is going to be a nightmare with a LEM... can we re-attach two stages? the idea being to detach and leave a fuel tank in orbit so can return to it then fly home?
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