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  1. Just wanted to say, love the design on this. Will definitely help my future Kerbal Colonization.
  2. I searched the topic and went through the career technology tree. My question is when and where are the parachute modules avaible in the tech tree?
  3. I just wanted to share, this mod and the engineer mod. I would go insane if I played without them.
  4. Awesome, thanks a thousand times. My afternoon offf just got a lot better
  5. Cant make it show up in 1.22, and earlier update from user is a dead link. Maybe the whole project died ? Anyway, it is awesome concept. There is so few mods that is about have fun with Kerbals =)
  6. Just wanted to say that this mod brought back the fun to crash again =)
  7. Thanks a thousand times. I new to the game. Early in career mode. So I have limitations. I spent 3-4 hours trying to build rocket that could orbit and deorbit. I succeed successfully with that but the margin of error was so slim that tried over and over again However, I read guide when I understood it was more a pilot error than rocket design error. Now I had a huge margin of error after following this guide. Though all my own experiments was a great lesson.
  8. Thanks mate. I found the thread for KAS.. I think I stumbled into a older thread. Sometimes my English skills are working against me. Your clarification was helpful to me Awesome, this will be very fun to play around with.
  9. I'm a bit confused. It states that it overhauls KAS. So I should not download KAS as it is included in KIS? Just don't want to have any future problems =)
  10. Just wanted to say thanks, spent most of evening trying new sunflares, it is so awesome with the rest of your mods too. Thanks it added that extra flare In needed
  11. Just wanted to say, Awesome
  12. Thank you for this guide. Learn a lot and will keep it as a reference.