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  1. That's awsome, I been playing KSP with this future parts in my mind. I thought gonna use this parts as typical rescue, crew transporting and for tasks for small things like a pesky battery that I forgot. All this parts does that wonderfully. Or at least this how think gonna balance it for my gameplay. Using this new parts for the extreme mobility and trade it off by limiting my payload size. I love the whole the whole "stargate" transporter one, suggesting make it almost ludicrously expensive and it would be investment you enjoy at key places. I would suggest a limited range as the drill beam for the tractor beam, now reading my own statement, yeah, that is kinda obvious. But like 100 m beam in vacuum and maybe gravity makes the beam weaker ? I see the tractor beam like the obvious suck up kerbals in space, rescue contracts and other small objects extraordinaire tool =)
  2. Really awesome, if you could tractor beam Kerbals that would be mindblowing. But I am happy with the manual reverse tractor beaming, after all must be a reason they gave us personal parachutes. Spinning is also nice saucer look. The persistent rotation mod is really awesome. I really psyched about this. Just love the whole silliness I could with this Also open up whole new area of designing crafts. I think it gives natural way for unbelievable technology.
  3. I have the same CPU like you, thought I was the only one sitting around on a AMD FX one nowdays. What I do when I have similar problems. 1. If you have the steam version of the game, if not worth downloading the whole game again Right click steam icon at taskbar(where the clock is) and choose libary Right click Kerbal Space Program, Choose properties Click Local Files Tab Click Verify intergy of game files Steam will check if any core game files been corrupted and download new ones if so 2. Scatterer doesn't appear on the AVC list, if scatterer works correctly you will get this menu at the start menu. 3. B9partswitch is having graphic glitch problems with Scatterer, I have however no other problems with those two together. It only happens when I have part with b9partswitch and in a flightscene. Good news is both scatterer and b9switch people are aware of this glitch. 4. The "I hate to do version" of finding out why your mods don't work together. Make new KSP game installition Install AVP as instructions, which you followed perfectly Start KSP, to check it works with only AVP Goto your main install, copy 5 mod folders to new install Start the game Try not get bored, this is the challenging part of this list If game starts and works as it should repeat from step 4 Game doesnt work remove a mod and goto step 5, repeat step 5 to 8 until you find guilty mod Remember to check the guilty mod is not working because some dependency by going to mod release and check the install instructions. So yeah this is check everything and trying not to go nuts list. But highly recommend to have module manager installed while hunting which is a dependency for AVP installed. As a lot of mods uses this one. Have to add, original gamedata folder just contains "Squad" folder and if you have expansion, "SquadExpansion" folder. So the super easy way to create a new KSP install is copy your whole KSP game folder. Then goto gamedata and remove all but former mentioned folders, then you have a stock install.
  4. Bill Kerman already have small training program in place.
  5. Both EVE and scatter doesn't require configs, AVP has configs for them both in it's installation. So when using AVP, don't install the included configs for EVE and Scatter.
  6. Excuse my ignorance, where is this slider located? If there is more sliders it maybe a maximum available contracts. It would nullify my need some module manager patches. This probably why I have to many mods as I do not know what all mods can do.
  7. Can you fly emerged in liquids? Land on jool? I really look forward to learning new ways exploit this new technology. I really like the visuals too. I like the whole approach with the classic ufo. I think it fits well with Kerbal style of thing.
  8. Sweet I actually wanted to build this kind of things for long time. But to get ufo aerodynamically stable with stock parts is a headache, as my solutions are just creative but rarely feasible. I shamefully stick them inside fairings and have to pretend they didn't got out the atmosphere with help of rocket. I hang my head when I can see glowing respect leaves Kerbals once worshiping eyes. Am I taking this to seriously, of course a Space Program manager is often just measured by his last launch.
  9. The original(?) texture replacer got updated a while ago to 1.4x. But it is exactly the same installation process as TRR. Or at least I think it is
  10. The skybox is just gorgeous. In my taste I often find skyboxes to be to have way to many stars or are have to bright or to big features. This is dark and still have nice details. I finally did a video(2min) I wanted to do for a long time. The kerbals are actually visible, as there is not to much detail everywhere.
  11. Thanks mate, I really want try this out. I been F5:ing spacedock with little success
  12. I was reacting to the low poly no texture terrain. I checked everything. Also I realized that the game terrain looks like it. I thought somehow broke it. It was negative placebo effect caused by playing 300 hours looking up as rocket man and now I finally started use spaceplane and terrain kinda came into the view and suddenly is important for landing. Yup, I just launched rockets and more less a sleep the whole time as gravity turn number 301 turns into a lull. So yeah I imagined it. However, it was more helpful than you can imagine for you to say there was nothing wrong. I cured the placebo by just running stock and saw that terrain was just the same. I think it is the contrast between low altitude and high orbit prettiness made very clear. I currently landing kerbals at runway island and is such a improvement. Also I really like it. I been playing with SVT/SVE and wanted a new feel and look. This delivered this perfectly.
  13. Low Res Kerbin Screenshoot I think have installed this wrong or is just normal with low res from low kerbin orbit (80km)? I may jumped gun and installed TextureReplaceReplaced, however my skybox is working fine. Also it looks all right in the start menu. I installed manually, as I dont trust CKAN for multifolder installations. But I am stupid too when comes to this, so I may have done something weird. Otherwise, I think try remove every graphics mod and reinstall. But would love to not do that again Information: