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  1. I played around this afternoon, love it. I had some troubles, mostly my own fault. I try figure out all new resources and took me quite while to figure out that couldn't buy graviolioum in the SPH and had to use the refinery in the space center. I off course just unintentionally just ignored the message that flash my screen multiple times. The tool tips are a life saver, I would be so clueless without them. Sometimes however they seem spawn like 20 times on top off each other. I am not able to make reproduce this and have seen no pattern why it happens sometimes. If I spot a pattern I wil
  2. I really look forward to this. It is like a small expansion. The attention to detail and the humor is really appreciated. I am slowly grinding science in my career save so I can unlock all stuff
  3. I think Kerbals only endorse Windows Millennium. The unpredictable results are mildly amusing for Kerbals. There is also great comfort in being able blame the computers.
  4. Awesome clutter. Sugar for energy. Coffee for the long hours. Whiskey for napping. I knocked out my Kerbals and they sleeping with their eyes open, think they lack eyelids. I suspect Kerbals like their coffee with a lot sugar. I think squad had missed opportunity when not fleshing out the back story of the Kerbals. In one way it leaves room for making your own interpretation. For me they always been like genius 6 year olds.
  5. Cool. I built something familiar with struts, heatshield, ant engine and command chair. Just for lko re entry for Kerbals. But part count get high very fast with multiple of these. I definitely would love to send up 6 off these. Cheap and time saving way get Kerbals home from orbits
  6. Jump seat is for naughty Kerbals. Nothing to fidget with it, drives Kerbals nuts. Rings after sodas on the trays. =) I think wear and tear must be in unusual places in spending most time beeing weightless. Strap yourself in for eating and piloting. Not sure how they do it real life. But I think they have bars to easy drag themselves around.
  7. I imagine looks like a 6 year old kids birthday party, wrappers and food everywhere . I read in some scifi book where there was some nano technology that just absorb waste and recycling it. Maybe that is the deal as usually quite tidy around.
  8. Love the biohazard sign Really cool with all props. The trays works, it kind of looks like they have something to do. Instead just sitting around.
  9. Fancy. We be needing a butler class Kerbal. I see this happening all the time. So butler may be needed. "Kerman, your personal snacks has been delivered to your sleeping quarters", says the butler. 8 Kerbals trying to achieve maximum velocity in minimum distance while the ufo lost control and the possibilities of kraken is more than likely.
  10. Think it's a Scatterer issue. Try turn on anti aliasing to least 2x in the graphics options. It renders things upside down with no MSAA.
  11. Thank you, that's excellent idea. Just found decal stickers =)
  12. Thanks mate, I found the fire-truck. The ambulance doesn't seem to be in that pack maybe it is just bugged because it was made for 1.1. I think try to build something that looks like a ambulance.
  13. I searched high and low for ambulance mod. I think spent about 3 hours for this. So far I found a police car and some stock alike ground vehicles. I am quite sure at some time I had a firetruck a year ago, but finding the mod again has been greater challenge that imagined. The reason for this obsession is that currently have this scene in my head. Daring kerbals Valentina & Charlene is escaping prosecution after the placebo parachute thesis scandal in a stolen stairway car. Group of kerbonauts in training is hanging around the space center Group of kerbona
  14. I searched in the topic. Did not find anything concerning this topic. I didn't find anything sun.cfg and scatter.cfg Is it possible to just disable sunflare only in map mode view ? Reason: I really love my sunflare from Maar I use in flight mode, but it is just make everything really difficult in map mode to read the text. If not possible, I will have to consider to get a smaller sunflare so mapmode is not blocked out by a flare. I would be willing to forgo all scatter effects in map mode if this is possible.
  15. I accidentally ate my pizza Otherwise I have no other suggestions. Which is in itself quite impressive for mod released just recently. Thank you for addressing all wishes, making it a lot more likely for me to share my thoughts =)
  16. First super awesome mod. What like most is the interface. Also it loads my 300+ craft list really fast. My personal wishlist Apply same tag to multiple craft at same time from the main window (Ex. I download 10 craft from Kerbalx and I want tag them KerbalX) Categories Ex. how I would use it DUNA Landers Stations KERBIN Airplanes Stations Easy way apply tags to the craft you are working on. So you can just add tag save the craft and quit the game and do something else. Suggestion maybe just a key command for a small dialog to apply tags to craft you curre
  17. I tried again a couple posts later correctly, cleanly installed stock-KSP+Kopernicus. Trying to pinpoint the fps issue,Still have FPS issue. Post I am referring to where I did everything clean I must be drunk or something, have no idea how managed to install such old koper version in my first post about this issue.
  18. I wish, I could contribute toward the mod. All can do is show my support. It is super cool idea. I am all for more mods for kerbals themselves. It is area that has little love. I could do game testing.
  19. I decided to give it real go, after all my IRL job is having a software quality company. So yeah, having 90+ mods is not really making it is for people trying to fix this. So I did a clean install of KSP 1.43 and latest Koper version. System Specs: Windows: Process list Output.log Reproduction Test: Installed fresh KSP 1.43 to new directory Following mods installed: * Kopernicus 1.4.3-1 release * Module Manager 3.06 * ModularFlightIntegrator * KSP AVC Started KSP_x64.exe Let KSP sit 2 minutes at main menu
  20. Minor issue: Way it worked on my installation 1. Install KVV with help CKAN -> No button on stockbar 2. Manual install of KVV to GAMEDATA -> KVV button appeared also for first time "Toolbar Controller"(which I had for long time)
  21. I been bouncing back and forth between 1.43 and 1.42. When using Kopernicus in 1.43 with the 1.43 version, something pegs my cpu which is a superweak AMD FX 8350. Think my weak cpu is exaggerating the problem. Which results a noticable drop from measured ~100 fps to ~30 fps in main menu and even other non performance tough places like the VAB. I don't say it is Kopernicus but it combination with something else. If go one version downgrade on both KSP and Kopernicus to 1.42 version, I have no performance problems. If I removed Kopernicious in 1.43 even with my Visual pack, which is Astrono
  22. I have been looking around now and then for a long time in the setting files for changing color of the text in flight/map scenes. The current light hues makes hard to read, in my case the light clouds I have at Kerbin. I could always go with darker background options, I personally don't like this. I really like the transparent background. Anyone point me in right direction ? Or is not possible ?
  23. @[email protected] Hey guys, I updated to KSP 1.4.3 and still on CKAN 1.25.1 otherwise nothing has changed. FYI: The update issue I mentioned about "Scatterer" and "VesselMover Continued". I experienced the issue again with VesselMover, that had new update to the mod yesterday. I will report back if I experience this issue with some other mod.
  24. Yes, I experienced the same thing with "VesselMover Continued" yesterday. I see what happens next time I need mod update, maybe my system is always acting up like scatterer update issue.
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