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  1. Please forgive the messiness of this post, I can't remove quotes for some reason, and I'm not downloading a new browser for one thread. Anyways, that aside, I play with TACLS installed, so I feel turning off G-force would be hypocritical.
  2. Guess I just need to make sure to deep freeze my Kerbals before launch. (I find rocketry too easy without heat and g-forces. Scary as it is, plasma trails are kinda beautiful) I will admit, I saw the portrayed use as an expensive confetti cannon... But I also jumped straight to contemplating merging one into my orbital shipyard design as a first leg in interplanetary transfer. I'll just dive in and see how it works for my intentions. Once "Three Rocks Base" is fully assembled I'll report how it does.
  3. I have two quick questions before I toss this into my soup of mods: 1-Does the recoil of an orbiting drive take attached masses into account?(ie. If I anchor it to a Type-E with KAS, will it acknowledge the 100s of tons attached to it?) 2-How're the G-forces? Will non-frozen Kerbals get liquified at launch?
  4. Updated to latest version, problem fixed.
  5. Sorry, I will post it tomorrow when the library opens, I'm on my phone with no computer...
  6. I've plugged in a good number of mods, mostly base building and stuff to aid that(why I added this one). But none of the others are missing textures, just this one. In fact this is my first ever problem...
  7. I don't know why but the textures have gone a bit mad in my save(ie. the docking port is a solid, uniform, eye-searing, neon green) I admit to being very new to KSP modding, so any advice on what's gone wrong would be appreciated.