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  1. I would support this, but on one condition. That the user can customize how the story plays out. Because, really KSP is a sandbox game. You should be able to determin how your story begins and ends. Keep in mind, the game is still a form of sandbox.
  2. I agree. If they aren't adding any more planets then at the least they should give Jool, like all gas giants, rings with collisions.
  3. Judging by the nostalgia of the music now, most players wouldnt like it if they changed it. On the other hand, having the music be royalty free allows youtubers to let the stock music in without having to add their own music.
  4. What my suggestion is, that there could be stock weather patterns. For example, Clear skies would mean a better launch. Fog in the Morning could mean that your visibility goes down, and if you want to go to the Mun because you have a good window, you could attempt to go. Rain would be really good for aesthetics. Thunderstorms could be something to add a little bit of something that is not good and could possibly damage launched craft. On other planets, weather patterns could be different. Duna could have dust devils and sandstorms. Laythe could have more Rain etc. Eeloo could have blizzards. However, this should be a feature to be optional because not all players would want this opposed to others who want the game as realistic and challenging as possible.
  5. Yeah this would be awesome. BDArmory would be amazing with this, and the Kolonization Mod would be cool. You could have Forklifts, Cranes, and Kolonizers all going around at one time
  6. This is something I'd like to see. Being able to mine caves would also be awesome. Imagine making an asteroid base, where the base was built using KIS inside a Hollowed out Asteroid where you could launch docked spaceplanes. In Terms of Pre-Maid ones, that could be cool but caves tend to be rocky so getting something down there would be very difficult.
  7. More Station Parts. More Rover Parts. Centrifuges. Planetary-Base Parts Bigger Parachutes Empty Fuel Tanks don't explode ;-;
  8. Hmm...my mods are not working...my game is slow to load... Welp back to 1.2.2 nothing new tbh for english speakers goodbye 1.3
  9. A part like a pulley system or such where you can move parts around without having to use engines. Like rotating parts and such. An E-M Drive.
  10. This is just a wild suggestion out of the blue. What if, on the hardest difficulty or being completely optional there could be Natural Disasters? These could range from a Volcano, Tornado, Hurricane, or a Tsunami on waterworlds (Kerbin and Laythe). This is just a weird suggestion that popped into my head. Earthquakes would be a little bit difficult, however there is a seismic detector for science so why not add earthquakes so that if you activate it during an earthquake, you get a load of science? Just a suggestion. Give my your thoughts.
  11. Alright, so here is my suggestion. When making a new game in KSP, you should be given the option to use the ordinary KSP system, or use a larger proceduraly generated star system. This might be laggy for poor machines but that's why it should be an option. You should be able to set the number of generated. This is just an idea, as I find the Kerbin star system is small, there could be more to explore. Besides, leaving the star system of Kerbol doesn't have any benefits as far as I know. So why not having a procedurally generated star system?
  12. I usually just make up some cool name. Anything with guns on it I name something like Interceptor. Bombs on it? Deadcraft. Nuclear Space Station? Deathbringer. I usually like to go back to one of my old craft, and then upgrade it to make it better and I instead of putting One, I'll put two. So Decibel 1 would go to Decibel 2. So and So.
  13. I've never done anything with the Joolian System. I have showed interest in Laythe, but I have never went. I even went to design a floating base just for laythe. I never even did it though :P.
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