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  1. SPEAK THE TRUTH! You WON'T be the LeBron James, or Stephen Curry. NFL? NOOO. They legitimately don't think about college at all. (P.S. I don't know who Mr. James or Mr. Curry are. I only know them because they're talked abou 24/7/365. I only watch hockey)
  2. OMG!!!!!1! ThEsE ArEE SOooooOO Col! TEy'rre Notannnnnoyinatall!!!!!1!!11!!!!!!!!!!!11!11!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1 -Every kid at my school
  3. Pathfinder configs would be AMAZING.
  4. You are reccommended to use Module Manager. EDIT: Yonge's tech tree editor also works, and ETT uses it, but i would still recommend MM.
  5. Can you add support for Nertea's Kerbal Atomics? EDIT: MOLE and DSEV would be great too. EDIT 2: Heisenberg, Maritime Pack and SM Marine would be great too.
  6. Hmm... Pizzaoverhead... Most of your mods are updated to 1.2... *wink* *wink* *nudge* *nudge*
  7. 1) Is this still being developed? 2) Does it work with custom tech trees? 3) Does it work with custom categories, and, if not, ho could i manually add support?
  8. I'm looking to add an alternate mode to an engine once another node is unlocked. I would also like to be know how to do this for other modules.
  9. Can you make an OPM config for the style of Sci - Fi visual Enhancements?
  10. Alright. I'll see if it is. Also is this still being supported? Or is it done since kopernicus planet packs without dlls stay for ALL ETERNITY. EDIT: If it doesn't work i can just disable RevSSS's changes to Laythe.
  11. By doing "MechJeb" i mean MechJeb-LIKE functions. I also can't tell if you're trolling. EDIT: I am an idiot. GO ME!
  12. Right over here EDIT: Accidentally linked a YT vid
  13. Hmm... Why does the KSP wiki say pilots can do MechJeb?
  14. Question: Will this work with mods that add new kerbal classes? Mods such as "Colonists!" or "Modular Kolonizaion Systems"?
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